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1) Choose one or more of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag three people.
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.

Luisitop and Uko2 make such a funny "couple" xD

1) What gender are you?
Luisitop: Originally, I was a male... But due to an experiment sometime ago I became a girl...
Uko2: Male. =w=

2) What is your age?
Luisitop: 15 =u=
Uko2: 14 ¬¬

3) Do you want a hug?
Luisitop: EH!? Freak no!!
Uko2: D-dude!! I only give hugs to Luisitop!! And maybe Samuel

4) Do you have any bad habits?
Luisitop: *Is sleeping*
Uko2: ¬¬ She sleeps a lot, and pokes her own boobs way too much... I get away from many people...

5) What is your favorite food?
Luisitop: Burgers~!
Uko2: And it's awesome how you always keep that shape...
Luisitop: Shut up!!

6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Luisitop: Uhhhhh... I'm not sure.
Uko2: I don't like Ice cream!

7) Are you a virgin?
Luisitop: >w> Maybe~
Uko2: She's a Slut!!
Luisitop: And you are a Wool!! (Whore)

8) Seme, Uke, or neither?
Luisitop: Uke, I guess...
Uko2: If you keep molesting some girls you will be Seme...
Luisitop: I'll try to stop ='U

9) Have you killed anyone?
Luisitop: Do I count as a victim?
Uko2: You have killed more people than you... Like me.
Luisitop: D'= Did I kill you!?
Uko2: What!? Nooo!! I mean, You killed as much people as I did...

10) Do you hate anyone?
Luisitop: Some motherfreakers that are... "My friends"
Uko2: Luisitop's "Friends" Are my "Friends"

11) Do you hate anything?
Luisitop: Too many things...
Uko2: Uhhh... I love things that annoy Luisitop... So, I don't hate too many

12) Do you have any secrets?
Luisitop: You see this eye? *Points at left eye* It's false.
Uko2: :iconyoudontsayplz: Luisitop!!

13) What is your favorite season?
Luisitop: Summer! That way I wear my Hottest clothing!!
Uko2: Winter...

14) What is your favorite music genre?
Luisitop: Happy sounding Hardcore music~
Uko2: Drum and Bass.

15) Who are your best friends?
Luisitop: Uhmm... Foxy, Sin, V-Vittore, Lucas, Etc.
Uko2: Samuel and Alphonse... Yeah, Short list...

16) What are your hobbies?
Luisitop: Drawing, Reading manga, And playing Ds...
Uko2: Ki- I mean... Cooking.

17) What is your favorite drink?
Luisitop: Green apple soda~
Uko2: Blo-... Water =u=

18) When is your birthday?
Luisitop: September 14th
Uko2: August 30th

19) What's your favorite movie, book, or story?

20) Are you nice or mean?
Luisitop: Nice most of times~
Uko2: =_="

21) What do you think of your creator?
Luisitop: He's a fag...
Me: HEY!!
Uko2: He's Cool, just cool...

22) What is your weakness?
Luisitop: *Looks at her boobs* Errrr... Not t-telling
Uko2: Don't even try to take my cig... Or else...

23) Do you love someone?
Luisitop: Stoney~ >w>
Uko2: ... T^T

24) Does that person love you back?
Luisitop: Yupyup~!
Uko2: TAT *Goes to emo corner*

25) Large or small family?
Luisitop: Blood family, None. Soul Family, Foxy and Uko2.
Uko2: Motherfucker ¬¬

26) Who are your parents?
Both: We, don't have.

27) Which of your parents do you look more like?
Luisitop: I never knew my parents... But they tell me I look like my dad.
Uko2: I don't have!!

28) Do you have job?
Luisitop: Nurse.
Uko2: Assassin?

29) Do you have a favorite thing?
Luisitop: *Sleeping*
Uko2: As said in bad habits, She LOVES to sleep... As much as I love my cigs.

30). Are you human?
Luisitop: ...
Luisitop: I wasn't going to mention it because I was gonna be to rude...

31). Something you wish the creator would change?
Luisitop: I just want some clothing that aren't so small for my... Torso.
Me: You know that hoodie is supposed to be thigh, right?
Luisitop: *Pulls hoodie* Oh, nevermind.
Uko2: Just, A tail-mouth... So I wont be so lonely...
Me: Dude, You know Elliot can Kill me if I do it, and that means you wont exist anymore...

(Yes I deleted the other 2 charries... Their looks aren't ready.)
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