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Draw this again meme- Freya



Meme: [link]
Bigger 2012 drawing: [link]
Yay, i redrew something. However the 2012 is more of a doodle/speedpaint.. But still counts i guess.
There's almost exactly 2 years between the paintings... The 2010 version was made Nov 18 and the 2012 version was made Nov 15.

Also it's the first drawing i made of one of my favourite oc's. Freya.

2010 - Here i had just begun drawing again on the site ratemydrawings again, after over 1 year hiatus.. ( I lost interest and forgot about it... ) But something had sparked my interest for digital art and i found ratemydrawings again..
And then i drew this, it took me about between 5-7 hours at that time. However i was using a mouse so it slowed it down... ( I didn't have a tablet yet...)

The OC. Freya, was at this time a bit mary-sue. Notice that her armor-thingy has a huge hole at the stomach and that it shows alot of cleavage. That's something i HATE now because i find it pretty cheesy, also it's not very convenient as you probably would die pretty fast if you went to battle like that...
I was 13 at this time and i played alot of MMORPGS, and if you've ever played one you will know that usually the females almost wear nothing. It's like the chicks have extra hard metal skin or something.

2012 - Freya has now been redesigned many times... She looks more manly because she fights with a very big sword, so i made her more buff. ( Also i made her taller, but you can't tell in these pictures....) Also she has a pretty awesome ass in this drawing *snickers* , but that was because i drew it to small and i needed something to show that she's actually a chick.
She now actually has a protecting armor :D Instead of that silly stuff i drew first...
Notice my drawing technique has gotten a bit better, i've also gotten faster. This drawing took me 1 h and 30 min compared to the many hours for the first one. However it's not the most polished drawing. I blame my laziness...

Off topic-- WOOOHOO, I GOT MY COMMISSION MONEY AND NOW I CAN BUY A NEW TABLET OMGGGG. Happiness. I guess it's time since my first one will be 2 years this christmas..
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In two years' time?! HOW IMPRESSIVE!!
*amazed* oqo