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Rainbow Pride

OMG...I'm soooo sorry. I'm in rainbow rut and I can't stop. I discovered the beauty that is the rainbow and all I want to do is make rainbow wallpaper. I need a support group or a 12 step program. *sobs* Damn the rainbow...*sigh* she's a harsh mistress...

Gay Pride! *cheer*
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this is wonderful, I made a derivation, hope that is OK…
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Awesome! Simple, but really cool! :huggle:
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this is one of my favorite wallpapers. so simple, so clean. I really like it. Thanks for making it.
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Hi. This artistic effort has been added to our favorites gallery :iconequalperspectives: as an example of well delivered art that is LGBT focused.

Please take a look around. If you want to offer up submissions, please do, it is our intent to promote the efforts of the LGBT community.
Yeah! I am so high! Seriously. I love gays, man, I just love them like fireworks and soda.
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I love the wallpaper, it is very simple yet stands for so much. My girl and I now have this up as our desktop.
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Great! That's my new Wallpaper! Thanks a lot! It looks fantastic!
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enough with the gay stuff ! :jedi:
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You do realize that I myself am a very proud gay man. And if I want to make rainbow wallpaper, then by god I will make rainbow wallpaper. If you don't like that, then I got three words for you honey...suck it up. Have a nice day. :pride:
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whatever ! all i was saying is that if you liked the rainbow then keep to it. it was good i didn't say anything about the wall i just said stop with the gay stuff in the description. no point doing that since well it makes no difference what it was made for. Have a gay day.
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:pride: Awesome Jared. :boogie:
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Hehehe... Even so, it is good. So simple yet probobly not that easy to come up with in the first place so keep the rainbow shining!

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