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More Smart-links

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More Smart-links

A pretty straightforward suggestion:

Just like we have :devusername: , :iconusername: and :thumb#####: we should have similar smart-links to link to news-articles <strike>and chatrooms</strike>
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oh man, i so want that! :eager:
its quite disappointing tho, that this deviation is from 2009 and that still isnt avaiable :(
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Y'know, now that I see this... I bet the same principle would be cool for journal entries.
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I think this is a wonderful idea!
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YES! Oh please yesssss!
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Oh yes, please! :happycry:
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And for deviation titles, :link######: or... some better name than that, I dunno, 'cause they work on number IDs.

And there is a chat fast code... :#devart: = #devart
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Since the codes would have to generate static HTML, you wouldn't be able to put a heart count or anything dynamic into comments or journals, as it would become out of date very quickly. But just being able to paste links to journals, news and forums etc by name or by ID would be very convenient.
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That's why this hasn't happened yet. >_>
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Mmm, yes, but those kinds of things are just extras. The request for simply providing static links to news, journals, etc., with the title of the item being the link text, is a relatively simple one. :nod: You could also easily add emotes, class names or plain-old image tags as icons (news, journal, deviation and so on) to designate the links as special.
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I have no idea about the technical issues, but I just liked the idea :D
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Ya... I'm always thinking of the technicalities. Not very creative, I know. :dohtwo:
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I definitely like this idea.
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I would love it if there were more smart links :D I think with news it would be nice if there were a text only version as well as the full version you've visualized here :)
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