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news and polls + msg center

news & polls in our message center

Again, very self-explanatory:

comments on your newsarticles and polls should appear in your message center.

when somebody +loves your news-article you should receive a notification in your message center.

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This would be great.
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Yeah! That would be sooooo good!
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Silly this hasn't been implemented yet..
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Definitely! Please make it happen...:iconyesyesyesplz:
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:nod: Yep, more so for news article comments.
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OMG! I love this idea! I've been dying to see my news comments!
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perfect idea! i have to control my article to see whether someone made a comment or :+favlove: it. As can't always do it, sometimes i leave the comments without answering which i hate!
great idea!! :thumbsup:
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I would love to receive the comments and faves of news articles ad polls. This would be just awesome. I also never got why we DON'T get it in our messagecenter.
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OMG i made this suggestion too lol

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Make it happen!
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!000000% support.

An option to disable certain comments would be nice though.
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Totally support this! :nod:
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I can't tell you how many times I've setup a poll and completely forgot about comments, because I didn't get notified in the message centre.
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I thinked about it too^^ Great Idea!
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This definitely needs to be implemented! I hate having to check it manually. This is definitely a vote yes!
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Oh I need this so much! :paranoid:
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Thats really cool... but it might be usefull for it to be turned off... I imagine the +fav for news articles would kill staff...

Like a "Notify me when people comment on this poll" (or similar with the news article) button.
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great idea indeed, hope they will consider this to make it!
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Why can't there be an option to have certain types of comments appear in message centre? :confused:

That way people can tailor what they want. :) Because the ultra-popular deviants don't want to have to wade through even more comments. :no:

Maybe even disable comments coming into message centre for each dev. (even though the 'disable comment' feature would stop people commenting - they may want the comments, but just not want to look at them at the moment)

:iconcropyou: Are you feeling better?
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