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Stargate Jaffa Tattoo Brushes

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© 2009 - 2020 JanxAngel
A set of brushes for the Jaffa Tattoos from Stargate. Full sizes range from 350 to 600 pixels. All brushes are labeled with their respective Gou'ald in the file.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Baal, Anubis, Moloc, Khonsu, Ramius, Aries, Apophis Temple Priest (emblem is silver), Apophis, Zipacna, Sokar, Heru'Ur, Seth, Imhotep, Montu, Svarog, Cronus, Tilgath, Nirrti, Hathor, Yu
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Nice work Thank you for sharing!
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Beyworld101Student Traditional Artist
Love them!
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Bow before me I am your god!!!
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Woot!!! I've been looking for these! If I ever get around to finishing my fanfic, would you be okay if I add the link so people understand which tattoo I'm talking about at whichever time I'm talking about it?
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HardwireXxHobbyist General Artist
one word awesome
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I've been looking for a list of the Goa'uld system lord's emblems. GREAT WORK!!
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Ladytalon1Professional General Artist
These are great :D
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Nolim Writer
Useful. ^^
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good job, looks like yu (SG joke) got them from [link] though.
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Actually I had never been to that site before. I found the original images in a pdf file on the Stargate Worlds site, then made them into brushes. I know it's not nearly as cool as having vectored them myself or something, but I figured I'd share the work that I did do with others for their enjoyment. :)
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