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Yellow Alien Windows Desktop


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Latest screenshot of my Windows desktop at home. Featuring an exceptional wallpaper by ~Baro and the icon pack for 2006 - Buuf by ~mattahan. Visual style is Reluna by ~bant.

Apple OSX screenshot with Buuf is forthcoming.
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ryantheghost213's avatar

Idk about u guys , but i think this is ugly.

MaraRey's avatar

Love the 3-D!!!

SkyCrawlers123's avatar
it's amazing how good the graphics design has gotten for windows.
This is by far the best i have seen on windows.
background is really cool.

ant616's avatar
Cool desktop, Jark!
nekoagito's avatar
this is just so awesome!!! i love the olor the style is just awesome =D
Braja69's avatar
luisfng's avatar
cool man !!!! :D
Makola94's avatar
this Earth is looking so much cooler than the real Earth! :D

cool desktop. i love the teensy recycle bin at the corner. it's cute.
slowdog294's avatar

That is a LOT of tray apps. You must have a fast CPU and lots of RAM. Nice skin.

EnvyMachinery's avatar
that looks really nice
Ezera's avatar
omg. so many veiws.....:wow:
Menyxk's avatar
Are you using WindowBlinds and Icon Package by Stardock?
jark's avatar
I am not using WindowBlinds although I do use IconPackager.
Menyxk's avatar
I download the ObjectBar yesterday and now after I logged off I need to install it again. So, now I'm just using Googlesidebar which isn't as good at all.
jark's avatar
Indeed. They are completely separate products. ObjectBar is *far* more configurable and has been designed with customization in mind.
Menyxk's avatar
Yeah. I downloaded the trial version of it and I think there's a timer. After so long I need to reinstall it because it shutsdown. I didn't like that. I like all those things from StarDock, but a lot of them are expensive.
Y dont u get Rocket Dock its alot better and its free :)
jackepstein's avatar
WOW! I have the same desktop on my laptop!
ellenjanuary's avatar
Nice. Not as cool as my "Russian winter" wallpapers, though... =D
Good advice on the quicklaunch icons... I'm gonna go give it a try...
Good to see you.
Hope you are well.
Habjan's avatar
For a PC, its pretty nice.

Is this on your Mac though?

I only use Boot Camp to run Counter-Strike :P
zackr8's avatar
Mac is *still* better!
blaze1234's avatar
i love that work
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