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The Angry Birds Movie Stamp by Evalasting-Hope
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Happy Birthday, Obeliskgirljohanny!! Hope you had a beautiful day!
Idea by TRC-Tooniversity and me. If Golly Gopher can be the villain of Crossover Nexus 2.0, he can have superpowers
Telekinesis , Telepathy, Magnetic Powers, Slapstick Weaponry (for evil purposes), Reality-bending, Petrification, Subspace Manipulation, Enhanced Roar, Dimensional Lordship, Metamorphic Arm, Cartoon Constructs, and Saw Protrusion
What's wrong with me? Haven't I always try to be a good friend to MlpLoveArtYT and JoeyWaggoner?
Waluigi: :iconsupersufan:, Is there a Smash Bros. in Heaven?
Well, is it good to never give up and never stop trying.


The way you give them new clothes may seem weird at first, but it's really great once you look at them. The outfits are still faithful to the channels themselves, 10/10. Five stars. I give you best of luck to try your best to give your characters some new outfits too. Keep up the good work. Let's ho...

Inspired by Earthsong9405's recent "Fluffy" AU and Sketch-Shepherd's Canine 6 pic

Mane "Canine" 9
Twilight Sparkle as Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Twilight Sparkle is a lavender Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with light purple highlights and indigo-colored hair, stylized with rim cuts, and also has two lighter-purple and magenta stripes running down both.
Fluttershy as a Paperanian (a cross between Papillon and Pomeranian)
Fluttershy is a very light yellow Pomeranian/Papillon Mix with very light yellow highlights and light waist-length hair. She looks much like a Papillon with the ears and tail of a Pomeranian.
Applejack as Beagle
Applejack is a light orange beagle with three small red spots on her hind legs, orange ears and tail, light yellow ponytailed hair, and brown cowgirl hat.
Rarity as a Miniature Poodle
Rarity is a white Miniature Poodle with a mix between a dutch cut and continental cut with purple fancy hair. She has a purple fluffy pom on her tail.
Rainbow Dash as a Chihuahua
Rainbow Dash is a sky-blue chihuahua with light azure highlights on her muzzle, the tip of her tail, and her underbelly and messy rainbow hair
Pinkie Pie as a Miniature Basscshund (a cross between Basset Hound and Miniature Dachshund)
Pinkie Pie is a chubby long light pink long hair basset hound/miniature dachshund mix with light cerise details on her muzzle, belly, paws, and tail, and fluffy dark pink hair. She looks much like a Dachshund with the ears, nose, and paws of a Basset Hound.
Starlight Glimmer as an American Cocker Spaniel
Starlight Glimmer is a lavender American Cocker Spaniel with purple hair with green lining hair with the front being swirl, exposing her big bald spot on her forhead, while the back is long and curled in back.
Trixie Lulamoon as a Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Sunset Shimmer as a Boykin Spaniel
Sunset Shimmer is an amber Boykin Spaniel with llight amber highlights and amaranth-colored hair with yellow stripes.

Major Dogs
Princess Celestia as a Great Dane
Princess Celestia is a fuchsiaish white Great Dane with light magentaish gray spots and striped pink, purple, aqua blue, and green hair
Princess Luna as a Saluki
Princess Luna is a dark blue Saluki with moderate sapphire blue hair.
Adagio Dazzle as a Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle mix)
Aria Blaze as a Zuchon (Bichon/Shih Tzu mix)
Sonata Dusk as a Japanese Chin
Cheerilee as a Labrador Retriever
Zecora as a Basenji
Diamond Tiara as a Bichpoo (Bichon/Poodle mix)
Silver Spoon as a Boston Terrier


OC Mixels Requests
It can be fanon or canon
Any Show on Any Network in Cartoon Network Powerhouse
Ask me what kind of show from any channel in Cartoon Network Powerhouse Era
Object Poses
Ask me an object Muro, and I'll do it


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NOTE: This account is NOT a fake

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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Loco Roco is Awesome by Metadream My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Stamp RQ: 4Kids? More like 4Craps. by Catthylove
Clash of Clans by KonoLau

Likes: Playing, Roleplaying, Requests, nice people, Angry Birds, being loved by people, appreciating my friends, selfless people, Art Trades, Point Commissions, Equestria Girls, People taking Constructive Criticism, People caring for male victims.

Dislikes: Being Blocked, rude people, Mean people, sarcastic people, being killed, being hated by people, people stealing my friends' artwork, chloemay16, my friends being ignored, self-centered people, liars, Critics who can't take constructive criticism

Be nice to me
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Do not steal anything of mine
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No Trolls or rabid haters allowed
No Insulting my opinions
No Harassing or forcing me or my friends to like or hate such things
Do not do Hate Art about Me, My Friends, or My OC's
Do not repeatedly pester me to do such things

I don't do:
- Pervy pictures
- Fat people
- anything 18+ subjected pictures
- toilet scenes
- Humans (because I'm bad at drawing humans like Kii.)
- Anthro (because I don't know how to)

I'll ask a friend of mine one request a day.


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