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Sarutobi Juushiro
Given Name's Literal Meaning: Ten (juu) White/Castle (shiro)
Loosely Translated: The Tenth Defender

Ninja Stats (Part I/Part II)

Rank: Genin/Chuunin
Skill Class: B/A
Ninja Occupation: Iryo-nin (Medical Ninja)
Chakra Affinity: Raiton (currently unusable)
Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Personal Stats
Birthdate: May 25 (Gemini)
Age: 13/16
Sex: Male
Blood Type: O Negative (universal donor)
Height: 5' 3"/5’11”
Weight: 115 lbs/200 lbs

Endearing Traits: Kind, Calm and Collected, Compassionate, Witty

Annoying Traits: Sarcastic, Passive-Aggressive, Overbearing (typically to those he cares about), Overly Casual

Quirks: Highly Addicted to Chocolate, Likes to chews toothpicks

Affectionate Nicknames: Shiro, Asshole, The Band-Aid Desperado
Derogatory Nicknames: Monkey Boy, Wimp, Nerd

Early Life (Based off of My Fanfic)
Juushiro, or Shiro as he likes to be called, is the youngest son of Sarutobi Asuma and Sarutobi Yuuhi Kurenai. However, unlike his older brother Naruto, he is the sole biological child between both parents.

Born in the Daimyo's Court of Hi no Kuni (Fire Country), young Shiro was raised amongst the opulence of the rich and famous. From a young age, he and his brother Naruto were constantly berated for their "commoner roots" from the spoiled children that shared residency in the palace. Whereas Naruto usually responded to the taunts with threats of physical retribution, Shiro instead grew to vent his frustrations through pessimism and passive-aggressive behavior. Even today, Shiro never openly expresses his real emotions, typically burying them under humorously snide comments, and over-the-top implied innuendo.

With no consistently positive social-life, except with that of his brother, much of Shiro's childhood was devoted to excelling in academics. Showing high aptitude in medicine, anatomy, botany, ethics and psychology, it was clear to everyone that the young six-year old was an intellectual genius in the making.

During the first weeks of his shinobi training; that it was discovered that he held an unnaturally high level of control over his chakra, despite the fact he possessed an above average supply. Unfortunately, it was also discovered that his incredible control stemmed from an inborn mutation where his chakra pathways were formed too narrow.

While his pathways allow him to maintain a constant and steady flow of chakra in medium amounts, the massive bursts needed for most offensive ninjutsu are impossible for him to generate. While nothing life threatening, Shiro's prospects as a practitioner of ninjutsu like his brother Naruto, were eliminated. For these reasons, much of his early training was limited to just taijutsu and studying the arts of genjutsu with his mother.

Unsatisfied with the art of illusions that his mother loved so much, Shiro began researching into alternatives. Intrigued by stories of ninjas capable of using their chakra to heal injuries and sickness, Shiro had felt he found his true calling. However, because ninja medicine is so sparsely taught, it was nearly impossible for the young boy to find proper instruction. Undeterred, Shiro decided to try and learn medical ninjutsu on his own. Through personal trial-and-error in chakra manipulation on plants, the Sarutobi boy eventually made a breakthrough in duplicating a weaker version of Shousen technique.

Deciding to try it out in a real situation, he used it to heal some minor wounds and scrapes after an especially hard training practice, catching the attention of his senseis. When asked where he learned such a rare technique, he received plenty of shocked looks when he said it was self-taught.

Word eventually got around about how there existed a young male iryo-nin prodigy, living in the daimyo's court. It wasn't long until these rumors reached the foremost authority in that field: Tsunade of the Densetsu no Sannin. Intrigued by the boy's rumored latent potential in advanced healing (along with the discovery that he was also her sensei's grandson), the older woman felt compelled to meet the boy first hand and see for herself if the stories about his ability were true.

