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EKP - Munkustrap Series

By jarbythedoor
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Here's the second installment for the Epic Kitten Project, aka :iconnumerous-progeny:, the Munkustrap Series!

And, as per the project, here is a design for every queen with Munkustrap!

I got them done so quickly because I'd already started most of them before the Alonzo series was done.

Naturally, ♀= queen and ♂= tom.

♂ Munkustra/Bombalurina - Guildenstern (named by me)
♀ Munkustrap/Cassandra - Seleena (named by ~Msterope)
♂ Munkustrap/Demeter - Rosencrantz (named by me)
♀ Munkustrap/Electra - Jessine (named by ~Evealle)
♂ Munkustrap/Etcetera - Lysander (named by ~SpectratheRestless)
♂ Munkustrap/Exotica - Esperen (named by ~Msterope)
♀ Munkustrap/Jellylorum (Broadway) - Semina (named by ~Evealle)
♀ Munkustrap/Jellylorum (London) - Simmalene (named by ~Msterope)
♀ Munkustrap/Jemima - Ambriella (named by ~SpectratheRestless)
♂ Munkustrap/Jennyanydots - Jyxellen (named by ~X22X)
♂ Munkustrap/Rumpleteazer - Lori (named by *Aprodite)
♀ Munkustrap/Sillabub (Japanese) - Cyanrhia (named by ~Lavie-Nenharma)
♀ Munkustrap/Tantomile - Shaevra (named by ~X22X)
♂ Munkustrap/Victoria - Julius (named by ~SpectratheRestless)

These guys were SO much easier to do than the Alonzo!London series. I just love each and every one of them. I'm tempted to turn +Sillabub into an official OC, and Munkustrap/Broadway!Jelly is one of my favorite pairs (aside from Munk/Bomba...), so I'm partial to her too.

Not sure who'll be up next... I've got no more than one started on any other series...

I hope you like them, and please give them some names!

These EKP designes (c) me
Base (c) ~blood-cocoa
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punkucats's avatar
that is so awesome you need to do a pouncival one :D
WhisperInTheWind4's avatar
Hey Nemi! Would you mind if I drew some of the kittens from your projects as couples?
jarbythedoor's avatar
Oh, sure! Do whatever you like, there aren't really any rules! I'm happy people are even taking part in it!
Lavie-Nenharma's avatar
And for Munk/Sillabub may I be so bold as to suggest: Cyanrhia? :)
jarbythedoor's avatar
Why yes you may! :D
Assuming that I'm allowed to keep the name for her if I make her an official OC and all... XD I'd hate to give her a name and change it!
Lavie-Nenharma's avatar
Oh certainly!
That's perfectly fine, in fact I'm honoured that you like it that much! :D
Lavie-Nenharma's avatar
As awful as it would be to think- how about a Macavity series?

And if you do, then I look forward to seeing the Mac/Etcetera kit, because that's what my OC is. :(
jarbythedoor's avatar
Oh, I have every intention of doing a Macavity series! I actually originally limited the Macavity kittens to exclude Electra, Etcetera, Jemima, and Sillabub, but I'm not sure why now-- I'm definitely going to be designing all of them.

Poor, poor kittens. XD
Lavie-Nenharma's avatar
My poor Duendei (Macavity/Cetty kit)
She's had a rough road because of it all. :(

Can't wait to see it! XD
Msterope's avatar
Awwwww so cute!!! <3 I love them all!!

Name Suggestions:
Munk/Cass - Seleena
Munk/Xoti - Esperen
Munk/Jelly (London) - Simmalene
X22X's avatar
ohhhhhh man, I can't decide who I like the most. Probably the Jenny/Munk boy. So handsome. *steals*
Buuuuuuuuuuuut, Munk/Bomba, Munk/Cettie, Munk/Jelly(broadway), Munk/Jemmie, Munk/Silla, and Munk/Tant are always pretty high up on my eeeeeeee so cute I want to steal them, list. XD

Shaevra!! I love this name! I was thinking it would fit the Sillabub/Munk kitten the best, but it could be a good name for Tant/Munk girl as well....if you use it at all. Maybe Jyxellen....for one of the toms.
Toxic-dolls's avatar
wow cool!
I like Exotica and Silabub! (mabey thats biest for me, because i get high off creamy yellows XD )
who would have thunk they would make such cute babys!
google Uniqe baby names<--my hero for OC names
jarbythedoor's avatar
I agree-- creamy yellows are under-used in the OC world, for sure.
Toxic-dolls's avatar
Its my fav colour, I use it asmuch as possibul lol
Aprodite's avatar
Lord, you just keep on coming up with fabulous kitten designs. It makes me really want to just scoop them all up and steal them away. <3 I must say though that my favs have to be Lysander and Semina, they are just GORGEOUS!! :D

The only name I can think of is Lori for the Munku/Teazer kit.
jarbythedoor's avatar
Thanks Cay! <333
Evealle's avatar
My GOD they're GORGEOUS!!! I'm particularly drawn to the ones with orange in them, it goes so well with gray in this case. +Electra, +Tantomile, +Jellylorum(Broadway), and +Rumpelteazer all look especially wonderful. +Sillabub is so lovely, she deserves to be an OC! +Cassandra and +Exotica look so...exotic and mysterious. Truly beautiful. All of them!
And of course, I have a special place in my heart for +Electra. Great pairing <33

Names: Semina for +Jellylorum(Broadway)? Jessine for +Electra? (I don't know, I just made those two names up :P)
jarbythedoor's avatar
I totally agree-- I love the orange ones too! I don't think there's one in this set that I'm not totally in love with, though. I don't think Munkus could turn out an unattractive kitten. :D

I've named both +Jelly(Broadway) and +Electra for you. <3
Evealle's avatar
I definitely agree. You fall in love with all of them. Munkus is waay too smexy :D

rachelorium's avatar
I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Munkustrap/Sillabub- Freme
I don't know XD
SpectratheRestless's avatar
More pretty kitties! Yay! :D

My suggestions:
Munk/Etcetera- Lysander

Munk/Victoria- Julius

Munk/Jemima- Ambriella
jarbythedoor's avatar
I love the name Lysander. <3 I'll apply all of them, post-haste. :D
jarbythedoor's avatar
Haha, four of them so far have Shakesperian names! XD
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