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I don't know... I noticed how awesome is Karkat (And how much I'm like him)...

Also, I'm gonna change Tirdoo's (My fantroll), Blood color and a little update on his quirk...

Why changing his bl00d color?
1st. There are many Mustard Blooded trolls and his bl00d color would be so common...
2nd. I want to chat with MistyMochi on PesterChum (If she ever downloads it and tells me her handle), Which is a coincidence our trolls are both yellow bl00ded...
3rd. Luisitop's bl00d color is exactly the same color...

So, I'm just going to take a color between Nepeta's and Tavros' bl00d, With... On this Hemospectrum vvv

Quirk Updates:
oo => 00
Punctuations are doubled..

Now the actual stuff...

:bulletred: Unluckily, I didn't success 2 of my classes, So I have to do those exams again... And like if it wasn't enough pressure, my mom wants to make me go to an institute!! To learn What!? English!? You must be on the worst drugs ever... Programming!? Do I look like :iconsolluxplz:!?

:bulletgreen: I'm gonna start working on Luisitop's New reference Lineart, Because I need a Lineart with a Tailmouth and I can't just get one... So I will also change her pattern and Hair color... Just because Of the Eyes, It's kinda difficult to know What hair and What's an Eye with this coloring...

:bulletblue: Sooo, I guess that's enough...
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Your mind.
  • Watching: This screen
  • Playing: Pokeyman!
  • Eating: Mah Cellphone
  • Drinking: Coke
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Pikka-chan Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist
''my mom wants to make me go to an institute!!''

The story of my life xDDD

No seriously... oh wait... it's not the same... ._.

I'm in that institute to get a job... and maybe live outside the country, so I assume your mom wants to troll you so hard until you break up... which I think it's... ._.


Anyways bro, good luck with all the shit you have ahead, hope things gets better for you little son! :cuddle:
Jarilite Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
Thanks! :glomp: I barely think it will, but I just hope to meet you someday!
constell8ion Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Cool! :D Also, good luck with your exams.
Jarilite Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Thanks!! And I hope so~ ;3;
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Submitted on
June 26, 2012