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EKP - London Alonzo Series

By jarbythedoor
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If you wish to view any newer pieces, or contact me, please check out :iconnemisaurus:.


This is my first installment for the Epic Kitten Project, aka :iconnumerous-progeny:, the Alonzo (London Version) Series!

And, as per the project, here is a design for every queen with Alonzo (London!)

I've decided to name very few of these guys, so I'd love it if the commentators could come up with some names!

Naturally, ♀= queen and ♂= tom.

♀ Alonzo/Bombalurina - Rayna (named by ~SpectratheRestless)
♀ Alonzo/Cassandra - Inyana (named by *Aprodite)
♀ Alonzo/Demeter - Tamwen (named by ~LazyPanda95
♀ Alonzo/Electra - Frishone (named by ~Msterope)
♂ Alonzo/Etcetera - Spencer (named by ~X22X)
♂ Alonzo/Exotica - Razzelis (named by ~Msterope)
♂ Alonzo/Jellylorum (Broadway) - Alistair (named by ~Evealle)
♂ Alonzo/Jellylorum (London) - Thatch (named by ~WhisperInTheWind4)
♀ Alonzo/Jemima - Trixie (named by ~Msterope)
♀ Alonzo/Jennyanydots - Zaetiina (named by ~X22X)
♂ Alonzo/Rumpleteazer - Loki (named by ~Msterope)
♀ Alonzo/Sillabub (Japanese) - Larketra (named by ~Evealle)
♂ Alonzo/Tantomile - Ivan (named by *Aprodite)
♀ Alonzo/Victoria - Jesella (named by ~rachelorium)

Some of these guy were SO hard to do! +Jellylorum, both versions, were super tough, but I love how both of them came out. I also really love how +Bombalurina and +Electra turned out too. they all look a LOT like their mothers, but that's what happens when you work with a tom who is ONLY TWO COLORS. *shakes fist at Alonzo*

I've got a few in the Munkustrap series started already, so that might be the next I do. I'm still torn if I should do a Mistoffelees series AND a Quaxo series... they're totally different to me, but they do look pretty darned similar...

I also dread working on the Broadway!Alonzo series ANYTIME soon. XD

I hope you like them!
And please give them names!

These EKP designes (c) me
Base (c) ~blood-cocoa
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pouncivalfan1321's avatar
What's the Alonzo series about?
crazyashley's avatar
you keep this up and you're gonna see cat-dolls in your sleep

not that i'm complaining...just warning ya, hon
jarbythedoor's avatar
Haha! It's been a while since I've worked on the project, but have a couple started in the Mungojerrie series, as well as the Admetus (London) series... however, I've been working on dolls of 'my own designs' of characters, so you're not far off! <3
Darkhearteddemon's avatar
uhhh Victoria is all white....
jarbythedoor's avatar
Yes, she traditionally is, and if she had a kitten with Alonzo, the kitten probably wouldn't be, since he's black and white (or brown and yellow). It isn't a doll of Victoria, but an Alonzo/Victoria kitten.
Lavie-Nenharma's avatar
Woo! Rayna! Saint Kilda Saints kitty!!
Sorry- I have AFL fever!!
LazyPanda95's avatar
oh beautiful :D
do love your work. Defiite favourites are Thatch, loki and Frishone.
Also, name for Alonzo/Demeter, how about Jacques? C'est francais? Says it's a boy, but he looks feminine :S
jarbythedoor's avatar
I'm actually dumb and accidentally put it was a tom... She's a girl! XD
BUT I'd love for you to name her!

I'm glad you like them! I'll hopefully have another series done soon!
LazyPanda95's avatar
Ah right. Got confused. Thought 'small tom...'
I love the name Tamwen, welsh for Little fire, or Johanna. Ashlei is pretty too.

Eeeee. Can't wait :)
jarbythedoor's avatar
OOO! Tamwen is so interesting! Consider her named!
Msterope's avatar
Again, gorgeous! I can't wait to see the other ones!!!

