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Elliot!! You will NEVER stop me!! >:3

Name: Luis
Gender: You must be Prof. Oak... XD ♂Male
Age: 15
Birthday: September 14th, 1996
School/Grade: 4th grade of Highschool (Different grade system in Dominican Republic)
Job: Maybe, not sure... I'm lazeh.
Parents Still Together: Nope :'I
Siblings: NOPE. <:'I
Pets: A cat, and A dog.
Smoker: =w= Nooooope~
Drinker: Just wine when depressed and beer occasionally
Virgin: ¬_¬ Obviously yes.
Drugs: WTF NO


-Hair Colour: Black... (May get some white/red/purple highlights in the future.)
-Is it Dyed?: No
-Eye colour: Dark Brown (Almost black)
-Height: 5'11"
-Style: I don't understand the question.
-Glasses/Contacts/None?: Glasses.
-Freckles: Yes.
-Shoe size: 11
-Piercings: EW NEVER!
-Want More?: I just said no!
-Tattoos?: Hmmm... Maybe
-Want More?: =w= Look up
-Braces?: ._. ?
-Overall Best Feature?: Hair.
-Overall Worst Feature?: Strength.
-Do you get most of your traits from mum or dad?: Most of stuff... Bit- I mean, Mom... But hair and nose from Dad. ;w;


-Favourite Colour: Yellow, Purple, Red, Blue, Green...
-Worst Colour: Brown.
-Favourite Number(s): 14, 10, 69, 66.
-Favourite Animal: Cat, Dog, Fox, Hamster, Wolf.
-Least Favourite Animal: Uhhh... Fish?
-Favourite Flower: Ermm... Not pretty sure, I love Violets.
-Favourite Food: Ramen, Green apples, Banana, Burgers, Hotdogs, Sour food
-Worst Food: Pork.
-Favourite Junk Food: Potato chips!
-Worst Junk Food: Cracklings/Pork rinds
-Favourite Restaurant: Idk ;u;
-Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: Bubblegum!
-Favourite Candy: Blue raspberry dum dum suckers/jolly ranchers.
-Favourite Alcoholic Drink: WINE.
-Favourite NON Alcoholic Drink: Fanta.
-Worst Alcoholic Drink: 'Till this moment, none.
-Worst NON Alcoholic Drink: "Coco Rico" (Coconut soda)
-Favourite Genre of Music: Most of them.
-Worst Genre: Country, R&B.
-Favourite Band/Artist: *Explodes* Toomany
-Worst Band/Artist: *Shrugs* There are some that doesn't deserve to be called "artist".
-Favourite Song: I can't choose! ;A;
-Worst Song: "Friday"
-Favourite Radio Station: "100.1 Santo Domingo"
-Favourite Book: I don't read. ;;
-Worst Book: School ;v;
-Favourite Type of Movie: Terror, Action, Adventure, Comedy.
-Worst Type of Movie: Drama, or romantic as heck.
-Favourite Movie: Kickass! ;D;
-Worst Movie Ever: Dragon ball Evolution. (WTF WAS THAT!?)
-Favourite TV Show: There are too many <333
-Worst TV Show: Barney...
-Favourite Season of the Year: Autumn/Winter
-Worst Season: Dunno, Dun care
-Best Friend: <> Not many, But I love them ;w;
-Worst Enemy: <3<
-Favourite Day of the Week: Sunday
-Least Favourite: Monday
-Favourite Sport: Only 2 Sports that I don't hate, Parkour, Skateboarding


-Are You Single?: yup
-If not, who is your bf/gf?: -
-How Long Have You Been Together?: -
-If You're Single, Do you Like It?: Uhh... I guess... I lose my sanity sometimes.
-Do You Have a Crush On Anyone Right Now?: Maybe... IDK. ewe
-First Kiss: Yes. >A<
-Ever Kiss in the Rain?: No ;n;
-In a Movie Theatre?: NO ;A;
-Underwater?: nope ;-;
-First Love: Fuck her. I give a shit about her. : D
-Have you ever Cheated on Anyone?: ¬¬ No
-Been Cheated on?: YEAH! <333
-Used Someone?: No, That's mean bro ;n;
-Been used?: IDK... Maybe?... Hmmm... Yes.
-Lied to your bf/gf?: Yes. Enjoyed? No. -n-
-Ever Made out With Just a Friend?: -.- No
-Ever Had Sex With Just a Friend?: Fuck no!
-Are You a Tease?: HAHAHAHAHAH!!! ... No. '-'
-Do you Flirt a Lot?: Ay boi, let's go somewhere! euo
-Longest Relationship: 1 fuckin year.
-Shortest:  1 week
-Have you Ever Gotten a Poem?: No. ;w;
-Ever Get Flowers?: Nope. ;W;
-Sweetest Thing You've Ever Gotten: Kisses and shit. ;m;
-Do you Like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day?: (Yes, But) I rather Violentine's Day. ;w;
-Do you Believe in Love at First Sight?: Kinda.
-Do you Fall in Love Fast?: It really depends
-Are you a Player?: No?
-Would you ever Hook Up With Someone of the Same sex?: Yes! Obviously.
-Have You ever Kissed 2 People in One Day?: No ;u;
-Kissed 2 People At One Time?: Nope.
-Had Sex with 2 People in One day?: Do I look like a hooker!? ... Please don't answer...
-Had sex with 2+ People at One Time?: Threesome? Just heard of it... But no, Never had, Never will.
-Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex?: Yeppers!
-Ever Been Dumped?: Yup.
-Ever dumped someone?: Yeah. And she still stalks me.
-Ever been rejected?: Yeahyeahyeah.
-Do you have a lot of ex's?: Uhh... No.
-Are you a slut?: NO!
-Ever been called one?: No?
-Ever dated someone more than once?: Uhhh... Yes.
-Do you ever make the first move?: No...
-Double dates or single?: Single.
-Do you want to get married?: NOPE!!!!!


