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Name: Ru Knight

Aliases: Russell, Rusalka

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Species:  Vampire (Former human)

Height: 5 ‘7

Weight: 118 lbs

WDSA Status: White Badge (currently unregistered)


Active Abilities:
As his training as a vampire was not completed, some of these powers will not always work as intended. (They will require a roll if they have an action against other people)
-Minor shapeshifting(can transform a portion of his body into a more bestial form if needed.)
-shadow-walking (Can blend with the shadows to become less visible)
-regeneration (if injured, must consume blood first if it is a serious injury)
-transformation into bat (can transform into a normal bat)
-hypnosis (can fixate a willing person, or temporarily confuse a non-willing person on a good day)
-power of suggestion (can impress on an open-minded person)
-Talk to animals
Passive Abilities:
-seductive aura (gives off the aura of a person more attractive than he presents)
-darkvision (can see in pitch black).
-Increased strength and reflexes (No more than a normal human athlete at this point).


-Dormant during daylight hours.
-Cannot eat normal food.
-Harmed by sunlight (killed with enough exposure).
-Must be invited into any dwelling. Will suffer harm if enters an uninvited space for too long.
-Dislikes Christian holy relics, cannot enter hallowed places, finds holy words very unpleasant and deterring.
-Apart from direct, prolonged exposure to sunlight, can be killed by removing the head from the body or made inert by placing a stake through the heart.
-Must feed regularly or else becomes increasingly weak and unable to use powers. Will eventually enter a dormant, mummy-like state if without feeding for long enough. Requires occasionally feeding from living beings.


Quiet, somewhat introverted, likes antiques, doesn’t like hurting people or being any kind of a problem, dislikes illegal activites. Enjoys reading and listening to music, previously enjoyed going to concerts, visiting the beach at midnight, and having tea with friends.

Mostly polite and generally sticks to his own business.
Occasionally plays up his vampire persona to better attract potential meals (previously), and look less awkward in social situations.

Physical Description:

Ru cuts a decidedly unimpressive figure, being both very slim and not particularly tall. The young vampire’s age appears ambiguous: he could be either a teenager or in his mid-thirties, it was difficult to tell. His hair, which he had never really loved and had dyed black in life, is a very light blond, nearly blending with his fair skin tone. His eyes are a somber gray-blue beneath.

His nose was a little large for his long face shape, and perhaps his eyes could have been a little smaller, but overall, he had a pleasing sort of angularity to his features.
He often wears dark suits, but on occasion, will dress elaborately to look more the part of his vampire persona in his old gothic garments.

Alternate Forms:

-Partial wolf transformation
-Shadow-blending (not actually a transformation)


Suitcase, hair dye, occasionally gothic clothing.


Previously a record-store salesperson and weekend goth, Ru thought his life was taking a turn for the more interesting when he was hired to play a vampire in an independent (no budget) film. What he didn’t realize was that reality would imitate art and he would end up being found through the film and selected to become a new fledgling vampire by some of the resident, elder vampires against his will for his model-like appearance.

While under their tuliage, he was considered the lowest ranking of all of the beings there, only a step above humans, and was in constant fear of repercussions. Cut off from his human friends and family, he formed new bonds with the vampires there and tried to avoid causing harm to others, though it was encouraged by his tutors, who saw humans as merely another kind of livestock.
After internal conflict caused the death of his parent vampire, Ru fled to a new city to avoid any further part in the inter-vampire warefare. As a weak young vampire, he would not be able to sway the battle, the best thing he could do is stay low and escape.

Since that time, he strives to start a new, more legal lifestyle and avoid being detected by vampire society again.
Ru Knight Application
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December 22, 2017


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