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Name: Shah Ekio,

Aliases: Maneater Amazonia, Sha,

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Species:  Bultungin

Height: 6 ‘2

Weight:  250 lbs

WDSA Status: Black Badge (registered citizen)


- Active Abilities:

Shapeshifting (can change with a lot of concentration or when very angry)- can change into a were-hyena

-Strong jaws (Only while transformed, can gnaw through and ingest hard objects)

- Passive Abilities:

Super strength (Could possibly lift and throw a car when transformed)

-Superagility (Faster than a normal person, more so when transformed).

-Durability (Especially durable in transformed form)

-Regeneration (can slowly regenerate injuries and lost body parts over an extended period of time)

-Good at cooking

-Professional Wrestler


-Has some obviously inhuman traits as listed below:

   -Eyes that gleam red

   - Is an unnaturally hairy person

   -Pointed, large flared ears

   -Powerful desire for human flesh (well-controlled)

-Would very much like to be cuter

-Terrible fear of spiders

-Can’t wear high heels









Physical Description:

Shah is very tall and powerfully built, with broad shoulders and hips, muscular arms and thick powerful legs. Her hands and feet are large and broad, almost paw-like, with sharp, dark nails, and she has more than the usual amount of body hair, which necessitates constant shaving. She seems to embrace her full-figured form by wearing long maxi-dresses and short coats to exaggerate her curves when she is out in public, or body-hugging long skirts. She wears kitten heels or slip-on shoes.

Her eyes are dark but have a reddish glow in low lighting, her slightly pointed, wide ears are hidden beneath her full natural hair, which seemed bleached a little lighter than her skin with the faintest spots. Her teeth are sharp and somewhat wide, but her smile is not unpleasant despite the somewhat prominent fangs. Unless she happened to be playing her signature Maneater Amazonia character, there is nothing sinister about Shah.

Alternate Forms:

A nine-foot tall muscular monstrosity, the were-hyena is a hunched, muscular, and mostly bipedal. The creature’s grotesque, hairless face covers jaws filled with sharp teeth. She has a single crest on her neck and back that enhances the stooped appearance of the creature. The dark eyes of the bultungin glow a potent, bloodthirsty red at all times and it seems enterally hungry.

It has dull claws but strong arms that can rip and tear, though the creature’s jaws are its strongest feature, able to sheer through wood, concrete or even steel given enough time.  The front legs appear awkwardly balanced with the short limbs of the hind end.


-Cooking Set

-Wrestler outfit with mask


A muscular, full-figured woman with dark skin who always seems to be smiling, Shah appears to have endless confidence but is actually rather sensitive about her appearance.  Raised by her single mother, Shah grew to be much taller and stronger than any of her siblings, and realized she had a talent they did not; shapeshifting and increased strength and power. This came at a disadvantage; she was also very hirsute and her brawn was not easily accepted by everyone she met, especially as a child.

She quite enjoys her careers as a cook and professional wrestler, using her monstrous hyena form to her advantage to ham it up even more. As a cook despite her hyena form having an undiscriminating sense of taste, she is quite attuned to good cooking and enjoys making soups, stews, and all kinds of hearty breads. She found pride and joy in her body in her job as an underground wrestler and capitalizing on her beastly, Amazonian appearance. She enjoys making new friends and pursing others romantically, knowing she does not have a chance in hell.

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