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Ru climbed up the stone wall and into the dark window of the east wing of the mansion like a very well-suited lizard as the morning approached. His hand fidgeted with the latch and he focused his shadow senses to reach inside and unhook it. His familiarity prevented the mansion alarms from setting themselves off, however they happened to function. Or perhaps it was simply a function of the mutual physical blood he shared with the vampires who lived in the “family” home.

Now was the appointed hour. The grounds were large, but he had waited outside the gate until the appointed hour, just outside of the reach of his master’s senses. It was not the room he had been given when he was changed, but he had chosen it because it was farthest from the master’s bedchambers.  His master had become sedentary in his old age, and though it was better for the humanity that served as his food source, it was…concerning for the young vampires that were considered his offspring. The elder vampire had certain tastes for things other than blood and ways of getting what he wanted.

Ru rose from the pooled darkness to close the window from the inside as quietly. He was always careful to avoid the detection of any of his other servants who might have been waiting for his homecoming for either benign or worrisome reasons. The latch clicked. Security had increased since he first came, internal strife within the vampire community threatened longstanding stability. Some elder vampires had been destroyed, leaving their offspring in confused disarray, to fight or retreat as they deemed.

This was none of his concern, though it certainly concerned the rest of his so-called vampire family. His brother and teacher had been swept up in events, and as the master of arms, had taken to fortifying their home and seeing to organizing defensive matters. Ru himself was too weak to influence these things in one way or another, and had been largely ignored, but he had to admit, it was to his benefit. Drawing the attention of powerful vampires warranted nothing but trouble, and it did give him more time to connect to the other new vampires.

Ru sighed and looked for somewhere to rest. He had forgotten to bring his coffin into this room.  Now, even in his undeath he could feel his desire for sleep, or whatever passed for sleep, rising within him. He was not required to sleep in a coffin but he did need to be in something closed that would protect him from the hazardous sun. He noticed an old and dusty wardrobe in this room, along with the storage boxes stacked up in here.

This would do. It was only fitting that someone like him would have to find refuge in a closet, wasn’t it? He pushed open a musty door. The creak was loud enough he thought it might be heard around the world. He glanced inside. Some rotting furs, heavy cloaks and jackets decorated the inside of the closet. Perfect. He frowned and walked inside. He was not a very tall man but he was tall enough that it made the closet uncomfortable, and the space was cramped with all the coats. With a distasteful face, he closed the door, and drifted off to awkward, upright sleep.
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