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So, I don't know how many of my followers/friends/subs are still actively interested or still even use deviantART anymore. Either way, hi, I finally have access to my account again! 

To cut a long story short, a naughty ex partner decided to change a lot of my account details, passwords, etc. So I lost a lot of access to certain different places. 

I also went through a bout of sadness due to all this hassle. So I just scurried back into the darkness and put my head down. Wellll either which way, I was able to come out of that rut, I also have no been able to gain access to a lot of the media I had lost. So double win. 

So what else is new? I moved and am currently in the process of moving to another new house with my fiancé and our 8 month old daughter, what was that?? Yes I have a daughter now too. :) So really, my life has got so amazing and gone in a massive upward spiral. 

So I apologise if I seem rude or ignorant, I wasn't ignoring anyone, I just couldn't get online to reply to all those lovely inbox messages, all the support, all the questions, birthday wishes and so on. 

For those of you who are long term followers, yes, I still have my black cat Ebony and my grey boy, Bandit! Although Ebony is very old now, she still is sassy as either and Bandit is like 500 times the size of her... I don't exaggerate. ^^ 
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Congrats on the baby! So glad my favorite stock model is back :hug:
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Wait what? :O A little Jeanette has come into this world? Oh my goth!! I am filled with joy with this news! :D How we missed your virtual presence! I hope we will get to see that little bundle of happiness of yours!

Welcome back!
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Yes very much so, a little mini me to add to the artsy world :giggle:
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I too haven't been on in a long time, not due to such obstacles as you. I lost access to a decent computer, trying to live on my own and in Ina relationship. Life just stole my love of art. I keep saying I want to get back in, but I need to develop first before I start submitting work again. I used your image in a piece I did a long time ago, meant a lot. I had no real responsibilities when I did was more frequent on here.

Glad your life has been positive and your able to use the site again with your account.
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That's one of the hardest problems is when you don't have that love or drive anymore, I was like that for a long long time a few years back, always longing but never really felt right! You're always welcome to use my work if it will help yours, I hope you find yourself again. Life eh? :kiss:
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Well head up and towards the future! Good thing you are back! greetz from the Netherlands
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Thank you! The future is already looking fantastic! :aww:
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It is nice to have you back.  Your work and your style is lovely.  I am looking forward to seeing the things you put up next.  I am glad things are going so well for you.
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Thank you so much, glad to be back! Sorry it took a while to reply, we moved house, so things are  definitely on the up and up! 
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What a wonderful suprise to see you back here! Congrats on the precious baby daughter. :hug: It's really great to have you back on here. You've always been such a hugs inspiration to so many of us.
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Well thank you ever so much. I am honestly flattered by your comment. :aww: It is such an honour that my work was/is such an inspiration. I plan on uploading from where I left off all those years ago.

Thank you for the lovely comments and the fave to that picture. Means the world to me. :blowkiss:
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Oh wow. Yay kitties!! Congrats on having a family now! My what nice changes you have. :aww:
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Only the best :D

And yes yay for the kitties! Though whilst we are in house change move mode, they are with my parents. Missed terribly!

Thank you :hug:
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Wow! Welcome back!:wave: I've actually been wondering about you lately, after I was combing through some of my old folders with inspirational photos I had saved I bumped into a few of your old photos among them. Guess this explains why you weren't active on any of your social media accounts that I was following.
Shame you had to deal with an asshole, but I am happy to see that things worked out in the end and that you have a wonderful family and a wonderful life. I hope things continue being great for you in the future, and hopefully one day you get to show us your art again. :hug:
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Aw nice to know I have been thought of. I did wonder how many people would be like "oh yeah I haven't seen you for years :o "

And yes alas that would be why. I have a new FB, use an Instagram account and currently rebuilding my website. :)

I'll pop some links up when I get to my pc.

It is a shame but it makes you stronger and realise you can make some really crap choices haha.

Many thanks my dear. :hug:
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So glad you're back!  <3  Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the coming days.
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Thank you very much! :kiss:

When and as, I will be posting from where I left off. :D
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Ugh which ex was that? What an utter w**ker!
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My derp one pre Barry. 😣 Biggest regret of my life haha. But you live and learn eh?

You hit the nail on the head though lol.
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Was it Chris? Was that his name? :/ Why would he do something like that?
Oh yes I know about those kind of regrets :p
JArdley's avatar
Nah. I'll pm the name on FB. Never know who is skulking around :eyes:

I dunno, people are grade A asshats lol >_> why they do such absurd stuff never makes sense.
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Congrats on the baby, glad everything has sorted itself out in the end Hug Welcome back....
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Thank you very much. You can only go upwards when you get kicked down eh? :D 
Glad to be back, just heavily apologise for all the spam that will ensue over the next few days. :D 

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