Although the interaction between Shiro and Tsunade was shaky at first (she called him a mouthy brat, and in response he called her a hooker), the two came to a common understanding and thus the older woman remained at the palace and took the seven-year-old as her second (silent) apprentice.

From there, his training simply... took off.


Despite his playfully caustic sense of humor, Shiro is highly accepting of others, and will never openly poke fun at someone for things that are too personal or taboo. He even says it himself, that he'll "never cross that fine line between having fun with somebody, and being a prick."

Even though it isn't always demonstrated openly, Shiro is highly sensitive to a point of almost being empathic to the emotions and feelings of others. Through intense study in psychiatry and personal experience in complex social interaction; Shiro can almost anticipate the actions people will take, or are capable of taking, simply by casually observing their behavior. While not true precognition, it has given him a level of battle awareness on par with Naruto.

His relationship with his adopted brother Naruto is very close. Since just about every-waking moment of each other's lives have been spent together, both brothers have a near psuedo-telepathic connection, able to anticipate each other's feelings and emotions without the need of open communication. And even though their heated bickering might say otherwise, both boys would risk everything to make sure the other was safe and happy. Shiro, despite being the younger, is very overbearing toward his brother and always scolds him for his reckless behavior. In fact, the only time Shiro ever loses his collected composure, is when his brother risks his life in a haphazard way.

Like his brother, Shiro has a severe Galahad Complex - the need to comfort and support a sad or crying girl/woman until they're properly happy again. Unlike his brother though, Shiro isn't comfortable with the public knowing this fact.

Shiro's sole vice in life is chocolate of various flavors and varieties. He often never leaves the house unless he has his travel stash - typically a sealed pouch containing truffles, double-dipped chocolate peanuts, and fun-sized candy bars. It is said that if you are offered a candy from Shiro's sacred stash, that its his way of offering you his respect and approval.

Besides his immediate family, Shiro has formed strong bonds with both his teacher Tsunade and her other apprentice Shizune. Originally a tentative student/teacher relationship, it had grown over the years into that of a brother and sister. Shiro thinks very highly of his nee-chan, and often scolds his brother for criticizing Tsunade's bad habits, even though he himself playfully does the same.

After a tragic and life changing experience at age seven (hint hint :D), Shiro has taken to strict adherence to the Hippocratic Oath. So strictly in fact, that he refuses to kill - something that conflicts greatly with his chosen profession as a shinobi. Despite having full support from his family in his noble goals, he often gets criticized by some of his shinobi peers for his "naive pacifistic views."

Skills and Hobbies

Skill Strengths
- Advanced Medical Ninjutsu
- Unique Enhancement and Enfeeblement Ninjutsu
- Advanced hand-to-hand combat
- Advanced evasive tactics and reactive reflexes
- Highly intelligent (mental genius)

Skill Weaknesses
- Mid-High Level Offensive Ninjutsu (impossible to perform any)
- Any technique that requires high bursts of chakra (Eight Celestial Gates- Various Clone Techniques)
- Tends to limit capabilities (in fear of killing opponents)
- Straining his Chakra Reserves will exacerbate his disease

- Reading
- Music
- Movies
- Shock-Jock Radio (linger longer)
- Baking
- Playing the piano
- Pharmaceutical Research

Abilities (Some information supplied by Narutopedia)

Tenshu no Karada (The Body of the Castle) (B-Rank) Physical Enhancement Skill
Inspired by the strength augmenting technique first developed by his master Tsunade. Whereas the original concept involved the ability to concentrate and release chakra in an instant with inhuman timing, Shiro can literally augment his natural strength by layering coils of chakra strings on the outside of his arms, similar to those used by puppeteers. In layman's terms, the technique adds exoskeletal muscles made completely out of high-tensile chakra.

