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:OC/Persona: Krismay Bedlam

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Published: April 12, 2014
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Edit: Added some stuff I forgot while I was making this. [4/15/2014 - Modified her looks. Eyes style, hair color, ears. Added trivia and Skills. Also closer zoom]

:dummy: Let's Begin!!! Profile only since I'm not inspired to write the bio yet :iconorzplz:

Subject Name: Krismay Bedlam

Species: Lamia [Formerly Human]

Age: 19


Jarcore Bedlam (Younger brother)
Adrian Bedlam (Father)
Maya Baez (Mother)
Alban Bedlam (Ancestor)
Artemissa (Love interest/Girlfriend)
Fiammeta (Beloved pet, Friend)

Blood type: ???

Ethnicity: Dominican, German

Origin: North America

Hobbies: Pranking, Reading anime related stuff, Bounty hunting, Practicing magic.

Likes: Artemissa, Looking Evil [She hates being it tho], Explosions, Cappuccino, Sweets, Mtn. Dew, Biting people.

Dislikes: Repeated patterns, Sad people, Cold food, Arrogant people, Abusing power, Rules.

Hates: Julius, Akira (That white silhouette), Losing control

Weapon: Long sword. (Snapper[Her Sword's name])

Personality: She tends to be pretty Mischievous and childish most of the time, a typical outlaw hero.She is also very calmed about most things, and makes the lamest jokes during fights. She can get to be the most annoying person sometimes, but that's because she wants company, or just to help out with something.

When she loses control, she becomes a whole different person. A ruthless antihero who kills just for fun. Constantly laughs when she is planning something. Her inteligence goes to higher levels than even the best strategist [Due to Akira controlling her]. She commonly lets Akira take control when the fight gets too tough. She can't snap out of it right away, She has to wait 5 minutes after Akira starts controlling. If she can't do it by herself Jarcore and Artemissa will help her. [Artemissa will have more success due to their relationship.]

Elemental affinity: Fire


:bulletred:Enhanced Human Condition
:bulletred:Beginner Pyrotecnic
:bulletred:Strong/Slow/Tricky Hand to Hand combat
:bulletred:Master Swordsman
:bulletred:Bedlam Techniques Adept user
:bulletred:Bedlam Aura
:bulletred:Bedlam Rage - Passive (Able to store her rage and even vanish it)


:bulletred:Along with all other Lamia, She is extremely Jealous.
:bulletred:She has Scales around her hips.
:bulletred:ALL of her teeth are really sharp.
:bulletred:Her tongue is about 20 inches long.
:bulletred:She is aware of how lame the jokes are, She just wants to annoy the enemy.
:bulletred:She lost her sense of smell. So she sticks her tongue out to smell.
:bulletred:She is able wrap her tongue around someone's neck.
:bulletred:She wears D-Cup Bra.
:bulletred:Everytime Krismay takes someone to a Police Department, she bites them to mark them as "Already captured".
:bulletred:She has a pet rabbit called Fiammeta. (Which is pretty ironic considering Krismay is sort of a Reptile)
:bulletred:Has several methods to get money. Most are unknown. The only known is to take some of Jarcore's jobs.
:bulletred:She has a cellphone in order to keep track of Jarcore.
:bulletred:She hates how Jarcore is rarely smiling.
:bulletred:She plays the Childish and Kiddy role to hide her true nature.
:bulletred:She keeps smiling regarless of her mood. That's a part of the contract she did with Akira, who lives in the cursed collar.
-She is slowly transforming into a Lamia. After the transformation is done, She can stop smiling.
:bulletred:Before she began to transform she could be in a cinema for around 4 hours without a coat. Now she can't even be under an AC for 1 hour before wanting to sleep.
-Becoming Coldblooded was her first yet most unnoticed transformation. Being the reason of why her blood is not accurately anlyzable anymore.
:bulletred:She and Jarcore have 2 different kinds of Bedlam rage.
-She has the passive rage, Which has some specified quantity stored.
--If she reaches the limit, she will have to yell at someone to keep her rage stored, and not to release it in a single second. Which also increases her limit a bit.

LONG LIVE THE LEGS :iconimsrspervplz:

Krismay Bedlam © iLuisitop
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