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Animal Man Full DC United Redesign by jaredyboy Animal Man Full DC United Redesign :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 7 12 Sheeva Full DC United Redesign by jaredyboy Sheeva Full DC United Redesign :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 8 59 Happy B-day by jaredyboy Happy B-day :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 13 126 Goro Full DC United Redesign by jaredyboy Goro Full DC United Redesign :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 12 58 The Dual Identity of a Teenage Superhero by jaredyboy The Dual Identity of a Teenage Superhero :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 7 0 Rejected!!! by jaredyboy Rejected!!! :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 7 17 Fight Night by jaredyboy Fight Night :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 6 25 The New Guard by jaredyboy The New Guard :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 6 3 Hi by jaredyboy Hi :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 11 10 Cold Confrontation by jaredyboy Cold Confrontation :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 7 11 Inferno by jaredyboy Inferno :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 6 6 Deadpool Plushie by jaredyboy Deadpool Plushie :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 9 164 Nitro Blaze Full DC United Design by jaredyboy Nitro Blaze Full DC United Design :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 6 5 Reaquaintence by jaredyboy Reaquaintence :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 6 6 Techna Full DC United Design by jaredyboy Techna Full DC United Design :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 2 0 Agents of Vengence by jaredyboy Agents of Vengence :iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 14 0
Welcome to the DC United.


Nylon meets Emperor Pago by WumoWumo Nylon meets Emperor Pago :iconwumowumo:WumoWumo 6 0
My Thoughts on Harvey Street Kids and Hilda
Welcome to another edition of My Thoughts On… now I’m going to give my thoughts on two cartoon series, currently running on Netflix: Harvey Street Kids and Hilda.
Harvey Street Kids:
Harvey Street Kids is a cartoon series, focusing on three young girls: Audrey, Dot and Lotta, who live in a neighborhood called Harvey Street with their friends. The show is based on the old Harvey comics and cartoons, so the three main girls are modern versions of Little Audrey, Little Dot and Little Lotta.
Audrey, Dot and Lotta are known as the Harvey Girls, and they are the heroes of the neighborhood: almost all of the Kids love them and look up to them. Audrey is the tough tomboy, Dot is the smart one and Lotta is the big girl with a big heart, who loves animals. The other Kids living in Harvey Street include Tiny, whom the other kids often walk all over, because of his small size; Lucretia, the no.1 fangirl of the Harvey Girls; bad boy Melvin and his on/off cronies: Fredo and Pinkeye (the
:iconsithvampiremaster27:SithVampireMaster27 5 2
Dany and Drogon rough doodle sketch by TheRavensBastard39 Dany and Drogon rough doodle sketch :icontheravensbastard39:TheRavensBastard39 4 0 commissioned wip - angel study 2 by bordon commissioned wip - angel study 2 :iconbordon:bordon 13 0 yanmei 2019. by tombslug yanmei 2019. :icontombslug:tombslug 71 17 Beaky Buzzard Nonononononono by CaptainEdwardTeague Beaky Buzzard Nonononononono :iconcaptainedwardteague:CaptainEdwardTeague 48 0 Daisy by CaptainEdwardTeague Daisy :iconcaptainedwardteague:CaptainEdwardTeague 53 7 Ed Crawling with his Eyebrow by CaptainEdwardTeague Ed Crawling with his Eyebrow :iconcaptainedwardteague:CaptainEdwardTeague 44 2 Ed by CaptainEdwardTeague Ed :iconcaptainedwardteague:CaptainEdwardTeague 161 10 Mileena (Kahnum) Redesign by ThrougTheDark101-2 Mileena (Kahnum) Redesign :iconthrougthedark101-2:ThrougTheDark101-2 10 1 Raiden Mortal Kombat by Thuddleston Raiden Mortal Kombat :iconthuddleston:Thuddleston 30 0 A Signal To Joy by NicolasRGiacondino A Signal To Joy :iconnicolasrgiacondino:NicolasRGiacondino 112 1 Tattooed Millionaire by MaleVolentSamSon Tattooed Millionaire :iconmalevolentsamson:MaleVolentSamSon 16 1 Narcilia (Original character) by dandonfuga
Mature content
Narcilia (Original character) :icondandonfuga:dandonfuga 1,705 53
Winged Victory by ch1sh10 Winged Victory :iconch1sh10:ch1sh10 50 8 Selina Kyle by Rickstar316 Selina Kyle :iconrickstar316:Rickstar316 13 0


This is a wonderful piece on one of the most devastating scenes in the Steven Universe Series. It's clear that this series has had an i...

This is a wonderful piece of artwork. As I tend to build on a world where everything is possible, I wanted this version of you in this ...