The output of his hits, while not nearly as destructive and powerful as that of Tsunade's, requires no timing and is simply reactive to the Shiro's natural movement - therefore easier to control. The only downside with the technique, is that the strings needs to be maintained at all times. If the technique deactivates somehow, Shiro must devote significant time, effort and focus to re-initiate it, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

A positive side effect of the technique is if one of Shiro's limbs becomes injured or damaged to the point where it cannot move on its own, he can use the coiled strings to restore limited movement, but with a fraction of its normal strength.

At standard power, Shiro is capable of warping metal, lifting large stones and punching trees in half. However, because of his affliction, he has to limit the output by half at all times or he'll strain his reserves to quickly. If pushed to full power, his strength can nearly double, but the duration is very limited due to the risk of exhausting his chakra.

Hayasa no Denko (The Speed of Lightning) (B-Rank) Physical Enhancement Skill
Essentially the same as the Tenshu no Karada but with a different effect. Whereas that technique focuses on using the coiled chakra strings to enhance the strength of the arm muscles, this technique uses the same strings to enhance the reaction of the leg muscles.

When set at it normal output, Shiro is capable of moving at the speed of a rookie Jonin, with the agility to match. Like the Tenshu no Karada Technique, its limited to half power at all times to conserve chakra. And like that technique, the output can be raised to full, doubling the effective speed increase. But again, the downsides are the same.
(AN: The idea for these techniques were inspired by the Nano-suit from the game Crysis, and the Ransotengai used by Ishida Uryuu in Bleach. If you do not know what either of those are or what they do, check them out on Google.)

Gansuringu Ryu Taijutsu (Gunslinger Style Taijutsu) - Melee Combat Style
A special form of hand-to-hand combat developed by Shiro to properly utilize the capabilities of both his Tenshu no Karada and Hayasa no Denko techniques. Based mostly off of Western Style boxing, She Quan and Jeet Kun Do, the style relies heavily on rapid footwork, constant evasive motion and high impact fist-work.

The style uses absolutely no kicks, since it runs the risk of slowing the effectiveness of the Hayasa no Denko. Instead all attacks revolve around punches, jabs, chops, swipes, and various other strikes that can only be performed using just the arms and fists.

The more advanced forms of the style work exclusively off of special aerial combinations. Requiring more timing and preparation to pull off these type of combos, the effect is multiplicative depending on how high the opponent is sent into the air by the first uppercut. The higher they go, the more Shells (explosive chakra punches) can be unleashed before they crater to the ground. Currently, Shiro can perform up to ten shells at maximum, but puts a heavy strain on his reserves to perform.

Tama (Shells) (C-Rank) - Melee Combat Supplemental Ability
Term used by Shiro for the special punches he inflicts during freefall aerial combos. They are the same type of punches Tsunade uses with her super strength - simple timing based micro detonations of stored chakra in the fists. Because each punch uses small amounts of chakra, they present little risk to Shiro's condition. However, the coils in his arms only allow enough chakra to be stored for five hits each - ten total. Once spent, it will take quite a bit of time for Shiro's to recharge for another volley. This fact is also the reason why Shiro doesnt utilize the technique for ALL of his hits. (AN: alot like reloading the magazine of a gun)

Hiruko yori Rokushahu (Six Shots from High Noon) (C-Rank) – Melee Combat Combination
Shiro's most commonly used form of the Gansuringu Ryu's advanced aerial combos. The attack usually begins with a powerful uppercut type blow to launch the target into the air, followed by the attacker either jumping or ramping themselves skyward where the target is intercepted and then pounded toward the ground with six powerful Shell bursts.
(AN: This aspect of Shiro's combat was inspired by Kazuma's Alter in the anime s-CRY-ed)

Shousen no Jutsu (Mystical Palm Technique) (A-Rank) - Medical Ninjutsu
This medical ninjutsu allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands into a wound or afflicted body part. This allows the user to heal a patient without the need for medical equipment or surgery, making it highly useful on the battlefield. It can be used to treat both external and internal injuries. Because it is vital to match the amount of chakra used to the severity of the affliction or injury, the technique requires a great amount of chakra control to use.

