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Naruto OC- Yamanaka Isshigo: Bring it! by Jarein Naruto OC- Yamanaka Isshigo: Bring it! by Jarein
Heres another rendering of my new Naruto OC, Yamanaka Isshigo. The first one was more of a reference, whereas this one is more dynamic and demonstrates the essense of his personality/fighting style.

Below is a cut/paste of the description I posted for Isshigo in my first posting. Again, I'm still finishing the official writeup, so keep in mind this description is missing things like his jutsu library still.

Designer Notes:
I tend to become very attached to my OCs. In fact, as far as Naruto OCs go, I only have the one that made almost 3-years ago, Sarutobi Juushiro. Its not for lack of trying to come up with new characters, because Iíve tried many, many times over the years. Simply put, whenever I get an OC from concept to drawing board to artwork, somewhere along the line I trash them. Iíll always find something wrong with my creations, whether its their look, abilities, or their backstory and personality; something always falls short of my expectations. Hell, Shiro himself was a 2 month process to create. I remember going through about five full revisions of him before pinning him down as the snarky but lovable bastard he is today.

Well after a long month of chipping away at my computer, fiddling on Word, Illustrator, Photoshop and Narutopedia, I finally managed to create a completely NEW Naruto OC from scratch. Not only am I completely happy with the way he turned out, Iím surprised that I never had to go through a full revision as I was creating him.

Now the only thing left to do is to finish his Character Sheet write-up, which Iíve been pegging away at for a few days now. If anything, its my own OCD hang-ups about making him as interesting and memorable as possible thatís making something so trivial, take so long. Until then, Iíve pasted the highlighted details below so that everyone can get a fairly basic idea on the direction Iím taking him.

OC Description (Basic Writeup)
Yamanaka Isshigo
Given Nameís Loose Translation Ė First-out hit/baseball reference (isshigo)
Title: The Leafís Mad Batter (puns!)

Ninja Stats
Rank: Chuunin
Skill Class: A
Ninja Specialization: Close-Range Combat Specialist/ Sensor-Hijutsu Master
Chakra Affinity: Fuuton
Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Personal Stats
Birthdate: August 13th
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Bloodtype: B
Height: 5í 9Ē
Weight: 170 lbs
Endearing Traits: Fun, Humorous, Loyal, Intelligent
Annoying Traits: Prideful, Violent, Trash-talking, Mildly-Arrogant, Bi-polar tendencies

Basic Character Description:
The design of the character was inspired almost exclusively on that of the Scout from Team Fortress 2, and Mirai Trunks from DBZ. I picked and chose what I thought was a uniquely cool physical combination for a Naruto character, and refined the look to appear more dynamic and fitting for a ninja. The most significant accomplishment to me was coming up with a very neat way to show off the Konoha hitai-ate plate, that I feel hadnít been done before. Since the Scout from TF2 wore dog tags, I came to realize that making the plate into a dog tag was a neat solution to a very tired design element for a Naruto OC. I mean lets face it, we are all bored with seeing the headband hug on the head, on the arm, or around the neck in its most basic form, right? I know I was.

If the name wasnít a dead giveaway, hes a member of Inoís family, being her slightly older first cousin on her fatherís side. Unlike other Yamanaka OCís I decided to make him look similar but still very different from Ino, in that I didnít merely take an existing picture of Ino and give her a double mastectomy and call ďherĒ a boy. Thatís just lazyÖ.lol :p

Anyway! He specializes in speed and agility, earning himself the nickname of being the ďfastest sum-bitch in the LeafĒ but his physical build doesnít allow him to be as physically powerful as Gai or Lee. To compensate for his lack of offensive power, he utilizes a pair of lightweight alloy bat-like clubs to do damage while in combat. For these reasons, coupled with his mastery in his familyís sensor techniques, Isshigo is a designated scout/reconnaissance specialist with powerful close-quarters combat potential. His primary hang-ups come from his very limited long-range jutsu catalog and the difficulty he has with utilizing elemental jutsu.

Now the important aspect of his characterís pathos is his frighteningly strong psychic capabilities, abilities that far exceed that of other Yamanaka. In fact, the reason why his character is never part of the standard continuity is because he was sent off to receive training at one of the Fire-county monasteries to learn how to control the potency of his telekinetic abilities, which were not only causing harm to those around him, but himself as well. In fact, whenever he resorts to using his telekinesis, his brain will begin to bleed violently from the exertion, causing him to have erratic seizures.

My intention here is to give Isshigo a trump card that not only greatly helps him, but greatly hurts him as well. And the problem goes far beyond the physical here as well. I have him being constantly isolated from the family through fear of him losing control of his dangerous psychic ability. I also have him possessing serious psychological problems caused by a combination of this familial apathy and the degradation of his mind through overuse of his telekinesis. Itís a sort of re-interpretation of Yakumoís story from the Naruto show filler-arc, combined with minor elements of Itachi and his failing health from overusing his trump-cards.
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BaggySagger Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
baseball bats? xD That's so awesome! :squee:
AbsoluteAbsolution Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Kind of reminds me of Trunks from DBZ
Jarein Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
Trunks was a big inspiration for his design. As was the Scout from Team Fortress 2 :D
ForlorN-WolF Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
he look like Leon(RE 6). his face and hair xD
Jarein Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
oh man hahaha good call! i seriously didnt even notice that until you pointed it out. that works out pretty well since Leon's pretty cool
ForlorN-WolF Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
its OC rly cool. great work!!
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