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Bleach Vizard OC - Murakami Tojiro by Jarein Bleach Vizard OC - Murakami Tojiro by Jarein
ARTIST NOTE: This is a companion piece to a set of three.

Normal Mode with Shikai Activated : [link]

Bankai Mode : [link]


Murakami Tojiro
Born to a family of Japanese scholars in the 19th century, Tojiro lived a fairly quiet life of study and travel, moving from country to country throughout Western Europe with his parents and younger sister Rina. Either by fate, or obscenely bad luck, him and his family were attacked, seemingly at random, by “invisible creatures”, leaving his parents and younger sister dead, and himself not far behind. At the twilight moment before his life slipped away and he was finally able to see the group of hollows responsible, a shinigami finally engaged the monsters, vanquishing each one with total ease, with no acknowledgement that innocents died under his watch.

Consumed by anger and hatred at the loss of his family, and the late action of the one who could have saved them all, Tojiro, channeled his burning emotions at the moment of his death, somehow utilizing his newly formed Chain of Fate to reach out and ensnare both the shinigami and the last remaining hollow, and somehow disassembled and absorbed their essence and power into his spiritual body.

Not quite a shinigami, not quite a hollow, and not quite a plus, the boy transformed into something much more than all three combined….a proto-vizard.

For almost 200 years, this unique, ageless, and lonesome individual has roamed the physical plane, weighed by the sadness over the loss of his loved ones, and fueled by his hatred of those who were involved in their demise. His purpose moves him forward; to protect the human world from all spiritual beings who seek to “ruin more lives.”


Shikon Saiketsu (Blood Collector Fang)

Zanpakuto Type: Vampiric
Sealed Form: (Not applicable)
Release Command: Esa (Feed)

Unlike most zanpakuto, Shikon Saiketsu has no physical sealed form. Instead the blade’s sealed form exists as the iron in Tōjirō’s blood, and can only manifest through a combination of reiatsu energy and personal blood sacrifice. Once those criteria have been met, uttering the release command of Esa will summon Shikon Saiketsu in its shikai release state.

Shikon’s Saiketsu’s released form is that of a traditional Celtic longsword, possessing a cross shaped guard, and a longer grip that allows Tōjirō to hold the blade with one or both hands. While it is not the most extravagant zanpakuto, its minimalistic design belies its very powerful ability to absorb blood to enhance its power.

Its absorption ability is fairly self-explanatory; Shikon Saiketsu is capable of drawing in and consuming all blood it comes into contact with. Once absorbed, the blood within the sword is converted into raw spiritual energy that can either be fed back into Tōjirō to replace any reiatsu lost over the course of the fight, or can be re-directed into its signature attack.

Special Attack: Kaitō Sesshō (Life Destruction Thief)
Using the accumulated reiatsu built up within the blade from blood absorption, Shikon Saiketsu can harden and sharpen the energy and, like a bladed projectile, throw it at enemies. It is particularly useful when an enemy's movements are too fast for a direct attack or when enemies employ ranged attacks. The strength of the attack is proportional to the amount of blood that was absorbed.


Cero Sanguíneo Granada (Spanish: Blood Zero Grenade – Japanese: Crimson Hollow Flash Grenade)

A unique version of a normal cero, this attack is formed by drawing together large amounts of any blood in the area into a compact, densely formed sphere, where it is then charged with the user’s reiatsu to “arm the fuse.” Then once the attack is primed, the concentrated sanguine spiritual energy may then be fired like a bullet where it then detonates into a massive destructive explosion upon contact with any solid surface.
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Foxxyman22 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017
Very 'Day of the Dead' vibe to the mask. I like it.
Jarein Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
Very nice. Thats the inspiration behind the look of the mask too. I'm glad you picked up on it!
AsgardMarine Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
Really cool! Does that mask was inspired by Jack of Blades? Because it really reminds me of him. 
TheSpawnfan Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
man this is awesome, i wish i could draw that well, i have an idea about a proto arrancar that can use shadow (or blood, i can't decide) to attack, but i don't know how he uses his powers, or how to draw him, your character would be a cool addition to the show's cast
Beowulf-BX Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012

Love the broadsword he uses. This just goes to show that you should do your own line of weapons lol
wikkier Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
I like how gruesome the mask looks constrasted with the sophistication of the rest of his appearance. I'm getting a sense of brutality under strong- but not permanent - controll.

Plus, strait sword with a cruciform hilt! Whee!
Jarein Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
exactly! in his bio he was the child of well-to-do scholars, where he was raised as a very cultured and intellectual-type of person. then comes tragedy, and theres this gruesome scar of pain that has driven him into this avatar of vengeance. like you said, I wanted this heavy contrast between who he was, and what he is: someone of old-world sophistication capable of merciless brutality.

thanks for catching the subtlety there in my design. its tough to get stuff like that across without being completely blatant. once again, you've given me a very positive and well-thought out comment. Cheers!
Dom666ism Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012
Wicked! Wonder what he looks like without the mask.
mwktstorm7200 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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