Tutorial: Export Koikatsu to MMD (PMX)

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This is for the people who want to export Koikatsu models to MMD, but hate this video guide. I for one hate pausing, unpausing, seeking through, fullscreening to see the details, and everything wrong with video guides.

What you need

  1. The base game Koikatu / Koikatsu Party (sold on Steam, NSFW) or V-Katsu (free on Steam). V-Katsu won’t let you export models by default, but plugins will let you do it anyway. This guide will assume you have Koikatsu / Koikatsu Party.
  2. BepInEx. This allows modding of most Unity games.
  3. PmxExport for BepInEx. This does the initial exporting from the game to MMD.
  4. PMXEditor. If the raw export crashes MMD, use this to fix the issue.
  5. Recommended: XUnity Auto Translator. This translates the Japanese interface into English (though not perfectly, not even close, because it’s all machine-translated).

Steps to Export

1: Install BepInEx.

If you have a modded copy, you may already have the folder Koikatsu\BepInEx. In that case, please skip this section.

If you don’t have BepInEx, download version 4.1.2 from here, and follow the instructions here.

2: Install the mods

To install PmxExport and XUnity Audio Translator, download their respective files and place their .DLL file in the folder Koikatsu\BepInEx.

3: Load the character editor

Boot the main game. If PmxExport is correctly installed, a button labeled “Export” should appear on the top left of the game window. Click “Char Maker” and select either “Female” or “Male”, the option where you can load your desired character.

4: Load the character you want, and set up their outfits/accessories

Go to the documents tab and load the character you want. Before you press “Export”, you can edit their clothing state, as well as show or hide their accessories.

5: Press “Export”

The model data should be in the path C:\koikatsu_model. (Ew, hardcoded paths, I know.)

The exported model may not work on MMD right away. The raw exported model has many, many more bones, polygons, morphs, than a normal MMD model. If it doesn’t, you need to use PMXEditor.

Steps to Fix the Model

1: Load the model on PMXEditor.

Load the exported file model.pmx into PMXEditor.

2: Change their name

If you want to change the name of your exported model, you may do so in the “Info” pane.

3: Set encoding to UTF-16 (Little Endian)

In the “Info” pane, set Encoding to UTF-16(LE).

4: Recolor the tongue

In the “Material” pane, select the tongue material (misspelled as “tang”) and change the Ambient color to a more fleshy color. If any other parts of your exported model don’t look right, you can edit their material here.

5: “change some morph tabs just for future use” (not my words, idfk what this means)

I guess some morphs are bound to the wrong “panel”? Fuck knows, just watch the video and tell me what OP meant.

6: Delete bones named “-1”

Go to the “Display Pane”. Go through each group and delete any bone named “-1.

7: Save as new

To the same folder, save the edited PMX file using the option File > Save As....

8: Troubleshoot issues

You can troubleshoot issues in the model using File > PMX Info (F). However, the results will be in Japanese.

9: Delete unnecessary physics bones

It is wise to delete unnecessary physics bones. For example, if your model does not wear a skirt, use the “Joint” tab to delete all physics bones whose name starts with cf_j_sk_. Then go to the “Body” tab to delete all bones whose name also starts with the same thing.

Note for after installing PmxExport

The PmxExport plugin forces everyone to T-pose in the character editor in Koikatsu. You can disable PmxExport when you don’t need it using KKManager.

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Hi! Thank you so much for the guide! But I still have some texture issues...

There is no hair texture file, the face looks almost white, the shadows are kinda basic?? Not feeling the same as other originally .pmx files...

And is ther a way to get hair guide to make the textures myself? Or better, get them directly from koikatu? I really love the possibility to convert koikatu to pmx, but something is wrong T^T

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Some comments.
(My research still didn't completed.)


Delete [c_m_shadowcast (Instance)]
Add toon for each material. For example, clothes/hair/etc. can be set basic [toon01.bmp]; body/face can be [toon05.bmp]
Check [G-SHAD] for each material except inner.
Check [S-SHAD] for all materials.
Disable [Edge(Outline)] for all materials or change size around 0,38 

Sort material order:
Face Skin 
Face Mouth
Face EyeL 
Face EyeR 
Face SkinHi 
Face SkinAlpha 
Outer wear
Inner wear


Merge similar named bones  [cf_d_*name*] and [cf_s_*name*] and [cf_j_*name*] which placed in the same location.
example: [cf_s_thigh03_R] + [cf_d_thigh03_R], [cf_d_shoulder_L ]+ [cf_j_shoulder_L]

Delete bones named [k_f_*name*]
example: [k_f_handL_01], [k_f_legupR_03]

Delete all *hit* bones.
example: [cf_hit_shoulder_L], [cf_d_sirihit_R]

Delete all [n_cam_*name*] bones. WARNING: may broke model.
example: n_cam_front, n_cam_tc

Delete all [cf_pv_*name*] bones. WARNING: may broke model.
example: [cf_pv_elbo_L], [cf_pv_heel_R]


If you don't wanna be a pro and manually make each of 100500 expressions for each frame, delete everything *except* this.
あ (combined, A)
い  (combined, I)
う (combined, U)
え (combined, E)
お (combined, O)
まばたき (combined, Blink)
笑い (combined, smiled eyes)
bounse (bones, t-pose =>a-pose)
eye_face.f00_def_cl (vertex,  for combination)
eye_face.f00_egao_cl (vertex,  for combination)
kuti_face.f00_a_l_op (vertex,  for combination)
kuti_face.f00_i_l_op (vertex,  for combination)
kuti_face.f00_u_l_op (vertex,  for combination)
kuti_face.f00_e_l_op (vertex,  for combination)
kuti_face.f00_o_l_op (vertex,  for combination)
eye_line_u.elu00_def_cl (vertex,  for combination)
eye_line_u.elu00_egao_cl (vertex,  for combination)
eye_line_l.ell00_def_cl (vertex,  for combination)
eye_line_l.ell00_egao_cl (vertex,  for combination)
kuti_ha.ha00_a_l_op (vertex,  for combination)
kuti_ha.ha00_i_l_cl (vertex,  for combination)
kuti_ha.ha00_e_s_op (vertex, for combination)
mayuge.mayu00_odoro_op (vertex, eyebrows up, can be renamed to 眉毛上 or 上 for motion compatibility)
Make sure to check connections before and after deletion.

Fuck knows, just watch the video and tell me what OP meant.

OP => open
CL => close

p.s. i hate videoguides too. but most of people is too lazy to read.
p.p.s. sorry for my engrish.

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