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triSexuality Standard


triSexuality Standard is a theme for Wordpress 1.5+.
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There was definite inspiration garnered from that particular design.
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nice! like the colors
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nice theme. kinda bugs me that 99% of all WP themes have the links on the right side though
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Ooh, pretty colors.
theederv's avatar
Nice theme, ps fuck Kyle Harris :P
PascalPixel's avatar
use that - build it as a HTML and put it online... how bout 'redeviousART'? i think you'll get half DA with you there :) (100% of all ACTIVE users ;) )
darkone0432's avatar
the colors will take some getting used to, but it looks good. What is that article on support from idiots? I wish I could read on about that, it just sounds entertaining! Can you link me if you get a chance?
rapidvision's avatar
Woah snap that's pretty sweet.
hensniff's avatar
i wanns use those colors, is that cool?
littleweseth's avatar
ah - do you happen to have a CSS tinkering addiction too? I do.
/hugs jark as a brother

just reminds me of something from the simpsons :
'Are you going to comfort me, reverend?'
'Yes. Yes I am... There there. There there.'
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really like the color sceme... and the layout is simple and clean.
neddiedrow's avatar
Really good design, and the name lends it a feel that enhances my wish to use it someday.
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nice colors, as i stated on the website...artists are not idiots & the alien anal probe thing is just wrong. cute alien, but the butt is scarry. :nod:
dds's avatar
very funny colours 8-)
Draith's avatar
You know I think it's cool looking :)
Ghost-001-'s avatar
heh sweet job scott, very nice layout
na641's avatar
tbh i dont know much about blogging, or layouts, or css... but ive been to your page, and i like it... so nice work :)
Smuggler-Of-Mos-Espa's avatar
Now that's sexy. Very smooth and yet simplistic. Looks great.
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Pretty cool, though the 2 right columns almost seem TOO busy. Could just be me though. Other than that, it's good. Really innovative considering that it's Wordpress. The colors work well together. :nod: Nice job. :)
alexandrasalas's avatar
As I said in your journal: This is very sexy. ;)
bellchild's avatar
Very nice layout idea there. It does seem to balance out, despite the nontraditional way it's separated...

Would be interesting to see what people do with the theme. Nice :nod:
tallfemalemanta's avatar
This is really well done! I don't really know much about this kind of blog thing, but the aesthetics are excellent compared to what I've seen on the 'Net lately...

It's simple, but with nice color and font, so it's pleasing to the eye. It's not busy, yet it's not so simple that it makes you bored just looking at it. :D Awesome.
vaia's avatar
This looks so VERY cool!
I wish I could understand a lick of it ^^;

I need to update my poor site desperately...but I don't know enough about this sort of thing to actually do it and keep it up :(

I'm :+fav:ing this so I can find it again later though :nod:
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