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A few really quick thoughts:

1) DA's reimagining, rebranding, updated logo, and overall story is fabulous. I will have more to say later, most likely in a longer journal post.

2) I am going to make a concerted effort to be more active in the community again.

3) Need to rebrand my own image here on DA. The current branding is a bit ... dated.

It almost feels like I'm coming home after being gone for years ...


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why is it a journal of 'more active soon' always means never to update again? 
c242's avatar
da nowadays is drawings of ponies. I seldom see more.
sciluvcatz's avatar
Just look in the right places :)
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This is thoroughly good news, might make me become more active myself. :)
That-Tiny-Rii's avatar
Welcome back. I am commenting this pretty late, but thanks to you, I now know the true deviantART.
dragonmage's avatar
Haven't been around in quite sometime myself, but glad to see you are comfortable coming back. See you in another couple years when I check back in ;)
suzi9mm's avatar
nice to see you back, although im inactive as hell myself :D
KatCardy's avatar
Hey! We've never spoken but i was just wondering what you'd been up to since leaving... Wondering i guess if you'd been off making another community somewhere ;) 
Hope you're well and happy, wether here, or elsewhere. :) 
ceeque's avatar
sincerest best wishes for your future endeavours on here, am pretty damn sure most folk will welcome you back with the same!
MajorasMasks's avatar
Welcome back, then!  ^^

To be honest, though, I don't like the new DA logo at all...
joe-staff-icore's avatar
Hi Jark!  Hope you and the family are doing well!

Say hi to mom please!

sirethomas's avatar
The alien returns? o_O

Looking forward to seeing more of you again. :)
Spleef's avatar
Was the situation between you and Spyed ever resolved?
phantom-inker's avatar
It's good to see you back.  I never thought it'd happen, but I'm glad to see it.

Your absence was weird, and it left a strange hole was never filled and a lot of questions that were never answered.  But dA managed to grow and thrive anyway in the intervening years since you've been gone, and I'll be curious to see how your return affects the place.  I can only think it'll be for the better.

I'm sure spyed has noticed this journal by now; you think there's any chance of you two ever sitting down together and trying to fix the bad blood and bury the hatchet?
sl8t3r's avatar
Welcome back.  It has been too long.  Just saw the announcement on designtaxi via Facebook and my first thought was of you.  As many have already mentioned... ...it doesn't change anything. ;)
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Jark, don't know if you remember me but here I am, like yourself after hearing the buzz around the rebrand. I hope they translate the new brand in to an updated site design and user interface. Anyway, it's good to see a journal from you, and to also hear you may be coming back. I haven't used the site in about 6 years now, which is a shame because I loved this place back in the day. I'll hopefully be coming back, sorting out my page (once I can figure out how to navigate this complicated, enormous website!) and hopefully get back in the community. See you around!
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:clap: Welcome Back/Home.
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Thank you! Handshake 
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Where have you been Jark?
jark's avatar
Nowhere. Everywhere. In between.
TooniverseGem's avatar
Well welcome back Jark ;)
jark's avatar
Why thank you!
fdfxd2's avatar
You have been in DA for 14 years :O
jark's avatar
At least ...
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