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Chaos is the only true answer.
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Helga In Ragnarok by JaredtheFox92 Helga In Ragnarok :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 8 4 You're not my parent. by JaredtheFox92
Mature content
You're not my parent. :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 2 22
W.I.P: Amandazilla by JaredtheFox92 W.I.P: Amandazilla :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 5 2 W.I.P: Facial Expressions of my Main Characters. by JaredtheFox92 W.I.P: Facial Expressions of my Main Characters. :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 6 22 Jared-Zilla Rough Draft. by JaredtheFox92 Jared-Zilla Rough Draft. :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 6 4
Character Development Roleplay?: (Please read.)
Okay, this one is exactly what it says on the tin. I'm looking to develop a new version of an older character, but not being from her usual continuity. The character in question is of course, the new "Titaness" version of Sherly Perwinkle:

While some of you may know her character is pretty much set in stone, and I would bring up her backstory and bad history with her abusive father. I would also like to bring in this version of Sherly's lore, mainly how she got her powers, how she was supposed to save humanity. Then how she ruined all that and then betrayed humanity to become queen of the kaiju, instead of destroying them. What I'm looking for is help with her origins as to the events of how she acquired her power and just when she snapped and went rogue. Also, while some of her capabilities are already contemplated, I do also perhaps wish to add or remove abilities to further balance her and polish this version of the uni
:iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 5 0
Sherly Breaksout of Kintobor's Laboratory. by JaredtheFox92 Sherly Breaksout of Kintobor's Laboratory. :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 14 26 Titaness Sherly Physiology Refernce. by JaredtheFox92 Titaness Sherly Physiology Refernce. :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 22 54 Boss Battle!:  Super Titaness Sherly! by JaredtheFox92 Boss Battle!: Super Titaness Sherly! :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 13 64 Art Trade: Jazz Night by JaredtheFox92 Art Trade: Jazz Night :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 16 7 W.I.P: Human Scylla by JaredtheFox92 W.I.P: Human Scylla :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 4 10 Ophelia's Triumphant Get Away by JaredtheFox92 Ophelia's Triumphant Get Away :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 18 63 Late night W.I.P is unfinished. by JaredtheFox92 Late night W.I.P is unfinished. :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 3 2 Frau Kommandant Sophia Klein by JaredtheFox92 Frau Kommandant Sophia Klein :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 6 11 Mother Furia's Happy Little Daemon World by JaredtheFox92 Mother Furia's Happy Little Daemon World :iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 11 15
Valintines Day Roleplay With Misschief
Normally I'm not one for really mushy roleplays, but since it's Valentines Day soon and I have a character I'd like to play again I may try to step outside my box.The plot is very simple, I play as my French character, Anna Dominica, AKA Misschief the Cat:
.She's really a lovey dovey type and Anna would be perfect for romance or some custom scenarios to fit the theme. Below I shall list some scenarios and rules for said roleplays.
1.Anna/Misschief is a foreigner from Mercia/ France who's come to Northamer/North America, she is lonely and feels out of place where she meets your character. While she appears nice she's hiding several dark secrets. Eventually your character stumbles upon the fact she's a witch and things get a little crazy from there.
2.(Note: This RP scenario is sort of fetishy, you'll have to be into this sort of thing.) Anna uses a magical object and accidentally casts a spell on herself turning her into a 30f
:iconjaredthefox92:JaredtheFox92 1 37


Robout Guilliman by cjmj1975 Robout Guilliman :iconcjmj1975:cjmj1975 5 0 Lizardman for Alicia Murphy by ackelb Lizardman for Alicia Murphy :iconackelb:ackelb 53 8 MBT-2020 Main Battle Tank by doug7070 MBT-2020 Main Battle Tank :icondoug7070:doug7070 35 5 Skitarii Ranger Alpha by muttoz Skitarii Ranger Alpha :iconmuttoz:muttoz 7 1 Jakku Junkyard Minion by Phraggle Jakku Junkyard Minion :iconphraggle:Phraggle 46 4 K4W48 by bude2011 K4W48 :iconbude2011:bude2011 16 1 Out Of Nowhere by xXKitsune Out Of Nowhere :iconxxkitsune:xXKitsune 100 5 Serro The River Predator by ArhPriest Serro The River Predator :iconarhpriest:ArhPriest 58 2 Venjix5 Office Ship by venjix5 Venjix5 Office Ship :iconvenjix5:venjix5 13 1 Darth Maul by kirmalight Darth Maul :iconkirmalight:kirmalight 16 1 Men In Black Returns (Parody) by JonWKhoo Men In Black Returns (Parody) :iconjonwkhoo:JonWKhoo 27 7 Ducktales May Cry 2 by DasGnomo Ducktales May Cry 2 :icondasgnomo:DasGnomo 119 42 Thetys Rift by Martechi Thetys Rift :iconmartechi:Martechi 38 6 Art Trade: Teammates Work Together by VenetiaP Art Trade: Teammates Work Together :iconvenetiap:VenetiaP 4 6 Vlad the Impaler by avix Vlad the Impaler :iconavix:avix 84 16 art trade for  jared by Jonalexis art trade for jared :iconjonalexis:Jonalexis 9 5



I'm just looking for more RP buddies. (I have plenty, I'm just always looking to meet more people.) I have lots of characters, and ideas. All I ask is if you work with me and be open minded in RPing.


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Best Warhammer Fantasy race? 

5 deviants said Empire
2 deviants said Chaos (Dwarfs, Norsca,Beastmen, Warriors.)
2 deviants said Vampire Counts
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am Nerd and proud of it! My hobbies include gaming, especially the Metal Gear franchise. I also love to study and work on my homework. I Just want what is best for humanity, and I want to aid it any way possible. I also do my own art sometimes, but I write more efficient then I draw.

DISCLAIMER: All my stories, characters, and scenario's from the various fandoms I'm in are purely NON COMMERCIAL, NON CANNON, FAN WORKS. I encourage the sales, profit, and copyrights of the original scenario's and stories. ALL MY CHARACTERS AND IDEAS ARE NON PROFIT.

I roleplay, (but please keep it clean and acceptable with DA's policy.)
(Because dirty rps are no good.) :iconnogoodplz: DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphics :iconrequestsopenplz:

Favorite genre of music: Techno, soothing trance, classical instrumental, Woodwig Von Beatoven and Amadaus Mozzart.
Favourite style of art: All that are "clean"
Favourite cartoon character: Dexster Boy Genius
Personal Quote: Alike minds think Great!

Grief: HEHEHEH Free Cake!!!!
me: Grief the cake is a spy!
Grief: ok, *eats the spy*
me: GRIEF?!?! you juat ate him? What do you have to say?
Grief: *burps* Spy is sapping mah stomach!!!

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(I am an anime fan as well, but fantardism is no good :iconnogoodplz: )

:thumb202606590: (Read your history. America did not want to enter WW1&2, Great Britain was courageous during WW2 while resisting the Nazi war machine. Japan was nowhere near innocent during the war, and 56,125,262 died during the war. There should not be an anime about countries in sexual relationships about WW2.)

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