Open Cargo Bay Door, Eject Yellow Alien

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Update 1: Please, for the love of all of humanity, do not do anything physical to anyone. Various reports of people making phone calls to staff members and leaving verbal threats to reports of assorted violence need to cease.  Do not do anything that is not considered diplomatic, intelligent and mature.  PLEASE!  Rioting and violence solves nothing.

The events of the past couple days have been simultaneously horrific and surreal.

This entry must remain short and relatively information free for reasons that I am certain most of the community understands.  In due time the truth will come; it always has an interesting way of appearing in the most benign of locations.  I would love to offer you an explanation but unfortunately at this juncture I am unable to.

Most of you are asking yourselves, "What can I do to help?"

The answer to that is relatively simple: never give up on asking the "new" deviantART administration for honest answers about the current state of affairs.

The community needs to continue to demand the truth and never back down.  I know the existing administration is counting on this to blow over; that is the modus operandi.  If the community keeps up the pressure then their hands will be forced.

Remain civil while asking questions.  Rioting solves nothing.  Diplomacy is necessary.  Whether you submit art or write comments, it must remain well-mannered.  Trust me when I say that; the administration favors, and listens, to those who can frame their arguments in an intelligent and courteous manner.  People who lash out are summarily dismissed by the staff.

Know that I love each and every one of you.  "deviantART dot com loves you" is a moniker that I came up with and hold true and dear to my heart.  I am not able to respond to each and every single outpouring of support but know that all comments are being read.  For all that the community is doing I am eternally grateful.

Remember one thing: the community comes before anything and everything.  It is why I had devoted the last 5 years of my life to deviantART; it is why I sacrificed so much.

Never forget the community.

Here are some Community [Deviation] Projects as part of an outpouring of support "campaign" for the Yellow Alien.  If I happened to miss your *project* then I am sorry as it was not intentional.


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