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Step by step 10

making of ''The Great Tetris Invasion of 2012 !''

First step consisted in finding the right concept for the drawing. I wanted to continue to work on the puzzle game pieces I have already made (puzzle and Snake), and the result was: Tetris! Since the windows of skyscrappers always remind me of pixels, I wanted to mix the two in one and only drawing. To make the piece a bit more funny I added my regular characters: cat/bird/girl.

I started by making tons of sketches to work on the position of the caracters and the vanishing point in order to have a nice balance. I then digitally created the tetris piece and the main character. Together with some internet images and extracts from some of my older pieces, I simulated a 1st simulation (1.). I then worked on a detailed penciled draft (2.) and scan it to start the color simulation (3.). When I have finished deciding what needs to be white, red and black, I can start the very long and dangerous lining (4.). When the lining is finished, I eliminate the pencil draft (used to make the lining) using a rubber, and I start inking, with the red ink first. I then add the black ink by starting to ink from the center of the drawing to limit the risk of stains (5.). When it is finished, I scan the drawing and slightly change the contrast and colors of the scanned version of the piece in order to obtain a final render as close as possible to the physical paper version (6.)!

For this piece, I decided to to the final penciled draft (3.) directly on the technical paper to avoid having to redo all of the buildings and windows which is horrible work since the windows are separated only by 2, 3 or 4 mm from each other
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oh, merci! ^^
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Hand drawn? Amazing.
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Yes indeed! In my opinion, nothing beats traditional pen and ink ^^
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I love waiting for your work :) its always so fascinating to look at. Its cool to see your process ^^ great work
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Î just hope you won't have to wait soo long for the next piece ^^. Thanks a lot for your comment!
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The waits are always worth it ^^ Youre welcome
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i was really waiting for a step by step of theese!
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Thanks very much, I always wonder if people are interested by the detailed step by step drawings ^^
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so they can learn to make their own n.n
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yes, true, but it's not the best way to get your own style and skills. But for me it's always interesting to watch indeed!
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