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TechMiso Wallpaper - Light

Simple wallpaper promoting the recent launch of TechMiso. Stop by for a hot, steamy bowl of Miso soup!

Logo work done by the always exceptional =mattahan.
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Unfortunatly. Techmiso is now a porn site

CodyDrawsCrap's avatar

why the hell did it take me to porn?

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makes me hungry....
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Miso soup is the shiz
It's actually the first soup that I really liked.
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Wow! This makes me want to check TechMiso out. Mind if I use either this or the darker version as my wallpaper?
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That's awesome. :lol:
I really like the simplicity of it. :eyes:
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D: i wish i could eat that soup everyday! all day! miso soup is the best soup EVER! :D
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Well, I can't decide which I like better, the lighter or darker one.
Glad to see ya (though I watch you on Twitter too).
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Thanks brutha!
Gymnart's avatar
You're welcome!
(I'm a sista) :D
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Doh! Sorry about that. ;-) :heart:
Gymnart's avatar
lol, that's ok. You wouldn't have known. :D
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jark is back? wow that's good news! :D
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me likes and wants a bowl nao
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Hope you enjoy the Miso soup and the site. ;-)
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yummi yum
we miss ya :iconfishieplz:
jark's avatar
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i miss you dude .. you are on my mind a lot ..
radioPooh's avatar
yeah man .. i know
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