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Review: Huion Inspiroy H640P

so, I recently bought this :iconhuion: Inspiroy H640P and I just wanted to share my thoughts on it in case some of you guys are considering this brand and/or model.:)

quick personal overview:

- low price for good quality build.
- pen pressure adjustment.
- 6 customizable hot keys with a switch so you can turn them off when needed.
- comes with 8 replacement nibs.

- no double left click option on the pen's button 1.
- no eraser on opposite end of the pen. (only an issue if you use it regularly)
- doesn't work properly with Sai 1 when using dual monitors. (but there is a workaround with this issue)
- pen holder is rather small and can't hold the pen properly (horizontally) unless positioned precisely.
- (minor issue) the pen is rather light.
- (minor issue) the tablet is compact in size so there's hardly any palm rest space.

I've been wanting to get an Intuos Pro for a while now but I keep having second thoughts because of the price. so I did a quick search and saw this particular brand and model. now, I've only had three pen tablets since 2008, one Genius G-Pen and two Wacom models (Bamboo Fun and CTH-470 pen & touch), so I don't really have a lot to compare this to, but I have to say, for 56usd it is well worth the price.

package comes with the basic necessities. a rather long mini usb wire, a pen stand (with the extra nibs inside), an installation manual, and of course the pen and the tablet itself. build-quality is pretty good and it doesn't look cheap at all.

performance-wise with painting programs, I have to say it's on par with my CTH-470, maybe even better. it has a pen pressure adjustment option, something I didn't experience with my past Wacom models, and it actually works quite well so that's a really good feature.

contrary to some reviews I've seen, they say they have to manually launch their Huion Tablet app everytime their pc starts up. basically, they needed to run(as admin) the driver everytime but on mine it boots automatically and I can use the tablet right away. maybe what I've seen were rather old reviews and the latest drivers are probably working better. and I'm using Windows 10 at the moment and I can't recall if the reviewers were using the same.

I did encounter some issues. first is on the web browser(I use Google Chrome), I can't seem to click on the minimize button with the pen's point but rather I have to hover the pointer to it and use the button 1 to actually click it. this is quite weird since I can use the pen's tip to click on every other part of the desktop and any other program or folder window. another is I can't drag the browser from the top of the window, it just doesn't seem to work. the pointer disappears as I press and hold it with the pen and nothing happens. and again, it works on any other program without any problem.

another issue is with Sai 1. I recently started using two monitors and this is were it's having issues. when I launch Sai the tablet is mapping both monitors. the full monitor 1 and a portion of monitor 2, which is really weird.
but when using Photoshop, Medibang Paint and Sai 2, it only maps the main monitor I use. so it works perfectly with said programs and on the desktop. I did, however, found a workaround with this issue. you just need to turn off the second display first before you launch Sai then turn the second display back on again. in doing so the tablet only maps the main monitor you're using and Sai can then be used normally. if you close Sai then you'd have to repeat the process.
*to anyone unfamiliar with the shortcut, just click the window key and the letter P on your keyboard at the same time, then choose which display to turn off and on, and duplicate or
extend the display.*

and lastly, and this is a rather minor one, the tablet doesn't work with a standard usb hub(both of my Wacom's did). at first it works for a minute then it can't be detected then it works again, so it's very unstable when plugged in a hub. so you'll need to have it plugged directly to the motherboard. it'll probably work on a usb hub with a power supply though. I don't have one so I wasn't able to try.

overall, it's a practical choice for anyone who does digital art. some say it's good for beginners but I think it's good for professionals just as well. being a professional doesn't really mean you'll need high-end stuff all the time.xD I personally prefer this over getting something more expensive as it gets the job done, it's relatively affordable and the quality of the build is good. so for anyone looking for a good cheap(price-wise) replacement, this is definitely a good option.

the only thing I can't confirm is how durable it is as this is my first Huion. time will tell.:)
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Hlw UWU.....I just ordered this tablet and since I'm importing it strait from china it's gonna take about a month or less for it to arrive so I was doing some research about it's durability.......Does yours still works? How long does it lasts?