By sending an excess amount of chakra into the patient's body, the Shiro can overload a person's normal circulation, rendering them temporarily comatose. Although this is usually undesirable medically, Shiro often uses this application of the jutsu in his taijutsu as a nonviolent means to incapacitate opponents.

Myakusen no Jutsu (Mystical Pulse Technique) (A-Rank) - Medical Ninjutsu
The next step in the Shosen's evolution. Developed by Shiro, with help from Tsunade, the Mystical Pulse requires even higher amounts of control, but uses significantly less chakra to heal the same wounds in the same amount of time. Unlike the Mystical Palm where chakra is channeled through the hands over the general direction over wound, the Mystical Pulse directs a smaller, more intense flow of chakra through the index and middle fingers of each hand directly into the wound.

Chakura no Mesu (Chakra Scalpel) (B-Rank) - Medical Ninjutsu
This medical technique forms one's chakra into a small, sharp blade. This can then be used for highly accurate incisions necessary for surgeries and anatomical dissections. Unlike regular scalpels, the Chakra Scalpel can actually make cuts inside the body without actually creating an open wound, limiting the risks of an infection. The Chakra Scalpel can also be used offensively, although it requires great precision to be effective. Shiro almost never uses it this way, feeling that its too deadly a skill.

Saikan Chuushutsu no Jutsu (Delicate Illness Extraction Technique) (B-Rank) - Medical Ninjutsu
Medical ninjutsu used by most medics to draw out pathogens and poisons from a patient and then heal the damage. After the illness is determined, the medic can then draw out the agent, while simultaneously repairing the damage it caused. Shiro considers this to be his weakest medical ninjutsu since he hasn't mastered it properly.

Magen: Onime Giragira (Demonic Illusion: Demon-Eyed Stare) (D-Rank) - Minor Aesthetic Genjutsu
The first technique Shiro ever learned and perfected, the technique was originally created by his mother as a way to intimidate opponents by giving the user's eyes a baleful glow. Shiro uses this low chakra ability often as an effective fear tactic. This ability is not limited to those of Yuuhi blood, nor is it a doujutsu. Does not require handseals to activate.
(AN: I have a sinking suspicion this kind of jutsu has been used before in other fics, but I don't know of any off the top of my head. If another author has made this jutsu before, please know I came up with this on my own, and any similarities is just coincidence, and not an intentional plagiarism of your idea.)


Kijotsuki (Lady Luck)
His sole offensive weapon, named in "honor" of his sensei Tsunade. Because the vast majority of his personal supply space is reserved for medical supplies, Shiro carries no other offensive ninja supplies. This mean no kunai, shuriken, wire, or even explosive tags.

Custom made by the palace smithy back at the capitol, the blade's length is about the same as that of a large dagger. The curvature of the blade is reminiscent of a hunting knife, and is only sharpened on the forward side to allow the Kijotsuki to be wielded safely in a reverse-forearm grip.

The grip is also very unique: curving outward and lined with notches similar to that of a tactical sidearm. There is no guard. Instead there is are trigger-like rings between the guard and the blade, and on the pommel, used to provide extra grip stabilization.
Kijotsuki's sole purpose: defense. Being much smaller than a sword, the blade is much more maneuverable, making it easier to parry and deflect with. Shiro abstains from using it offensively however, not just because its impractical for its small reach, but also because its "messier."

Because of its pistol-like qualities, Shiro treats it as such. He keeps it holstered to his left thigh, and has a tendency to unsheathe it in a way similar to how an outlaw in an American western, pulls out his pistol.
I decided to put Shiro's chracter sheet up on this side of the fence. Figured some people were curious about some things concerning who he is and what he does.

Keep in mind this is a slightly AU take on the series, so if something seems off, its because I edited the ages of certain people in my fanfic to make the setting possible.
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