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Proceeding with art trades,.
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XK-77 'Vulture' Fire Support Armor


16961 deviations
XK-77 'Vulture' Fire Support Armor


16766 deviations

Flawed Deities Characters

32 deviations
Commission: Super Power Discussion

Other Dimensional Wars characters.

19 deviations

Wanda Bara the Necromancer bat.

1 deviation

Amanda, Grief and Scylla's aunt.

13 deviations

Grief My Villain Protagonist.

8 deviations
Commission for JaredtheFox92

Grief's sister, Scylla

33 deviations
Ophelia fighting Sonic [AT]

Grief's mum, Ophelia

49 deviations
Grau Bradanksa [REQUEST]

Grief's daughter, Grau Bradanska.

6 deviations

Characters I have to work on in art trades

29 deviations

Aurelia, the First Bradanksa

5 deviations
Girliath - Lulissa Thomas

Lulissa "Girliath" Thomas

41 deviations
Request Malice

Malice Nastasia, Lilian's younger sister

8 deviations
Art trade

The New Order

45 deviations

Wanda Bara the Necromancer

3 deviations
FantasTech Races - Jakura

FantasTech: My characters and ideas.

5 deviations
Request for JaredtheFox92

Polyphema the Devine Cyclopsess

3 deviations
Commission for JaredtheFox92

T-Sherly, AKA Collosal Cat

13 deviations
::ART TRADE - Maximus::

Giovanni "Maximus" Alberto the Wolf

2 deviations
Nyz - art trade

Nyz the World Eater

1 deviation
Lord Varamath

The Jakura

1 deviation
Maintaining Order

Grief, Grief, and more Grief

31 deviations
And the City is Saved

Classic Adult Grief

10 deviations


3 deviations
Lilith the Demonette

Lilian "Lilith" Nastasia and her father Arnz

11 deviations

Refrences and tutorials

8 deviations
(Request) Public transport is getting smaller

Bad Egg Unit members

26 deviations
RQ Choatic Goddess

Original the Jared's characters

35 deviations

Flawed Deities

50 deviations
Lilith re

Arnzy and the Kids

9 deviations
Base No2

Bases I plan to use

14 deviations

Norse and Nordic Badassery

47 deviations

Awsome badasses in history

13 deviations
Jagdtiger I

History and war

35 deviations
Can't hit me now, can you?

My giant and Kaiju obsession

50 deviations
Braxxian Administrator Tradd concept

Evolution Wars

15 deviations
Grief (Request)

Occult Odyessy

5 deviations
[RQ] Girliath

Roleplaying characters

21 deviations
[RQ] Girliath

Super Heroes villains

7 deviations
The Forgotten War M47 Patton


16 deviations
Ivan- request/ did for fun.

Villans that I think are cool

205 deviations
Eldar - Warlock n Guardians


224 deviations
JaredtheFox92's request: Arnzarel

My 40K characters

6 deviations
Hellsing: Anderson Sketch

Anime characters I actually do like.

5 deviations
Putin Pounds Ponies

Bloody Awsome

6 deviations
Silver the hedgehog


135 deviations
Anderson Vs. Alucard


16 deviations
Amongst Her Kind

Friends FC's

14 deviations
Diane and Hawk

Heroes that I like

1 deviation