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cool! it's still working. although I haven't used it in a while, the last time I tried it it still does work. :)

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Thank u so much for ur reply..... I was doubting weather It would be durable or not but now I'm assured~\(≧▽≦)/~

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sure thing! and yes, it's pretty good. :)

Hi there! I'm really anxious on buying this tablet so I am researching for a few days now if it's okay to buy it. I'm still new to digital art and I want to get a tablet so I can draw easily on my laptop. You said in a comment below that you brought a new one. Is it still working now?

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hey there! yes, I used it a couple of months ago and it still works as it should. :)

for someone who's worked with mainly just Wacom tablets, this one's a great option. it's relatively cheap and it does the job well. :)

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Is it still working?
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yes. seems to be pretty much on par with wacom products, but cheaper in price.:)
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Is it still the same tablet you use until now? And can it handle everyday/hours of use? I might consider buying this one since it's most cheaper than wacom products. ^^
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I have a new one now, but I've used this Huion extensively. I usually work long hours and I never had issues with it. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was considering it's price. :)
and I didn't get a new one because it broke, I just bought a wacom that was on sale at the time.xD
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Thank you! I ordered it already and this will be my first ever drawing tablet. I hope I can use it to its full extent and save up for a wacom tablet too in the future, or an upgrade from huion too if everything works well with me XD
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great! I think Wacom monopolized the market before that's why their prices are quite high, but considering how well this Huion works for me, I personally think they're just exactly the same. kinda like on mobile phones, some brands are just more expensive.xD I do like the Wacom I have right now but I get issues with it's driver from time to time due to its wireless function. that was actually a let down considering it is a Wacom product, I was expecting it to be better.xD

good luck and feel free to message if you need help or questions.:)
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I have a Xp-Pen Star G640 (6" x 4" drawing area ) Graphics tablet without screen just like your  Huion Inspiroy H640P , which is the slightly larger version of the G430S.

It's a decent tablet. Fast enough to play with , hover distance is a little less than the CTH-480 but still okay, I like the G640 stylus a bit better than the CTH-480's because of the additional pressure levels and the fact that the electronics inside of it don't rattle while you're playing.

considering price and availability, I think the XP-Pen G640 (… ) is a pretty good pick.
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cool! thank you for the heads up. I'll give that a look when I want a new one. :)
Hi, Huion have amazing pen tablets for a fraction of Wacom tablets. That goes for their screen tablets too. For the past three weeks, trying to decide which screen tablets to buy, I watched dozens of reviews both on pen tablets and screen tablets. From what I understand (per many pro Youtube illustrators) some of the issues you have are with the said program and not the tablet. SAI seems to have some issue with a couple of them and it seems that Windows users have less issues with the drivers then MAC users. As for dual monitors, that's also a specific program issue. There would be some conflicts between apps. Wacom is not without faults :-) I had an Intuos and it had its own quirks.

 I am waiting now for my Gaomon PD1560 (arrving in a day or two), Can't wait.
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right, since it's only having issues with Sai, Sai is probably the issue. maybe because of how old it is. it works perfectly with Sai 2. I guess it's a good thing I didn't go for the 400usd Intuos I wanted, this one was just 50usd.xD

very nice! I hope I could try something similar in the future. how much was it?
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Hi, if you have any problem when using Huion tablet, please feel free to contact us on or have a livechat on

We are also welcome for your follow up opinions which can help us to improve.

Thank you!
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I have sent you a message on live chat. I hope you can fix the problem soon. 
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yea, it works perfectly on Sai 1 and 2, as well as Medibang Paint and Photoshop cs4. 
hmm. I just tried what you said and you're right, it doesn't work. I can't highlight any text and can't right click any link or any part of the browser. I don't have any solution, unfortunately. ^^;
I hope :iconhuion: gets it fixed with a new driver.
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So we have to use the old versions of SAI to work on huion.
I hope they fix the issue soon.

Anyway, I just noticed as I view your profile. Pinoy ka din pala. :D Nice.
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yes. I actually used the driver for their 1060 plus model, I've read on some reviews it's what fixed their Sai issue as well. they didn't get any other version of Sai. they just installed a different driver from Huion's website. 
ah, yes.hehe.:D
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I use 13.15.16 version 8192 the latest. on h640p. So did you intalled the "new 1060 plus (8192)" the second one on the download list?
And the SAI did work? 
Yay. nice to meet you po.
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