Metamorphosed to Malleability (Halloween, Pt2)

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Halloween Special: The Haunting Shift

The fairy and teddy bear took the offered hands, looked at each other, then up at Alyana. Grinning impishly they said in unison, "You need a costume too, Aunt Aly."

It took Alyana a moment to realize what her friend had in mind. Globules extended from the fairy and teddy bear, stopping when they reached her shoulders. Brielle waited expectantly.

"And I get to pick the costume?" Alyana asked warily.

"Of course!" the fairy giggled. "Anything you want," the teddy bear replied.

Trying to choose a costume she suddenly felt herself in decision paralysis. I wonder if this is how Brielle feels sometimes? she speculated. "Can I change the costume later?" she asked.

"As many times as you want," the teddy bear answered. "Just say the word," the fairy smiled.

After long internal deliberations she gave up and went with the costume she'd worn to a party her senior year of college. "Alright. How about a sultry vampire?" The beads of Brielle's forms broke off from their hosts then joined around her shoulders underneath her top.

"That shirt isn't very sexy, Aunt Aly," the fairy stated. "Not sultry at all," the teddy bear agreed, arms crossed.

Hesitating Alyana chastised herself. If there was anyone she could trust to not take advantage of her it was Brielle. Pulling her top off she slipped out of her shorts as well. In for a penny.

"Here we go!" The fairy and teddy bear said together.

Alyana felt the warm blob ooze over her chest and hips. It rippled and thin tendrils tickled her legs and arms as dozens of them wound their way round. It took a bit of effort to maintain her balance when her feet lifted off the floor, heels being pushed up extremely high. The sudden compression from a corset carefully lacing itself around her waist caused her to exhale sharply. "Easy on the tightness," she cautioned, putting a hand to her stomach. A tendril tickled the back of her neck then expanded as it wormed over her crown. Feeling her hair being moved about she could only speculate what Brielle was up to as they weren't near the living room mirror.

"All done," the teddy bear said, nodding satisfactorily. "Come see, come see!" the fairy said eagerly, dragging her towards the mirror.

I guess this is Brielle's idea of "sultry vampire", she mused. A satin crimson sleeveless dress sheathed in black web-like lace hugged her curves perfectly, its length just a sneeze away from becoming x-rated. Her cleavage almost spilled out of the top yet she didn't feel the slightest insecurity her "wardrobe" would malfunction. A black shrug with a wide, pointed collar lay against her neck leaving her back exposed. It's sleeves copied the lace on the dress as they traced her arms then flared out well past her hands. Tightly woven fishnets disappeared into stiletto boots, their leather texture matching the corset bound to her torso. Her hair had been styled into a complex updo with a vaguely Victorian sensibility.

Swiveling from side to side admiring the costume she pointed to her eyes. "How about a mask?"

A silvery star-capped wand materialized in the fairy's hand. "Your wish is my command." Alyana almost laughed watching the pixie twirl and gesture as if casting a spell. Feeling a familiar thin film spread across her brow she turned in time to see an ornate black harlot's mask settle in place. Her elastic friend had taken the opportunity to add rather extensive false lashes as well. "Still needs something," Alyana pondered to her reflection.

Brielle watched her friend contemplating her image. Having taken the past hard learned lessons to heart Brielle dialed back her awareness of that part of her but not so far she risked losing the connection entirely. That was an experience she had no desire to repeat. Glancing at her teddy bear form her other self gave her a thumbs up with her pudgy, fuzz covered mitts.

Eyes brightening Alyana said excitedly, "Oh! I think I have just the thing." Walking to her purse she became aware of how the heels caused her to bounce and jiggle. I did ask her for sultry, she reminded herself. Digging through the contents she triumphantly held up her find. Moving back to the mirror she applied the blood red lipstick. "Perfect."

Winking at the fairy she gave her sleeve a quick flourish so her hand was free. "Let's go!" Collecting the teddy bear the trio began their first circuit around the large neighborhood.

After completing their first tour rather than go to Brielle's house they found a secluded spot near Mr. Martin's garden. The fairy and teddy bear transformed into the witch and ghost respectively, Brielle tweaking their heights and voices. Having grown weary of her revealing costume Alyana requested a change to a virtuous angel. She tried not to squirm as the tendrils of Brielle's form rearranged themselves. The fishnets exchanged for very sheer tights, while the boots dwindled to soft pink stiletto pumps. The shrug retracted, replaced by a pair of white, gossamer wings. Alyana covered her mouth when she giggled as the hem of her now white halter dress amassed a multitude of stringy feathers. "That tickles!" she whispered. Her hair relaxed into a simple, virtuously curled style. A silvery halo and matching mask completed her ensemble.

