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We Are All Children of the Stars (Inked Art)

Original traditinal art inspired by one of my favorite artists Yusuke Nakamura. This drawing took about 2 hours to sketch but 9h to ink (without counting the time to do the lining, about 2 to 3h maybe). I really had to be careful because the lines are thin and everything needed to be very clean.
I essentially worked on the balance between the three colors and the different patterns used.

For the first time I also added a little message to the drawing, but it's not the aim of my work, it's more like a bonus ^^.

technical paper CANSON A3
indian ink
0.05 liner STAEDTLER
Red Drawink Ink MAJUSCULE


Un dessin que j'ai une fois de plus entièrement réalisé de A à Z, inspiré par les travaux de Yusuke Nakamura.

Avec ce dessin je m'approche encore un peu plus du style qui me correspond, des traits épuré et peu de couleurs mais avec une harmonie entre elles. Le brouillon a été assez rapide mais pas l'encrage de 9h ... pfff vive les étoiles ... J'ai surtout travaillé l'équilibre entre les trois couleurs principales et les différentes textures. Il a fallu être très attentif à la propreté car les traits sont fins et le blanc étant une couleur il faut éviter les taches et les traces de crayon de papier ^^...

Pour la première fois j'ai décidé de mettre un petit message dans mon dessin (à vous de le trouver ^^). Je propose mais chacun peut y voir d'autres interprétation, laisser libre cours à votre imagination, c'est ça aussi le dessin ^^:

On peut simplement y voir que l'homme est responsable de notre chère planète Terre. Mais c'est également une incitation à l'ouverture et à l'entre-aide entre les nations, symbolisé par le rapprochement (volontaire) des continents sur la terre au centre du dessin, qui forment un papillon, qui se matérialise en papillons blancs et noirs (pas facile à voir mais bon ... ^^)

Papier technique CANSON A3
encre de Chine
liner STAEDTLER 0.05
Encre à Dessiner Rouge vif MAJUSCULE


Making of the drawing available here:
Making of - 4 by Janusart

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

This piece is executed well. I admired you choice not to create a stark outline from the girl against the window backdrops. The lines in the tiling and walls scent pillar and mat are all immaculate. The wrinkles in the clothes are subtle enough that it is not overbearing. I also admire your decision to keep the placement of the red chopsticks though they overlap with the red frame of the door. From the gently flowing hair, to the gently curving continents on the globe to the delicate butterflies within the room, I love the work. The only area I question is the starry night. To my eyes, it is too busy amid the smoke because of the abundance of white, considering the density of the stars and the smoke lines. Perhaps if there were just the slightest bit more sky between the stars the black would appear to be as balanced in the window as it is in the interior of the picture.

Congratulations on pushing yourself to do a traditional picture
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What an incredibly accurate critique, I agree with all of your points !

Concerning the starry night (too dense in stars), I couldn't agree more. It is my great regret. This is the very first white/black/red drawing I have made, and I didn't yet use any color simulation before inking (I just hoped it would look good). I have however decided never to modify a drawing concidered as finished so I didnt' change the sky!

Thank you soo much for taking the time to comment my work!
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If a painting gives pleasure and any person, he is bound to enjoy its beauty for longer time.It is an ART. Thanks, I am hooked too.
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Perfect! Love Red & Black together!
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This piece is absolutely gorgeous. So simple, yet complex and clean. I enjoy the graphic quality of your work.
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Awesome work, really nice :)
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ooh i like how the red globe stands out
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this is pretty cool
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I love all the detail. Interesting style too. :)
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interesting concept! like the minimalistic use of colors
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Thanks ^^, glad you like it, if you want to follow my work, you can watch me off course ^^
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Incroyable. C'est vraiment incroyable tout ce qui peut passer par un dessin, je trouve ça très impressionnant !
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Merci pour ce commentaire ^^. J'essaye en effet de faire passer des émotions a travers mes dessins. Mais, c'est pas simple, surtout avec mon style assez épuré. Alors quand je reçois des commentaires comme le tien, c'est super motivant. Alors n'hésites pas a continuer, car ça fait toujours super plaisir!

Encore un grand merci!
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Ca me fait penser, est-ce-que tu vas garder les tons rouge/noir/blanc, ou bien vas tu peut-être changer le rouge par une autre couleur ?
En tout cas, je suis vraiment pressée de voir les prochains dessins, car c'est vraiment agréable à voir ! :)
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Haha bonne question ... je suis en discussion avec moi-même à ce sujet ... et on est pas d'accord ^^. Je pense en fait qu'aucune couleur ne va mieux que le rouge avec du noir et blanc, mais par contre, au lieux de remplacer le rouge, je vais peut être en ajouter une en fait, mais il faut d'abord trouver l'encre et le dessin qui va avec, bref pas pour demain je pense .... mais c'est en cours de reflexion. Pour le prchain dessin, du rouge (mais une nouveauté quand même! On verra ce que ca donne ^^)
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C'est vrai que le rouge est une des couleurs qui va le mieux avec le noir et le blanc. En tout cas, je suis pressée de voir la prochaine oeuvre d'art ! :D
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9 hours to ink?! Man, that sure is a lot of work! Awesome job
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Thanks, are you fan of the tatami galaxy, I'm just a HHUUGGGEEE fan of the character designer (who inspires all of my works, this one included): Yusuke nakamura (I recognised his style with your avatar), and also of the soundtrack composer Michiru Oshima. I just bougth the anime and really looking forward to watching it!

Thanks for the comment, 9 hours of inking is unfortunately very common for my drawings now ^^, after 6 hours I start to get sick because of the ink ... it's really like drugs for my, I actually get high with my ink ^^
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Yeah, I started watching it a few days ago and it's indeed an awesome show! I love Yusuke Nakamura's works too, it's so simple yet so complicated and beautiful, lol.

And if by ink you're talking about nankeen, I actually likes the smell of it! Never got sick because of it but I never did something that took too many time to make too ^^
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Yep that is also what I love with his work, it's what I call : "Complex Simplicity" ^^ and it is also what I try to achieve. For the smell, I don't think it's nankeen, I think it's a componant in the ink itself ... if my skin strats turning black I know I'll have to start worrying ^^.

Thanks for the reply!
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Absolutely stunning!
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