DAv3 September Status Update, Bug Fixes and More

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DAv3 Status Update; Bug Fixes and More

Since we launched DAv3 a few short weeks ago it is quite obvious that there were some bugs accompanied with the extreme speed and reliability increase. Not everyone has been following the deviantART Status Forum posts in order to stay on top of things therefore the following is an update regarding the current state of affairs with DAv3.

The first and most important place that you can go to find information in the Yellow Alien DAv3 Bug List page. This depicts the outstanding major and minor bugs with the most recent version of deviantART.  Our slave-driven code monkey chris and never-anything-but-intoxicated CSS freak pachunka are actively working to resolve those outstanding issues as well as add in more of the functionality that did not make it in to the initial DAv3 release.

Here is a list of where we are at with various aspects of deviantART:

:bulletgreen: 1. Signatures. For some reason everyone seems to have been anal about not having the ability to create a signature so that has been fixed.  Along with the ability to edit your signature once again we have added a limit of zero deviant icons in one's signature.  This was talked about prior to the DAv3 launch therefore it should come as no surprise. Deviant icons that are currently depicted in a signature will be removed at some point later today. If you have some undying desire to advertise what [anime|furry] groups you belong to then simply use colon devUSERNAME colon, such as spyed, to do so. Do not be surprised when we limit the number of lines a signature may use. Be an ass and abuse this feature and it will be placed in effect sooner than later.

:bulletgreen: 2. Poetry/Prose. It is now possible to edit poetry and prose deviations yet again.  On top of that we added back in the ability to use spacing and certain HTML just as in DAv2.  If you have submitted poetry or prose already and it does not depict the spacing or formatting properly then please edit your deviation as necessary.

:bulletgreen: 3. Messages. We are already aware that there are no deviation thumbnails along with the notifications in one's message center.  Have patience as we are still working out the layout issues with this.  Furthermore, we are working out the Notification Center that many subscribers saw prior to the DAv3 launch.  These will be reactivated shortly.

:bulletgreen: 4. Skins. The DAv3 and Xenka skins are currently offline due to the added stress they place on the thumbnail server.  We are actively pursuing the purchase of new servers to handle the extra load placed on the creation of thumbnails.  The DAv2 skin is currently the default skin however we are looking in to making starvingartist’s Minimal skin the default.

:bulletgreen: 5. HelpDesk. The DAv3 HelpDesk is expected to launch today.  Until then please hold off on sending any help requests directly to the staff.  Chances are that they will be read, and possibly fixed, however there is an even greater chance that you will not receive any reply.  This is due to the sheer number of reports received daily.

:bulletgreen: 6. Subscriber Content. We are actively working on a way to get subscriber content submitted and viewable for subscribers.  This will be completed shortly.

:bulletgreen: 7. Gallery Pages. We have added forums to the Gallery pages.  If you want to discuss gallery specific ideas, such as Photography, then please do so using the forum in the gallery that you are interested in.  Gallery Daily Top Favorites are not currently functioning so do not be surprised when you see weeks old deviations listed as being the DTF for the day.

:bulletgreen: 8. Deviator. The application formerly known as Deviator as well as the application currently known as Deviator are both non-functional at the moment.

:bulletgreen: 9. Administration Tools. Certain administrative tools have not yet made their way back in to DAv3 and that would explain why there is no Daily Deviation, Gallery Features and why Deviousness has yet to be updated.

:bulletgreen: 10. Deviations. When submitting deviations that are animated .gif's, otherwise known as GIF89a, you must submit an accompanying non-animated preview file.  This is because the thumbnail server can not thumbnail animated gif's.  When viewing the deviation you must click download to view the animated. Now, that is not too hard is it?  We are also actively working on many tweaks for the deviation views, such as the ability to easy view Flash, Tutorials and more.

Before you report any further bugs ensure you check the DAv3 bug list page.  It is imperative that you not waste our time by reporting known bugs.  We are busy enough already!

Anyhow, hang in there.  We are continually working on things in the background!  Remember: deviantART loves you.
© 2003 - 2021 jark
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guess most doesn;t work in DA4 no?
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you guys keep up the good work, ur doing an awesome job! i cant imagine how hard it would be to run a huge site like this. good job!!! :clap: :nod: :D :-)
aeternitas's avatar
Oi vay what a heap of problems. I was a bit miffed to find that the DAv3 skin was not to be found after I subscribed. (i thought it was only for subscribers for some reason)

I hope my 8$ helps buy some more servers. :D
sirkowski's avatar
Whatever happend to the "View Tutorial Online" link in Tutorials?
roninbearz's avatar
DeviantART is Amazing! it's by far the best use of the internet certainly the most original & innovative...it's intuitive, much faster, feels futuristic.

v.3 is exceeded my expectations in originality & design...excellent work people keep that evolution vortex open!~*

There is frequency among those who are receiving & transmitting, here on "DA" this cave of electrons where we leave our marks & tell our stories those who touch the wall leaving their marks obviously understand it.