Upon finishing their second round they returned to the same spot to change again. Alyana put her hands on her hips. "I need a minute to rest."

"We can help with that!" the witch and ghost said together.  Touching each other they merged, pulsing and rippling into a formless writhing blob. Pausing for a moment it molded and reshaped into a wood-like park bench inlaid with wrought iron details and a seat covered by a soft green cushion. Alyana sat down. "Thanks."

Unbeknownst to Alyana Brielle was expending a great deal of focus keeping her friend's costume from coming apart. Fortunately her friend's respite was short. Standing Alyana stretched then faced the bench. "Ready for round three?"

Brielle collapsed into a fleshtone puddle, the evening's treasures embedded in her viscous surface. When the puddle didn't stir for several seconds Alyana knelt down next to her pliable friend. "If you're getting tired we can go home." To her right a small arm stretched out of the puddle, bracing its hand against the ground. To her left the same happened. The hands pushed down and the puddle bowed upwards in response. The arms extended as the center of the puddle rose higher. Small waves worked their way down from its peak. With each wave the puddle steadily resolved, becoming a young Brielle wearing the princess costume. Opening her eyes she beamed cheerfully. "I'm not done yet!"

Chuckling Alyana stood. "Alright then. Last round." Putting a finger to her chin she mulled over her final costume. "If you're going to be a princess then you need a fairy godmother."

The white halter dress elongated, flowing out into a very full pink gown with flecks of silvery glitter. Puffy sleeves larger than Alyana's head ballooned at her shoulders and from those white gloves clung to her skin. A silvery wand much like the fairy's grew, attached to her right palm. Her hair twisted into tight curls as a tall, silvery crown topped the change. On her back the feathered wings flattened, becoming shimmery and translucent.

She bowed to the princess who curtsied in return. "Shall we, your highness?"

Brielle skipped ahead as they made a final circle around the neighborhood. When they reached her home she danced and pirouetted up the drive to the door. Whirling inside she was practically bursting. "That was fun Aunt Aly!"

Closing the door behind them Alyana picked up her clothes. Smirking drowsily she said, "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself."

Spinning around Brielle gave her friend that devastatingly cute pose. "Admit it, you had fun too."

"Maybe a little," Alyana reluctantly agreed. The fairy godmother costume collapsed and flowed off her like the chimes had suddenly struck midnight. While getting dressed she walked over to the kitchen and fished out an old grocery bag. Holding it out for Brielle she said, "I think it'll be best for my thighs if I only take small a bag full."

Grinning Brielle said, "What's the magic phrase?"

Shaking her head Alyana deadpanned, "Trick or treat."

With a suitably annoyed sounding "harumph" at her friend's lack of enthusiasm the princess began twirling. Her skirt flared out wide as she spun then bowed upwards. Exposed her legs took on a woody grain as they twisted round and round. Her upper body sloshed viscously as it melted away. Within moments a translucent white bowl decorated with the black outlines of jack o'-lanterns, bats, and witches filled to the top with assorted treats sat waiting on an ornate mahogany column.

Wrappers rustled as a pseudopod surfaced from the bounty. Stretching clear of the trove its end reshaped into a cartoony ghost-shaped sign with the words "Thank you!" in dark red scrawled across it, small dribbles running off a few of the letters.

"You're welcome," Alyana yawned, smiling.

Collecting her share she tied the bag. Suppressing another yawn she patted the side of the bowl. "I think it's time for me to head home."

The top of the bowl closed like a huge mouth and the entire form slumped slightly before straightening and transforming into Brielle's normal human self wearing a skin-tight glossy red devil's costume.  She hugged her friend. "I appreciate you putting up with me tonight."

Alyana hugged her back. "I know how much you love Halloween."

Seeing her friend out Brielle yawned as she set the alarm, her mouth quadrupling in size. "I may have pushed it a bit too far," she mumbled to herself. Intending to nap in the tub she never made it. Instead she curled up on the floor, a steadily spreading pool of blood red flowing around her.

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I'm pretty sure this is hinting at something from an unreleased chapter, which is standard operating procedure when you're deliberately showing something out of order.

(In case you forgot: I don't think we've seen her "losing the connection entirely" and that sounds an awful lot like it would create a second Brielle rather than just one Brielle in several pieces; Star Trek hung an entire episode on that sort of conflict caused by the "disintegrate the original" part of the transporter failing to fire)
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Not to sound punny but Brielle is of two minds on the question of pursuing experiments to determine whether she can become two independent Brielles. The scientist in her is tremendously curious and finds the idea fascinating on numerous levels. The comic and sci-fi fan in her knows the stories and tropes and while some outcomes aren't so bad others would be Very Bad™. Frankly I don't know if she's capable of it. It's an aspect of her abilities that will evolve over the course of the stories.