Yellow Alien's Sexy Skins
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Yellow Alien's Sexy Skins


Welcome to deviantART's newest featurette: Yellow Alien's Sexy Skins.  Each Sunday evening I will feature 10 deviations from the "Skins & Themes Gallery" for your viewing, and hopefully downloading, pleasure. These were selected after pouring over the "Skins & Themes Gallery" and looking for little gems that might, or might not, have been noticed by the community.

What Is A Skin?

If somehow you have been living under a rock for the past few years and are unsure what "skins" or "themes" are then here is a simple explanation. A skin is a graphical overlay for an application, such as Winamp. A theme is a graphical overlay for an environment, such as WinSTEP. One can create a coordinated desktop with the use of skins and themes. Why stick with the boring drab of your workstation's desktop when you can spice it up with something easier to look at other than the 3 simple colors, and huge sized interface, that come standard with Windows?  After all, we customize our cars, our homes and other appliances we purchase so why shouldn't we treat our computer desktop the same way?

The Features!

Enough of the education; enjoy the latest art and artist promotional here on deviantART!

Flatliner RC 2 by VonDerV

windows 2010 professional by farhad04
windows 2010 professional by farhad04

Carbon OS by boss019

Silvier GUIkit for Windows by NewaveCR
Silvier GUIkit for Windows by NewaveCR

minimalistic and flat 1.01 by al-n

Vertigo_WB by navigatsio
Vertigo_WB by navigatsio

RectAmp by thyngum

Azure by brw2k1
Azure by brw2k1

Plethora_SM_Horz_Pack by neophil
Plethora_SM_Horz_Pack by neophil

Tiger 2 VS by javierocasio
Tiger 2 VS by javierocasio

Hope you enjoyed this weeks selections!  See you again next Sunday. :heart:

deviantART Propaganda

Feel free to make use of the following images in your journals and on your websites.  These are usable by anyone on the site in order to link to the deviantART Summit website, deviantART Message Network or to show your appreciation and support for both.  You may link to the images here on our servers in order to show that :heart: love :heart: for deviantART!

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Phoentrix's avatar
PhoentrixHobbyist General Artist
:wow: very awesome picks!! :D
poluter's avatar
poluterProfessional Interface Designer
Nice new feature! Looking forward until next sunday now! :)
Crimson-Mane's avatar
Crimson-ManeHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome skins. I seem to be favouring 'Carbon OS' for some reason. :)
extrem's avatar
extremProfessional Interface Designer
It's perfect that somebody cares about S& T gallery again and it's even better taht it's $jark!:thumbsup: I think sinners are quite underrated since DA is flooded with thousands of other deviations.
deliriousoracle's avatar
Wonderful selections. =D
urieph's avatar
uriephHobbyist Photographer
yellow is always sexy.. bravo! :clap:
Charlie-Brown's avatar
Charlie-BrownHobbyist General Artist
good... gooood.
trinket's avatar
ooh, awesome feature to have! :boogie:
disFUNKtional's avatar
disFUNKtional Photographer
those skins are alright.
EKaydee's avatar
and for you kats on OSX, check out shapeshifter here [link]
xEXILEDx's avatar
Hmmm I didnt like any of those... I like black skins more.

But i Like your articles Jark, its good that your getting the involvement like this.
zebravissimo's avatar
Wow..... simply amazing. Very good idea this, I am in desperate need of new skins anyway.

Agati0's avatar
Agati0 Digital Artist
Wow, nice to see skinning getting a metions, normaly it's tucked away behind photography and paitings.
craeonics's avatar
Yup. More power to skindom. Excellent idea jarkles. Though the collossal alien is a wee bit over the edge.
sryo's avatar
this is great news, the themes and skins section wasnt getting much attention imo, so im very happy you decided to do this.
CaNoFzOo's avatar
Yummy in the tummy! :aww: Cool, cool.
kargath64's avatar
Can't you include in brackets next to the devation title in this features thing what app they're skinning? Would save a lot of clicks.
OldManPTnet's avatar
i like the Carbon OS, very atractive *rolleyes*
supremespleen's avatar
This is a really nice feature.
FlyingUsagi's avatar
[Slinks] Crikey I wish I could make skins like that. Until then I shall just collect them mercilessly. :paranoid: [Awesome features, BTW.]
bikerboy's avatar
Great to pick your favorites and see what we think or just get a peek at what people are producing without having to explore the galleries. :)
danioc's avatar
daniocProfessional Interface Designer
Cool :robo:
farout49's avatar
farout49Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great Idea :thumbsup: Thanks 8-)
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