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Pink Floyd

By jargonjones
"Hey! Barber! Leave Opie alone!"

I don't normally post photomanipulations, but I just got the free Floydian font from Google's font of the day feature, and had to try it out.

This is not an original idea as I've seen it before, so I can't take full credit... I did this mostly for fun, and to make a few people smile.

What most people don't know about Floyd the Barber is his heavy influence on the band. In fact it was he who turned Syd Barrett on to acid. The cash register sound in "money" is from Floyd's shop. He and Roger Waters had a falling out in later years however, and his concert at the Berlin wall, "Floyd the Barber's The Wall" was overshadowed by Water's performance. Even an appearance by the Mayberry Marching Band on "Bring the Boys Back Home" wasn't enough to stir interest from the news media.

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XD OMFG, you are officially epic!
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didnt he have a stroke? and thats why in like half of the later episodes he cant stand up, or if he is he is leaning on something? forgot where i heard that, but i think its true.... time for google lol.

Love this piece by the way :)
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Very interesting story you have there..
jargonjones's avatar
Every last word of it is the truth, so help me Gomer.
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*Cracking up* That's fantastic! I thought people had forgotten about good ol' Floyd. Thanks for making my day, buddy, thank you!
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As long as blood (or any other fluid) pumps through these veins Floyd will be remembered and revered! Glad I (and Floyd) could make you smile.
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Thanks! In the words of Floyd: Oh, oh oh, Andy, Oh, that's good...
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I always had my concerns about Floyd being alone with Opie...
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Me too, actually, he gives me the willies...He just has 'that look'
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This is pretty funny. :lol:
FreakyLaurent's avatar
Not bad !

Thought that picture looked awfully familiar !

Great Job!
jargonjones's avatar
Glad you enjoyed this silly little diversion! Andy Griffith references never cease to make people happy.

Makes me wonder what kind of album "Dark Side of Mayberry" might have been... :)
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LOL wasnt Floyd the best he played a great part in that show.
That a realy cool pic for sure.
jargonjones's avatar
I love the old black and white Andy Griffith Show, and Floyd was one of the best. Glad you enjoyed this little tribute!
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