:earth: roninbearz den of shadows & magic
Images. Millions of images. That's what I eat."
William S. Burroughs
:sun: :camera: :coffeecup: :groucho:
nsfbr's avatar
Just thought I'd mention that after being away for about two weeks and logging in, I noticed some major speed improvements over what was already a speedy dAv3! Plus a bunch of the stuff mentioned in that article as not done yet, is now done. It is really cool how much better this place has gotten in the 3 short months that I have been a deviant - really just blows me away.

:clap: Thanks.
sportygirl4114's avatar
*nods* schwa. Thanx for the update and all the hard work, Jark. I know when you're heading up a project of DA's magnitude, its hard to keep even the majority happy when big changes come around. Seriously, thank you, and your staff.
pylum's avatar
I respect the admins of DA for working hard, but Jark in particular does seem get more and more angry with every news post Joe Deviant who makes up this place.

"When viewing the deviation you must click download to view the animated. Now, that is not too hard is it?"

It's not hard it's just dumb to have the link entitled Download.

"For some reason everyone seems to have been anal about not having the ability to create a signature so that has been fixed."

mojaam's avatar
Wow, I feel for you people. Working hard to keep such popular place on the internet. :clap:
elimera's avatar
well, im kinda new so i dont miss whatever things were here before, but i do know that this site kick ass. thanks to u the managment staff, whoever u r. :heart:

i know i would never become a manager of a huge site like DA, not for a zillionmillion!
ohhh, welll, just maybe! :D
hpk-the-great's avatar
you DA guys are doing an awesome job, plain and simple... I would subscribe, but I am piss poor, damn my pornography addiction. :chainsaw:
mayshing's avatar
^_^ Ok good to learn that. Keep up the going work.
skylinevspec's avatar
lol wicked work ppl. i loved reading all the comments, bit of entertainment, big up to jark and the crew good look with the servers, are you just updating the hardware or buying brand new ones??
dreamz13's avatar
I love anal freaks.
udha's avatar
the thing that I like the most is that there are FINALLY some frogging restrictions on the signatures, it's just a stupid waste of bandwidth.
daguy's avatar
Is `niteangel's DeviArtistic skin going to become a daV3 skin? I would love to be able to use that. Although I like ` starvingartist's skin too...his would probably load faster, actually. Lol.

Whatever, you guys just take your time fixing the bugs :)
thermoplyae's avatar
Oh. Something I forgot to comment on...

A feature that hasn't (yet?) emerged in DAv3 is the good ol' /deviations/ part of every deviant's page. It had to be, in my opinion, one of the handiest parts of deviantART when I was just aiming to keep track of stats and that sort of thing.

Any chance that it might be included at a later date, or perhaps is there already and I'm just (c.c) missing it?
fdpiech's avatar
Yomans work guys... your getting there.
tharglet's avatar
Useful if this appeared in 'hot news', or is that not done yet either? I was away for 2 weeks and submitted a forum reply, which resulted in ppl being annoyed at my ignorance. It's NOT ignorance - I do usually read the news, especially if it appears in my messages list.
piqument's avatar
for getting rid of all the icon sigs.

Some may not agree with me, but the " multiple mosiacs" on every comment/entry/post were starting to grate.

...the more I see of it...the anime bonanza here and other places reminds me so much of being in hs and jr high, just for the reason we'd all used to draw our favorite characters, over and over again, thinking it was the coolest thing. Scrooge McDuck, everything was Disney...several years later, I saw Sonic taking off, and now this.

That may not be right in all cases. But, it's a form of nostalgia.

...I suddenly feel so, so old.

Hrm. Conclusion: DA makes me feel old. ;) This wasn't in the advertisement!! I demand my money back!

beldolor's avatar
Took a bit of getting used to (i didnt like it at first), but DAv3 is turning out nicely. :) its a nice suprize when features come back :) great job!!
jellyshelly's avatar
it's working better already:)
aogfx's avatar
I'm coming down with a cold, does that count as a bug? Cuz I really, really think that adding 500,000 user icons in my signature would alleviate these symptoms :sprint:
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