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Feel free to Check Out my Gallery! It mostly has anything related to in particular with Godzilla, Pokémon, and Dinosaurs.


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Hi, my name is JapaneseGodzilla1954, A.K.A., Virgil Tomberlin. I'm an Artist who is into drawing Japanese related stuff like Kaiju and Anime which is stuff I like to draw the most in life. My one big goal in life is to become a Mangaka. I like a lot of Fandoms that involve Kaiju/Monsters, Anime/Cartoons, Video Games, and all kinds of stuff that a Nerd like me would like and such, but other then that, I'm into a lot of things. I also make my own Video's on Youtube, if you would like to watch them, Click here…, I Hope you enjoy watching them and subscribe if you can. I am pretty easy to get along with, so if you want to be friends with me, you can give me a watch and if I watch you back when we get to know each other more, it means I'm now your friend. But if you just so happen to mess with any of my friends, that's where things can get ugly, cause I don't like people who mess with or make fun of my friends online and such. But anyway, I hope you all enjoy my Profile and it's content, and maybe perhaps give me a watch through it and such, Have a nice day, and thanks for visiting my Profile! :)

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I'm a fan of Kaiju, Pokemon, Dinosaurs, Anime, Transformers, Video Games, and many other things I like to watch, draw, etc. At age 18, I still just can't get enough of them! Don't judge me.

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I'll bet you guys are wondering why I have been so inactive lately. Well I have been busy in my personal life trying to get a job, which I have finally got one not too long ago cause I'm in need of money right now. I'm wanting to save some money to get an elgato in order to record gameplay on my Youtube channel, so that way I don't need to rely on streaming to post let's plays and so on. I hate to tell you all this, but I've been thinking about moving to Youtube to post content on there. Not to mention, I spend more time on Youtube then I do with DeviantArt these days. Does that mean this account will be dead and the only way you'll guys will be able to contact me is through Youtube? I don't know, but I will probably post stuff on here occasionally like what new videos are up and so on. I still like you guys, it's just there are other things I want to do in my spare time that I'm really interested in doing. I'm pretty sure I told you guy's I've lost some motivation to draw right now since I was depressed awhile back, which I honestly feel mostly better now. I still want to draw, it's just I need to start doing it more instead of doing things that aren't as productive. Anyway, I just thought I'd give you guys an update on how I've been doing right now, thanks for reading guys, have a great day!


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