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EKP - Munkustrap Series



THIS ACCOUNT is no longer updated, checked, or responded from. I appreciate and am glad any comments or favorites on this work, but a reply is extremely unlikely.

If you wish to view any newer pieces, or contact me, please check out :iconnemisaurus:.


Here's the second installment for the Epic Kitten Project, aka :iconnumerous-progeny:, the Munkustrap Series!

And, as per the project, here is a design for every queen with Munkustrap!

I got them done so quickly because I'd already started most of them before the Alonzo series was done.

Naturally, ♀= queen and ♂= tom.

♂ Munkustra/Bombalurina - Guildenstern (named by me)
♀ Munkustrap/Cassandra - Seleena (named by ~Msterope)
♂ Munkustrap/Demeter - Rosencrantz (named by me)
♀ Munkustrap/Electra - Jessine (named by ~Evealle)
♂ Munkustrap/Etcetera - Lysander (named by ~SpectratheRestless)
♂ Munkustrap/Exotica - Esperen (named by ~Msterope)
♀ Munkustrap/Jellylorum (Broadway) - Semina (named by ~Evealle)
♀ Munkustrap/Jellylorum (London) - Simmalene (named by ~Msterope)
♀ Munkustrap/Jemima - Ambriella (named by ~SpectratheRestless)
♂ Munkustrap/Jennyanydots - Jyxellen (named by ~X22X)
♂ Munkustrap/Rumpleteazer - Lori (named by *Aprodite)
♀ Munkustrap/Sillabub (Japanese) - Cyanrhia (named by ~Lavie-Nenharma)
♀ Munkustrap/Tantomile - Shaevra (named by ~X22X)
♂ Munkustrap/Victoria - Julius (named by ~SpectratheRestless)

These guys were SO much easier to do than the Alonzo!London series. I just love each and every one of them. I'm tempted to turn +Sillabub into an official OC, and Munkustrap/Broadway!Jelly is one of my favorite pairs (aside from Munk/Bomba...), so I'm partial to her too.

Not sure who'll be up next... I've got no more than one started on any other series...

I hope you like them, and please give them some names!

These EKP designes (c) me
Base (c) ~blood-cocoa
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that is so awesome you need to do a pouncival one :D