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TechMiso Wallpaper - Dark

Simple wallpaper promoting the recent launch of TechMiso. Stop by for a hot, steamy bowl of Miso soup!

Logo work done by the always exceptional =mattahan.
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llol pretty cool
gonna use this for a week :la:
SkyCrawlers123's avatar
Awesome job!
I like how the bowl is placed in the center.
it really captures your attention i think.
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Yea, it makes me hungry too. Gotta eat somethin'. Btw, the depth and logo by ~mattahan is awesome.
Snow-Kitten-88's avatar
This makes me hungry for some miso! :heart:
AlbinoAsian's avatar
its awesome. I've always been a fan of Miso, seeing it used as the main element of a great art piece by a great artist is even better =)
Shinryuu-Uroborus's avatar
This wallpaper succeeded in making me hungry!
Nice work :D
The-Masked-Marauder's avatar
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Miso soup with a dash of technology :giggle: I wonder what it tastes like!
Kimiko-The-Umbreon's avatar
nice workz . ^^
i think this one is better :D
shiftform's avatar
That makes me hungry :D
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This one gives it more depth. Plus the easily recognisable signature =mattahan is yummy.
jark's avatar
Glad you likey. Thanks for the kind words. =mattahan's skills rock!
B0nkers's avatar
True indeed. Pleasure was all mine really.
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I like this version best! =D Good work!
jark's avatar
Methinks the same. Thanks. :-)
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Nice work! I prefer dark version more ;p
jark's avatar
Methinks the same as well.
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