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hyper beam

well just another image from this game... so inspiring, i got it in my head from several time... now i think i got something...

yes she doesnt have the helmet.. i just want to try to draw her face... not so good result..

i got troubles with the scene, and the moment of it in the game, i try to show the dead of the metroid plus the moment samus recover her powers... not so good for only an image.. but i wanna to have fun with this one anyway hehe

maybe its going for the metroid club contest, not sure if I'm still on time hehe wish me luck 8D
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This is very good. I think you delivered the emotion well
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Love the emotions going on in this picture. Perhaps not quite sadness or such for the Metroid even if being the hatching that took a liking to liking to her, but more likely though sheer exhaustion and surprised shock over the turn of events, afterall she probably thought this was it, she was going to die this battle, and a Metroid suddenly jumping in to save her, well, that was totally inconceivable. But then perhaps there may be some sad emotions for it that even after the initial hit it continued to take damage for her, sacrificing itself.

In reality I wouldn't think so, I'd think a Metroid would know its own kind even from the moment of hatching, ready to suck the life out of anything not Metroid, but in the alternate reality of the gaming world instead it took to her as if she were the Queen Metroid, and much like some creatures such as ants, or similar the Xenomorphs from the Aliens movies, it will make such a sacrifice for the better good so that the queen will survive to bore more offspring. I think I'm delving too deep into this.
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hehehe no problem, thanks a lot for the comment and stopping by :)
I think is really cool how such a simple game (in terms of technical limits, no FMV, no voice over, etc) and can give us such "inmersiveness" and letings us to dream and tought about that world

well done i love this
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xD thank you :)
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Is she saddened because the Metroid died?

IF that is the case (And the case is not that Mother Brain hurt her too much, thus she is a whiny girl) Then I like the picture.

However keep in mind, Samus never actually had affections for that Metroid. This is something many fans get wrong. At the start of the game, she finds a baby Metroid that follows her like confused child, thus she fools the child to the Scientists, so they may perform experiments on it. She then went away from Space station Ceres to find herself a new bounty, thus devoiding the thought of her ever caring for that Metroid. However it cared for her, and we know this. So in a sense, the Metroid in this case should be more emotional than Samus, logically thinking.

Then perhaps people can discuss and say that it is a depictal matter, as in how you depict it. But I don't know, according to my logic, if you hand over a living being so willingly to some scientists so that they may perform experiments on it for greater good, I'd say that you are more greedy than you are loving.
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Uh, yeah Samus did.
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If you get sad when the metroid died, then samus too, that is another reason why this game is so good, with almost any traditional narrative media (text voice acting, video, etc) they manage to narrate such epic adventure.
you are not an spectator, you are samus :)

thanks a lot for your words! :)
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Yeah actually Samus did. It was in the expanded 1994 media and was explained that she had developed an attachment to it.
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You're too humble. Excellent concept and result.
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hehe thank you!!!!! :D
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I thought you did a great job on the face.

I actually kind of like the idea of this scene without her helmet. Makes her more vulnerable, and makes the ultimate victory more spectacular.

Lots of interesting emotions are evoked in this scene in the game. Good choice on source.
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hey thanks for noticng it, glad you like it :)
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You're welcome! Thank you for the art!
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Nooooo it reminds me of the metroid in "Super Metroid" the one that is like your friend and helps you defeat the Mother Brain. ;_____; I loved that metroid.
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it is that one :D
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nooooo poor metroid QoQ
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That is pimpin' man! well done.
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imloving the metroid, it looks awesome^^
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