-Can you drive?: Pretty well to be a beginner. ;D;
-Do You Have a Car?: Noooo~
-Do you have a mobile phone?: It's completely mine before my mom comes home...
-Are you online a lot?: Yupyup! vuv
-Do you like gay/bi people?: Yes! Most of my friends here are!
-Can you speak another language?: Obviamente (Spanish), And This language. (Spanish is my first lang.)
-Do you do well in school?: 6 in a freaking Row! |'D
-Do you collect anything?: I used to... I lost every collection I had. (A plenty Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection, and some other stuff)
-Have an obsession?: Aw yeah!
-Do you hate yourself?: So much.
-Ever smile for no reason?: Yesssss.
-Talk to yourself?: When I need to get sanity!
-Do you have any regrets?: MANY
-Believe in magic?: Somehow yes. I wish QB was real.
-Do you support gay marriage?: YES!
-Sex before marriage?: YEAH!
-Do you trust people easily?: Yes, But still... Is not THAT easy as you think.
-Forgive easily?: Depends on the number of faults.
-Do you have a secret no one knows?: YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES.
-Do you get along with your parents?: I love my Daddy ;w; But my mom doesn't seem to love me or something
-How do you vent your anger?: I talk to myself Or draw something in a Sketchbook (No more journals ;u; )
-Do you like George Bush?: Who?
-Goal Before you die?: Have sex with a man.
-Biggest Fear: Losing my friends (Forgetting, Anger, sadness, etc ;; ).
-Biggest Weakness: Sometimes I forget important stuff.
-Do you play an instrument?: I wanna play one, But IDK. ;w;
-What do you want to be when you grow up? Fashion designer, Maybe...


-A b****?: Just... Sometimes, even though I'm a guy.
-A daydreamer?: Yeah.
-Shy?: Y-yeah. ;////;
-Talkative?: Not always, I barely talk with my closest friends. So, With people I want to be closer... I fail.
-Energetic?: Nope... Well, Just sometimes~
-Happy?: I don't have that feeling very often.
-Depressed?: I act in a Emo-ish way, But not always depressed.
-Funny?: Not really, When I don't try to be; I am.
-Boring?: Pretty much, yeah. But that's because I may be bored.
-Mean?: I never try to sound mean, But I try to when someone messes with mah bros!
-Nice?: Very much
-Caring?: Yeah. ;;
-Trustworthy?: Yes
-Confident?: NO
-Friendly?: Yes. ;w;
-Smart?: Yup, but lazy
-Sarcastic?: Naaawwww! (Just sometimes)
-Dependable?: Uh-huh.
-Quiet?: ... Yes...
-Weird?: Pretty much |'D
-Adaptable?: It sorta depends on what.
-Strong (emotionally)?: Not really.
-Strong (physically)?: I wanna be STRONG.
-Mature?: Most of times, yes... But when the others are immature I should join~
-Logical?: Most of times!
-Religious?: NOPE! lol
-Modest?: IDK
-Indecisive?: Yes
-Sympathetic?: Depends
-Polite?: Yes.
-Creative?: No, Well... Sometimes.
-Fun to be around?: I dunno... Guys, Am I? ;;
-Loveable?: IDK, yes?
-Easily Amused?: Yes.
-Outgoing?: no
-Daring?: Uhh... No?
-Clumsy?: Sometimes!!
-Nosy?: No
-Lazy?: Very =w=
-Scary?: IthinkIam ;;
-Optimistic?: No
-Persuasive?: I try to. ;w;
-A good listener?: Yes.
-Curious?: YES!
-Determined?: It mainly depends on what.
-Artistic?: No ;;
-Honest?: YeS.
-Respectful?: Yes
-Conceited?: I don't think so.
-Cocky?: I guess.
-Controlling?: No
-Playful?: Depends.
-Easygoing?: Very much. |D
-Carefree?: No
-Hot Headed?: No
-Serious?: Not really.
-Thoughtful?: Hmmmmm... Yeah.
-Considerate?: Yes ;w;
-Stubborn?: Sometimes, And when I am... I'm VERY stubborn.
-Romantic?: I keep trying.
-Ambitious?: Not really
-Jealous?: Very Much, And I get depressed about it.
-Insecure?: Uh, yeah.
-Obsessive?: Kind of.
-Attentive?: Kind of. owo
-Helpful?: I try to, Even though I'm not.
-Punctual?: Nope, nope, nope!
-Rational?: Yes, Very much!
-Sincere?: I try to. ;w;
-Goodbye: Byee~ ;w;
-Did you enjoy this survey?: I thought you already left! 0_0 Anyway, not really.
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  • Playing: Pokeyman!
  • Eating: Mah Cellphone
  • Drinking: Coke
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