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My Bio

Friends That I Want You To Follow Or Else STAY BACK

l-Mum-l oOSpottedtailOo OnionDragon Snail-Duck ReshiramCupcake QueenStorm

About Me

π’²π‘’π“π’Έπ‘œπ“‚π‘’ π’―π‘œ π‘€π“Ž 𝒫𝒢𝑔𝑒!




Names Amber, Thanks to @l-Mum-l I have a new username!

Call me Chi!

I'm a hobby artist that loves several fandoms, but none more than the 9 Fandom & the Wyngro

I hope ya enjoy my art!


π’žπ‘œπ“‡π‘’ π’’π’Ύπ’»π“‰π“ˆ

PLEASE note, if you gift me core im putting your user here to show just how much I appreciate you. Love you and please just gift me in hearts and memes instead lol X"D





Favorite Visual Artist: A-A lot of 9 & Wyngro artists <///<;

Favorite Movies: 9 By Shane Acker

Favorite TV Shows: Bar Rescue, Kitchen Nightmares/Hotel Hell, Court Cam

Favorite Bands/Musical Artist: Lemon Demon, Billie Ellish, So many lol

Favorite Games: World Of Warcraft / Slime Rancher / Sims Series / Pokemon Series / Stardew Valley / ECT

Favorite Gaming Platform: MMOs / Indie / Simulators / RPGS / ECT

Tools of Trade: Computer Mouse and MSPaint. πŸ–°

Other Interests: Im a big fan of Roleplaying, I would love to learn more of D&D too!





HEY! I do commissions, check out below!

Things I will draw

Furry, Humanoids, Gore, NSFW, Robots, Ask me!

Things I WONT draw

Hate Art, Heavy Kink NSFW (Ask me what is acceptable) Payment Methods PayPal bullet Paypal Points Deviantart Points :icondslagamerplz: Art Trades ECT




(REMINDER! 100Pastel Points(Fav to use) = $1) Headshot(s) - Lineart 5$ / Flat 7$ / Shaded 10$

(Another Character will cost 5$) Bust(s) - Lineart 7$ / Flat 10$ / Shaded 12$ (Another Character will cost 7$)

Fullbdy(ies) - Lineart 15$ / Flat 17$ / Shaded 20$

(Another Character will cost 10$)


Esmeree Reference 2021

[PRICE: 20-30+$] Reference sheets vary with what a client wants. It can be a simple front to back reference, or a more complex piece. Please feel free to Note/DM me for any questions regarding this.


[Quest] Magical Beginnings: Spooked

[Simple/One-Two Colored Backgrounds: FREE]

[Complex Backgrounds/Foregrounds: 15-25$] With a foreground and background, this can get expensive PRETTY quickly, so please be wary when ordering a complex background. But dont worry, you can always ask for a transparent/simple background. Reminder, PLEASE be descriptive on what you want, I will show progress images, but once the commission is finished, you can't go back and ask for a re-do for free.

%Wyngro ( (This list will get updated frequently) Last Updated: 10/4/2021 Wyn Tracker! - Wyngro Currency &nbsp; =============================================== MAX WYNS Novas = 15 ===============================================Inventory &nbsp; -------------------- Eye scope - Gained on 7/7/2021 - Traded by: sylvender ( Breeding Ticket - Gained 5/14/2021 - Gifted by: PettyMask ( ===============================================(PAST) Inventory &nbsp; ----------------------------- Basic Magic Ticket - Gained on 11/2/2019 - [Used: March 2021] Basic M
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🌸 Orchid Sanctuary Restoration Project 🌸 As you stroll into another day in Wynsiph, you start to notice that everyone you pass by has a poster in their hands. Everyone was talking about the flyers, it was rather odd... Before you could ask what was going on, a purple she gro approached with a smile on their face. Esmeree: "Hello! Sorry for bothering you, but I noticed you didn't have a flyer! Here ya go!" You ask what the flyer is about, which caused Esmeree's tail to sway in glee. Esmeree: "I'm setting up a Sanctuary not far from Wynsiph. I want to give back to the community and help those who can't face the challenges of this world alone. Its okay to feel helpless, and I want to help anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on!" Esmeree: "The reason I'm tossing out these flyers now is I need help restoring the Sanctuary. I won't ask too much from any of the volunteers as the only reward they'll get is a good meal each work day! I just need grew that can help me give back to
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Important Update All commissions will go towards my college fund for now on. )owo) Time to adult bb
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so my replies don't work for long :/

SMGNS- Is your DA acting up o3o?

probably, I can only reply to a certain amount of comments before it stops and won't send anymore

If you want to your more than welcome to note me. ^w^ I dont mind!

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Idk if you'll see this, But happy 9 day!

it's crazy how it's been 12 years since the movie 9 came out :]


HAPPY NINE!! Sorry school has been a pain @_@

Aw, it's ok!! i understand- school's awful even if i've graduated homeschool a long while ago-