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Miraculous Ladybug by Anashiaa Miraculous Ladybug :iconanashiaa:Anashiaa 1,380 48
Introducing the Timeline of DeviantArt!

Introducing the Timeline of DeviantArt!
:iconheidi: Heidi
:iconjoeyjazz: JoeyJazz
Good morning Callisto VIII...
Google+ will celebrate its 15th birthday in August 2015. While many online communities have come and gone during the last decade and a half, DeviantArt remains because of our passionate and committed community. In that time, we've celebrated many milestones, and it became apparent we were in need of a place to share our victories and our challenges. And since we want to move toward more complete transparency with the community, what better time to also sho
:iconheidi:Heidi 2,103 3,379
Tesco And Morrisons: Body Shopping by Destiny3000 Tesco And Morrisons: Body Shopping :icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 5 9
Alucard x daughter reader - I have a daughter!
Alucard x daughter reader
Chapter 1- I have a daughter!
Alucard Pov
I have been order to my master Office and it better be bloody important has well I hate awakening up in the day. It's so exhausting.... walter opens the door for me "greetings Alucard sir integra is waiting for you" he tells me has I walk past "is she now? Well I'm not one to keep my master waiting" I say with my usual smirk.
Walking up her desk she looks at me very seriously lighting one of her cigars. "Alucard I need to ask you about Lusia the Angel  we had working for us for a brief time about 18 years ago... Do you remember her?..." Her question puts me in confusion, of course I remember Lusia the beautiful fallen angel. And for a while my lover... But I haven't seen her for years now she felt hellsing and very since we haven't Heard a word from her.
There was a rumour going around that she had die 5 years after leaving hellsing but this was coming from Iscariot so I though
:iconshadaze-love-xx:shadaze-love-xx 54 7
Wicked: What is this feeling? by Mae-rye Wicked: What is this feeling? :iconmae-rye:Mae-rye 8 1 Wicked: One short day in the Emerald City by Mae-rye Wicked: One short day in the Emerald City :iconmae-rye:Mae-rye 8 1 School project// Gay pride by Gay-galaxy School project// Gay pride :icongay-galaxy:Gay-galaxy 6 4
Not a Pet ~ Part 2 ~ I Will Save You
~ Fifteen years ago ~
The cell doors opened causing me to instantly retreat to the farthest corner my eyes wide with fear. A sudden scent of blood and gunpowder residue fills my tiny cell. Suddenly a large form is thrown inside their body slamming into the wall a few feet away from me. They slowly slide down the wall until they lie on the ground unconscious in front of me. “Don’t eat him cat, or you won’t like the outcome.” A guard with a German accent warns as the cell door slams shut.
I stare at the unconscious man unsure of what to do. They had never put anyone else in my cell before, especially not a male. My senses tingle as I an unknown scent lingers on the air. Taking a deep breath I slowly inch toward the sleeping male. Even though it was almost pitch black in my cell I could still see him as though it was clear as day. Reaching out I gently push the medium length brown hair from his face and tilt my head as he says in his sleep s
:iconberjhawn:Berjhawn 14 2
TLoZ's Link in Mortal Kombat X by Generic-Nickname-001 TLoZ's Link in Mortal Kombat X :icongeneric-nickname-001:Generic-Nickname-001 1 2 Watermelon Fish, for those with an acquired taste. by Generic-Nickname-001 Watermelon Fish, for those with an acquired taste. :icongeneric-nickname-001:Generic-Nickname-001 2 4
Chat Noir x Reader part 1
(Hey guys. I started to watch Miraculous Ladybug an I thought it was amazing. Chat Noir is my favorite character. So I made a fanfic for you guys. I hope you enjoy)
It was a new day as you went off to school. You didn't really like going to school, but there was a reason why you go every day. That reason is Adrien Ageste. He was your best friend since kindergarten. Over the years, you grew strong feelings towards the boy. He was just a year older then you. You walked to school since your parents were not home. Adrien offered you a ride but you said you would be fine to walk. You thought it was a bad idea now that your feet started to hurt. You lived a little far away from the school. 15 minutes later, you arrived. You saw Adrien smiling and laughing as he was talking to his other friend Nino. You felt your heart melt when you saw that smile of his. He sees you and waves at you. You wave back as he walked over to you. "Morning (Y/N). You look kind of tired." He chuckled. "No no. I'm fin
:iconbunny6004:bunny6004 33 2
The island girl (thor X reader) part 5
When everyone got in the jet, it wasn’t long until Natasha took off.    Lucky was curiously sniffing around as he had never seen anything like that before.  He looked towards Natasha seat and saw the clear sky.  “We are in the air now?  How is that possible?”  He turned to (f/n) when he said that.  
She was looking at her seat belt and chair, the memory of last being in something like this was something she could barely recollect. She looked up at her jaguar friend. “I don’t know. I never been in something like this before.”   She looked at Natasha and the others. “What are we going to do once we get to New York?”
“I say first thing we do is get you some clothes.” Tony said.
(f/n) looked at her grass top.  “What’s wrong with my clothes?”
Natasha chuckled. “Well no one really wears clothes like that and you might not want guys checking you out in those, they a
:icondinogirl39:dinogirl39 16 0
Cardboard boxes (Tony Stark x Child! Reader)

