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Step by step 12

making of ''Nothing beats my playing room !''

With this drawing I just wanted to have lots and lots of thinks to move around and what is more fun than having trains move around in your room (even if it isn't the most practical toy too move around). I wanted to have a room with little miniature lanscapes everywhere. When I was little I always dreamed of having a train move around my room. I used lego but it was just impossible to move around my room soo I removed it ... but that is no problem for a A3 drawing ^^.

As usual, I started by making by hand and without any model, the room architecture first and simulated on the computer the best way to colorise (1.) I then sketch the details and miniature landscapes on each wall and added the character (that I always draw apart on A4 in big before digitally rescaling it the correct size (2.). I then simulated the coloring on this sketch (3.) but rapidly noticed that there were too many details and object, and too few colors to use. As a result I had to get back to a second sketch were I redraw some things (4.). I then made the lining using both Sketches (5.), and finally did the inking and the digital modifications of contrast and brightness using a process I standardised for all drawing to ensure a equivalent result between all drawings.

Most difficult part was figuring out the contrasts ...

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate !
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I still have a train set running around the room on a shelf we built near the ceiling. It's great fun.
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Thats soo cool, I dreamed of building that when I was a kid, but all I could do was build a lego train on the floor ...