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THIS ACCOUNT is no longer updated, checked, or responded from. I appreciate and am glad any comments or favorites on my works still on this profile, but a reply is extremely unlikely.

If you wish to view any newer pieces, or contact me, please check out :iconnemisaurus:.

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Thanks for the faves! <3
Lovely style!
The only thing that really disappoints me about the US Tour is that Cori and Tanto aren't there. I don't miss Ele and Etcy, really, since I mentioned earlier that Sillabub and Rumpleteazer kind of fill their spots, but Cori and Tanto are just... missed. Alas!

I used to troll FF.net all the time, but I stopped years ago. I was thinking a fic group on here might be fun, but I wouldn't want to put in the time if it weren't going to get people. XD But I might re-check out FF.net. I guess I've always been to worried I'd have to wade through too much crap to find good stories. XD

Cassie/Munku/Deme, eh? I'd never thought of the three of them together, or with Cass/Deme alone... but I really like the idea. I really like Cass/Munk, so the idea is pretty darned appealing. It makes me wonder where I'd put Bomba, though... probably with Mungojerrie. Or with Plato or something. Hm.

Yea, I LOVE the different productions. I actually HATE HATE HATE the flesh-toned faces... especially in the video, but in the London-based productions too. I can't explain exactly why, really, but I just do not like it. I love the newer versions of Electra, but wish that her face weren't tan. XD Ahhhhh well. XD I can always design her with a white or gray or whatever color face I want, and she'll still be Electra. God bless CATS. XD

You did mention Skimble/Misto, but I'm happy to talk more about it. XD I really, really like Skimble, and I really like thinking of him with people OTHER than just Jenny or Jelly. I really like him with Victoria, and Victoria/Plato, as mentioned before, but also with Misto, and Tantomile, and Bombalurina. :3

Well, him looking confused could just be unique to the video, and I really dislike basing anything at all on one version. XD I figure that, if he did pull seven kittens out, they would be 'OC's... I hate including any cats in the Junkyard that weren't in the musical, but they were, you know, too young to be at the ball in the first place, if they were kittens. XD
It's all a matter of interpretation, of course!

Well, a lot of productions list the character as Quaxo aka Mr. Mistoffelees. Some have Quaxo as a totally separate character, but that's usually foreign shows. It just makes sense for "Quaxo" to be Quaxo, and then for him to take on a new name at the ball when he saves Old D... I feel like he and Tugger had been practicing his debut for a while, and the timing was perfect. XD

That's the worst!!! Ugh, I try so hard to avoid Sues, and it is HARD sometimes... it's a fine line... characters that are toooo perfect are sues (e.g. how people sometimes make Victoria), and then characters that are too flawed but still get positive attention are sues (*coughBellaSwancough* ...don't get me started on that shit. XD).

Yea, I do too. She's got some pink in a few productions, but I think it's usually on her face, not her body? Regardless, I think pink fits Victoria perfectly, and I've already decided that, when I do my design for her, she'll be marked with gold and gray-blue. :3

I think it's the junkyard because it was in the first production. I wonder what some actors would say if you asked them? I know I keep coming up with projects I'll never be able to complete (lol), but it'd be fun to find a bunch of actor E-mails from different shows and ask them what they think of their character, and the setting, and the story. I e-mailed Kaye Brown and got a reply YEARS ago, I e-mailed Bryce Birmingham, who played Mungojerrie the first time I saw the US Tour, and he was really nice (also, YEARS ago), and then when I was in college I became online friends for a while with Guy-Paul, who played Misto in France and later in London. :3 He sent me the entire French recording over MSN. It was wonderful. XD

TJC is The Jellicle Chronicles, which is a huuuuuge fic that was written a while ago. *Kvitter did a whole lot of art for it, and *Cayran has been involved too. I tried to read the story a few times, but I never stayed too interested...I think the perceptions of the characters were far too different than mine. And there were a lot of ships that I reaaaallly couldn't get behind at the time (Misto/Vic, Mungo/Teazer)... but they also had some I loved (Munk/Deme/Bomba and Ele/Tumble). I've wanted to write a big fic of my own, but find myself lacking a lot of ideas. That's why I prefer RPGs!

I'm switching accounts soon, to ~Nemisaurus, so one day, I'll be replying from there instead. DO NOT BE ALARMED! XD
TuggerMisto is Canon?
Thanks bby :3