Name Suggestions:
Lonz/Deme - Amilla
Lonz/Leccy - Frishone
Lonz/Xoti - Razzelis
Lonz/Jem - Trixie
Lonz/Teazer - Loki
X22X's avatar
OMG Jenny/Alonzo is my favorite, hands down! Geez...totally didn't know I was going to be such a big fan of Jenny's kitts. But I do have a thing for Orange and brown kitties. That combination of colors isn't used much. (Besides, Alonzo and Jenny become mates in my new story, so I'm probably biased to them anyway. I'd give you the name of their daughter-that I have set up, but I'd feel the need to change their daughters name in my story. Which I can totally do, seeing how she isn't born yet. XD)
Lonzo/Bomba (which I actually am not too fond of this pairing), Alonzo/Electra, Alonzo/Exotica, Both Jellys/Alonzo, and Alonzo/Teazer are pretty high up on my list as well. ^^

Anyway...Spencer!! If you like that name, then I'd suggest him for either Alonzo/Teazer, Alonzo/Exotica, or Alonzo/Cettie. Also have Zaetiina, girls name. If you want to use it.
jarbythedoor's avatar
Oh, you would love anyone/Jennyanydots :P You're the whole reason she's included in the project, even!

I really don't care for Alonzo/Bomba at all either. I just realized this yesterday when I was looking at my original list of "New NJG" kittens that I'd fancied dolling. Yea, I've changed that list around quite a lot.

I'll be giving both of those names to... two of them. Not sure which yet! XD
X22X's avatar
Aww really? I'm the reason Jenny's included in the project? I feel special....*takes Munk/Jenny, and Lonzo/Jenny, and all future Jenny kitts away...mine?* XD

Yeah, I don't know why...I mean I'm sure that pairing is totally plausible, and done a lot. Just don't really like them together. *shrugs*

LOL, awesome, I named two. ^^
jarbythedoor's avatar
Yea, well, you'll have Jenny/Broadway Alonzo, Coricopat, Macavity, Tugger, and (blech) Skimble to look forward to!


And yea... I don't know. Something about their personalities just doesn't mesh with me anymore.
X22X's avatar
EEEEEEEEEEEE~! Jenny/Macavity!!! O_O *grabby hands*

Yeah, that might be the reason why I just don't care for those two anymore.
Toxic-dolls's avatar
Once again, I love Exotica. all cats should just reproduce with her XD (I kidd, I kidd)

Just a thought have you considerd M-preg? (i feel so silly bringing it up!) but i think alot of intresting looking kittens could be made combining designs from two Toms or Two Queens.
jarbythedoor's avatar
Well, once I get the whole shebang done, all the toms will have reproduced with her! XD

I'm considering doing some hypothetical slash kittens once I'm done with the whole lot. :D
Toxic-dolls's avatar
YAY!! more Exotica kittens! (you have officialy made me an Exotica fan xD)

im looking forward to seeing more kittens in the future then xD
jarbythedoor's avatar
Haha the irony of that is te fact that Exotica is my least favorite character by far... I never thought I'd make anyone a fan of her!
Toxic-dolls's avatar
ahaha, she still is mine to, only because shes not in it anuff for me to be a real fan of her. since i love all the CATS! I only hate some couples, and how people make them out to be xD

Ill probably draw her now, and its all because of you!! lol
Aprodite's avatar
Oh my lord Nemi, this is fabulous!! They all look splended. I must say though, my favorites are Alonzo/Deme, Alonzo/Cettie, and Alonzo/Exotica; they are just plum gorgeous. :D

Hmmm...I was thinking maybe Inyana for Alonzo/Cassandra, and possibly Ivan for Alonzo/Tantomile.

Other names I thought of were Rosco, Riddlen, Jubalee, Toris, and Feliese.
jarbythedoor's avatar
I'll be applying those names post-haste!

I'm glad you like them. <3 Alonzo/Exotica looks like he's wearing shorts, I think. XD
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