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Ron again. n.n
Drew this during English two days ago and I took my time inking it...specialy Since I only had a ballpoint pen. u.u I hate usin them so much.

Anyways, enjoy! =D
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this looks great but i think the more ronish thing would be if he balanced the pencil on his lip
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Hee hee...Thinkin bout Kimmy, I'm sure! ;-) 
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That sombrero though :star:
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Heh, Barkin will probably shout at him in a moment if Ron doesn’t come out of day dreaming.
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this si really cute. in this picture your style of ron reminds me so much of archie, from the archie comics... the frechles, the face shape, hair color... it's really good.
Jasmeralda's avatar
aww that is great! I love the lil hat on rufus!! =)
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Cuteness!! ^_^ Love the style!
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Ron Stoppable is da man... And Rufus is da naked mole rat. oh yeah....
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Ron is da' greatest. It's kinda funny how I don't find ANYthing when I look up "kim possible" on DA, but I'll find things if I look up "ron stoppable". XD
I told you it was neato before you finished! =P

Wish MY shirt looked that color.. that'd be a neat shirt. ^^
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You make Ron look so good and cute :D and I see that you're getting better at your CG-ing too. ^___^
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Aww, he's so cute! I love how you draw him in your style-- I like him better this way. =P
jamoozalee's avatar
Wow! Ron is my soul-mate! *marries him* We can daydream during class, together! :love:
Great job! Spread the Ron-love! :D
zipchan's avatar
:D!! That's adorable, especially with the little mole rat. ^____^
pixiewings's avatar
NICE! O.O! *oogles* Awesome style and line work. I love the way you drew him, so original!! *claps*
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More Ron-ness =D You give him such a neat new look ^^ And I love his pose, too! =3
thechaosproject's avatar
That is me...right now. I'm in school *should be working on a project* and I'm half way between consciousness and daydream...I spelled that wrong.

ANYWAY, I love the pic ^___^ Awesome job!
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I bet that was hard to do, but it looks awesome. I love the colors and his expression. The little animal on his back is adorable too. =)
rah-bop's avatar
Very cute. I love the style and the coloring job. ^____^

I hate ballpoints too. :chainsaw:
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RONRONRONRONRONRONRONRONRONRONRON!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! *cough* errr... yeah. ^_^;;; sorry bout that, i'm just a big Ron Stoppable fan.. and RUFUS HAS A SOMBRERO!! mweeheehee... hee.. he so cute! both of them! wheeheehee! *dances in glee*
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How cute! You're getting really good at CGing. I love your lineart. GO OUT AND BUY SOME INKING PENS WOMAN BEFORE I GO DOWN THERE AND RAPE YOU TO DEATH! *cough*

...Yes. :+fav:
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this awesome *hug* i like his day dream expression...rminds me of myself when I do that on the train and I doze off ^^ and miss my stop at time :lol: kudos to u my friend
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Psyconorikan's avatar
awesome! great job! love the expression!
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