                   Cardboard boxes (Tony Stark x Child! Reader)
(Name) Stark loved to watch her father work. She liked to see him tinker with all the bits of metal and see him mould them together. Her favourite part was when he did the coding though, but that’s only because she was allowed to do some herself (She’d become quite good at the computer stuff because her dad taught her. That and the fact that she’s a Stark). (Name) always wanted to help her Dad with the actual building but he wouldn’t let her, it was always ‘’Too dangerous!’’ and ‘’I don’t want my precious little baby to get hurt now’’. However (Name) would always sneak into the lab when her daddy wasn’t looking and watch him. What can I say? She was just as curious as her father.
Right now, little (
:iconsparklingcateyes:SparklingCatEyes 302 55
Sweet Child (AVENGERS X Child! READER) part 2
“So let me get this straight……. The WHOLE time we were in mass panic, destroying the city trying to find you, you two were eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while watching my little pony?”
demands a very angry Steve Rogers asks a guilty looking 5 year old (Y/N) and a beat up Loki
You see after Loki took off with you, Fury became ‘Fury-ous’
Fury panicked and started screaming like crazy at the Avengers, then at poor Colson, throwing orders at everyone and everything.
Luckily, Jarvis called Tony informing him that Loki had brought a little girl and both ate all his candy and were digging into his Ben & Jerry’s , Tony being Tony got mad at Jarvis for letting them eat all the candy before telling Fury that he found them.
Everyone raced into the tower, finding that you were unharmed and safe; they all took turns strangling Loki while you sat there eating ice cream watching.
Loki had gotten mad at you for just sitting there when you could have hel
:iconchloemarkhamtw:chloemarkhamtw 194 34
Sweet Child (AVENGERS X Child! READER) part 1
The Avengers sat in confusion as Fury walked into the room.
“Avengers!” Fury bellowed “The task I’m going to give you will be hard and some of you may cry but I know you can do it!”
“Well? We’ve saved the earth before, Fury! How hard can this be?” Tony stated
“Avengers plus Loki meet your mission! (Y/N)”
A small looking girl with an eye patch on her left eye wattled into the room, she looked about 5 with chubby cheeks you just wanted to kiss.
“Hewwo!”  She was the cuties thing EVER! Her (C/H) hair was in two pony tails, her bangs swooped to the side like an emo’s.  
Fury picked her up and put her on the table “(Y/N) was being followed when an Agent found her on the streets sin-“
“AMEWICA!” (Y/n) yelled, getting up and spinning in circles she started to sing
"When Captwin Amwerica fous his wighty shield,
All dose who chose to apose his swield mus yield.
If he’s wead to a
:iconchloemarkhamtw:chloemarkhamtw 203 13


Hello I was tagged by kuroringcosplay

Tag Rules:
You have to post the rules.
Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
Choose 13 people.
Go to their page and inform them that they are tagged.
Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that."
You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
You can't say that you don't do tags.
Tag backs are allowed!
Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
You have to finish within a week. 
If not, you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
Be creative with the title. 
No, "I got tagged."
Cussing is ALLOWED.

1) Favourite film?
harry potter, big hero 6, spirited away, howls moving castle and my negihbour totoro. They are all my fave I just can't pick.

2) Favourite TV show?
ghost adventures, road wars and russlle Howard's good news.

3) Anime or manga?
depend which way you look at it I do prefer anime to manga but if there is no anime for the manga I will read the manga.

4) Which colour do you like best?
green for Loki and red for blood

5) Do you like Harry Potter?
hell yeah who doesn't 

6) Is there a country you would really like to visit someday?
Japan and hopefully work there as well

7) Do you have a favourite book?
no not really its if I like the book I like it if not I don't.

8) What are your hobbies?
Yes Army cadets ,Roller skating and drawing

9) Do you like reading?

10) Any particular music genre you like?
japanese count?

11) Any songs you like?
the black butler openings and vampire knight openings

12) Have you ever been to a comic con or a concert?
yes I been Manchester comic con and todrick hall concert.

13) What do you like most about dA?
My mum lets me on it with out worry.

my Q

1)What is your hidden talent?
2)What is your fave thing to do / your hobby?
3)Why did you join the DA?
4)If you could spend a whole day with a celeb, who would it be?
What do you think of gingers?
6)What is your favorite movie?
8)Do you think we have posh accents here in England?
9)Who would you go back in time to meet?
11)any pets?
12)fav Pokemon ?
13) do you know anyone with dislexia?

people who are tagged


  • Listening to: Music (in english and a.japanese)
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: Music videos
  • Playing: On ipad
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Air


Japnesefangirl's Profile Picture
United Kingdom

hi im a normal person who lives in manchester and has high dreams.
I have seen many anime but my main fav anime so far are

1) hetalia all of the seasons
2)kuroshitsuji/ kuroshitsuji II
5)07 ghost
7) shugo chara
8) Tokyo ghoul
9) kamisama kiss / kamisama kiss 2
10) devil survivor 2



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Thanks for the fave 💕
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Your welcome 
KuroRingoCosplay Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015
Hey I finally found out what Lily and Brij would like you to draw :-) Lily says Ciel from Black Butler and Brij Ash from Black Butler:-) once again its so nice of you to do this
Japnesefangirl Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015
Dear em I have finshed your image of howl I will now be working on ciel
KuroRingoCosplay Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
It looks amazing!! I commented on it, I mainly run the Deviantart and will tell Lily when her Ciel is done:-):-)
Japnesefangirl Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
It's not done but it is a working progress
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Japnesefangirl Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015
Ok and who was yourse
KuroRingoCosplay Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
Mine was Howl from Howls Moving Castle :-)
Japnesefangirl Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
I've started yourse and ciel also what's your name
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