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Today marks a turning point. One in which a silent warrior, engaged in a battle not heretofore known to many, wielding an untamed force, shifts the bowels of mercy not upon thee. Precisely measured movements, crafted to establish a pristine presentation, saunter silently through the unseen.

The name, Deviant Irony, is an obscure reference to events past. That which was so mysteriously pilfered from under my nose shall be restored by way of methods unexpected.

See it in action: [link]
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I thought Motorola was an American company.
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Nice, clean, minimalistic design & good color palette! Your website is a pleasure to look at! BTW, ScreenGra!([link]) is another great screenshot capturing add-on for Mozilla Firefox which is a good alternative to Papparazzi for Mac OSX+.
I wish you all the best, °jark!
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XD That guy had an erection for 10 years!!!! *sigh*
That's soo funny..
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I was looking on wikipedia... is it true you lied about your part in the making of devART?
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wickeppedia is subject to be changed by anyone, here is a deviation by jark showing it [link]
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^^; ahh... that was posted quite a while ago... <.< suprised anyone cared to read it
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wikipedia sucks....
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he didnt lie obviously!
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? but on wikepidia... ... never mind.
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You know, I never knew what happened. I'm sorry to bring up painful memories, as I am equally sorry of being a blind deviant. I had no clue what happened, until I saw a deviation recently. It kind of pieced everything together. I must say it was a very bad shock to me. What's wrong with people anymore? Anywho, I wanted to apologise for everything and wish you well.
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can i ask what photo did you see, im pretty clued up on the situation and i know this comment is like a year and a half ago but if u know where to find it i would still be interested in seeing it?
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The Recently Written Icons On The Right Side Of The Deviation Are Similar To The Icon Of WMPs (Windows Media Playlists).. What About This :) ?
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Nice looking site.
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Really Good!!! Greetings from Colombia (south America)
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Nice design. Wordpress should allow artists to publish their own work easier.

I hope to use it when I get myself sorted out with some webspace (and can figure out how to setup a picture blog :P )
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Deviant Irony for sure, lol

How can anyone who has been on deviantART over the last 2 years at least have forgotten

I must say though way to pick up the pieces and keep working hard despite what things have come and been taken away from you under your nose

In all honesty cheers to you!
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:beer: cheers in return!
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