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115 words of LIFE

it was actually a school project in values education during my high school years. we have to incorporate as many words as we can to our topic: LIFE. i decided to make it like this and it looked really cool!
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Hey januscastrence, my compliments for this design! I would love to use it in one of my interior projects as a foto-wallpaper, if you don't mind. would you give me the permissen for it? And is it possible to recive the original file?
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was this done with a website? if so, which one?
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did you do this with a website or was it all word?
I definitely wanna get this as a tattoo !!
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I love it. Can you please make an tutorial for this?
Because I try to make a 2012 typography wallpaper... But LIFE is straight and 2012 not.. So it's harder I guess?

Anyway'; awesome!
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Cool concept! Would you mind if I did a painting of this to hang in my livingroom?
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go ahead and let me know when youre done.. pls upload a picture. :3
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totally awesome..wondering if you might share how'd you do it?
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This is really amazing~! <3
C: *faves*
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This was taken and posted without any credit due, and claimed as hers by another DeviantArt member. The link is here. [link]

Thought you'd like to know.
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thanks for letting me know..i wasnt aware that it was stolen...her account was deactivated the time i checked.. but thanks anyways...
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Yes! really cool indeed!
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