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Coraline: Growing Girl

Fast, perverted Wybie comic. If not for the lovely :iconsuper-cute: and friends I probably wouldn't have staid up till 6am doing this half assed comic =3

If anyone asks, I did it for the lulz
Coraline belongs to Neil Gaiman and others. Not me.

And please tell me I wasn't the only one checking out Coraline's..umm.. future genetic inheritance? Especially Other Mother in the black and white spotted outfit the the bustle? With the red accents? You know the one...
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I don't blame anyone for looking at Cora's mom, she IS hot after all!
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Is Wybie with adolescence problem? XD
Nice comics.
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Shyness and hormones 
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You think that teenage boy is really staring at your mother and fantasizing about her? Nope. Wybie shows why. So stop believing you need to compete with your mother for boys and calling them pervs for this misconception. 

You're still free to call teenage boys pervs on pure principle, however, because they still are 98% of the time. I don't mind the accusations, but I like to be called out for doing something wrong for what I'm actually doing wrong.

And yes, I know that's a weird stance to take. I know. I'm weird. But at least I'm never confused about what I did wrong that I have to make up for so I can make up for it appropriately. 
This has made my day.
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Wybie looks like he's going to puke.
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"Uhh... Time to feed the cat?" GOOD EXCUSE
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Timeless excuses are best excuses I guess.
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I'll admit, I did notice the mother's booties, both of 'em. And it did run across my mind that Coraline inherit it, lol. Nice job, very funny.
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FOR TEH LULZ!!! :iconlulzplz:
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lol XDD purtiby*sp??*
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pfff wybie you little perv XD lol lololol
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So true! I lost it at the MY STALKER part, priceless.
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no idea O_o

happy shakespear days! lol bahaha. just saw that on the movie today
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LMAO. Great strip.
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wybie is suck a pervert lol
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So thats why his grandma was "calling" him so often x)
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aww poor Wybie wants her soo bad (^w^)
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