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Young Justice TV - Kyle Rayner Blue Lantern



DISCLAIMER: Just to clarify, this is a character design concept I came up with using the style of the Young Justice tv show.

And also keep in mind, this is NOT official concept art. Theres someone at Warner who does an amazing job with character designs for the show (I was told its an entire team of people) so default to them for real official show art.

This is a companion piece to my Green Lantern version of Kyle Rayner intended as fanart for the Young Justice TV show. Link Below


I think one of the biggest concerns I've heard about including a kid Lantern on the show is that he'd be a tad overpowered if he was granted a power ring without some kind of limit. I think most people feel that because the other characters possess watered down versions of their counterpart's powers, that Kyle should follow that formula.

I agree, which is why my answer is a Blue Power ring. Now you may wonder, how is that any different? Well whether you know this or not, Blue rings are powered by not only by the power of Hope, but they also depend on being in geographic proximity of a Green Lantern in order to function to its fullest. In short, a Blue Lantern is fairly limited unless there's a Green Lantern in the system.

Now being a Blue Lantern is not without perks. Healing, mental cleansing, Fear resistance (Sinestro Corp), Rage removal (Red Lanterns), along with identical powers of a Green Lantern. So he'll have more support potential, rather than being a front liner like the others on the team.

So yeah, problem solved. Gave him more limited powers, and a few unique ones too. And the best part? Its canon in the comics. BOO YA!

So, you guys and gals like this more?
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But there is a problem, there is a GL on earth, a few in fact, i.e. Hal Jordan, John Stewart etc. So Kyle would be at full power all the time. And Kyle is in his 20's when he starts his green lantern career, let alone later when he becomes a white lantern and can use the powers of the blue lantern corps.
But, its a good idea still, tho I think keeping him a GL would be better (Or not having him on the team at all, like really, does Sector 2814 need another Green Lantern?)
So, I don't think a Green Lantern (Or any Lantern for that matter) was really needed in the team, it would pretty much make the team to much of just a younger clone of the League instead of its own entity.
Part from that, its a great design and keep up the good work m8 :D (Big Grin)