This is by far the coolest take on a Transformers OC ever. I love how you were able to stay true to the design of Transformers Prime, b...

As a brony, I have to say, it's nice to see Rarity kicking butt, and taking names. I love how you were able to stay true to the origina...


In the spirit of Earth Day, I will be drawing green related characters for the DC United. 
Animal Man Full DC United Redesign
This is my redesign of the character who kicked off Grant Morrison's career. Animal Man joins the DC United. 

Here in the DC United Continuity, Animal Man is Buddy Baker, who has the ability of tap in the powers of any animal for one hour. He's spiritually connected to the Red, much like fellow hero Vixen. In this continuity, Buddy asks Vixen to be his kid's godmother, because of not only their similar power sets, as well as their love for animals. Still he does face many trials and tribulations. Such as facing the Rot, and other supervillains, all the long while trying to be a good husband and father, and a professional stunt man.
Sheeva Full DC United Redesign
The Shokan's greatest warrioress makes her debut in the DC United. Sheeva has entered the fray in the DC United

In the DC United, she is revealed to have been childhood friends with Prince Goro, when they were still in their informative years. She has been loyal to the Shokans and stood by them every step of the way. She's also one of the many to possess the most honor, and wears her Shokan Pride as a badge of honor. During the Shokan Rebellion, she develops a friendship with Freakazoid, and recognizes him as a warrior. After the formation of the Justice Heroes, she become's Outworld's ambassador in Earthrealm, hoping to better relations with Earthrealm and the Shokan, and serves as a team member of the Justice Heroes
Goro Full DC United Redesign
This is my redesign of the prideful Shokan prince...Goro

In the DC United, Goro is much more noble than the previous two time lines. Here, he is able to acknowledge the strength and the abilities of his other warriors. He cares for his fellow Shokan, as much as his father king Gorbak. Both believe in the honor of Mortal Kombat. But what they have come to loath over the years, was the way Shao Kahn had exploited their once proud race. In the aftermath of Kahn's failed invasion, and the rise of the Justice Heroes, Goro and the Shokan have become a valuable asset to Earthrealm, Edenia, and the Justice Heroes. He and Sheeva have also befriended the superhero known as Freakazoid, as Goro respects those with cunning, and "unorthodox" skills. 
The Dual Identity of a Teenage Superhero
Let it be known that Dexter Douglas and Freakazoid are two different individuals. They are dual identities sharing the same body. Dexter is your typical high school nerd who spends his time on the internet, more often than the average teenager. Shy and timid and not very good in sports, but great in tech courses. Freakazoid is Dexter's definition of what a superhero should be... the superhero he wants to be. Confident, bold, and heroic.
Wow. The Doom Patrol rejects Freakazoid. It's amazing that the freaks reject one of their own.
Would Freakazoid make a good member of the Doom Patrol?
Fight Night

Wildcat: World War II Veteran and founding member of the Justice Society of America


Johnny Cage: The Hollywood Martial Artist, and Defender of Earth Realm
The New Guard
This the roster of the founding members of the Justice Heroes, as they were banded together, not just by circumstances, but as outsiders who seek to bring justice that no one else though possible.
from CaptainEdwardTeague 

01 If we met in person what would you want to do?
hang out. maybe drink at an actual bar
02 What's your favorite drink?
 dr. pepper, and 
03 -slaps- what color is my underwear?
No one cares
04 Who's your favorite Super Hero?
05 Do you have a daily routine to do before you draw or do you just say "fuck it. I'm awake. Time to draw"
I'd go with fuck it. And draw whatever the hell I want, whenever I want
06. You're stranded on a deserted island, What do you bring with you?
survival tools 
07. Do you fight dirty or fight clean?
dirty in survival mode, clean for sport
08. Do the Ends Justify the means?
are you smoking weed?
09. What is the ultimate Prank?
stink palm
10. Do you honestly fear the future?
Whatever happens, happens

tagging: Colonel-Knight-Rider NeoNimbus526  JayTrexe JIMENOPOLIX TheFreshKnight SP2233 TheDarkNeon GameKing427 Mad--MunchkinJMx64 

1. Who is your favorite DCAU Character who didn't originalte from the comics?

2. What's the meaning of life?

3.Favorite Music?

4. Looking to forward to Mortal Kombat 11?

5. Are you an optimist or a complete edgelord cynic?

6. Do you have a taste for dark humor?

7. What's your past time?

8. Favorite Loud House Character?

9. Who's you favorite president?

10. Do you care about to political correctness? 


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I'm a huge fan of anything related to pop culture that extends to comic books, movies, cartoons, video games.

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