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Nothing Beats my Playing-Room ! (Inked Art)

I'm back!

Sorry for the delay, it took a reaalllly long time to work out the contrasts on this one ... But not as hard to ink as the previous piece.

I just wanted to make a crazy playing room full of toys and objects moving around the room. But with only red/black/white, I rapidly noticed that putting in too many elements would make it impossible to find a balance between the 3 colors. Soo I had to sacrifice some ideas, perhaps I'll recycle them in another drawing later on ...

TIME: draft: 40h, lining : 8h30, inking: 9h30 (1h30 for red)
TOOLS: technical paper CANSON A3, indian ink, 0.05 liner STAEDTLER, Red Drawink Ink MAJUSCULE

no stain but on the lower-left red carpet, the ink wasn't well absorbed by the paper creating a darker area...

Making of the drawing available here:
Step by step 12 by Janusart

------------------------- FRANÇAIS -------------------------

Et me voila de retour!

Désolé pour le retard mais j'ai vraiment eu du mal a trouver un équilibre convenable des couleurs sur ce dessin. Mais moins difficile à encrer que le précédent dessin

J'ai voulu créer une salle de jeu pleine d'objets qui bougent dans tout les sens mais avec seulement le rouge/noir/blanc, je me suis rapidement rendu compte que mettre trop d'objet rendrait le dessin trop difficile à équilibrer. J'ai donc sacrifié certaines idées que je vais peut-être réussir à recycler dans un prochain dessin ...
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It is such a lovable piece of art. The use of only three colours, and finding a true balance between them makes me want to grab a paper and make similar one myself. All I can say is that I love ur style and watching it is a pleasure itself. Keep on it! : )
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Sorry for the late reply, thanks a lot for the support, I'm really happy if my art can inspire other artists (as I am off course myself also inspired by other artworks ^^)
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Feaured Art Time in :groups: #keepers-of-dreams :rose: :clap: :

Congratulation and greeting from Poland! :heart:
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Sorry for the late reply but I'm really happy to have been included ^^ Thank you soo much!
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Awesome! I really like how added the train everywhere... and there is an ufo too :D Simply awesome play room!
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Thanks again, I removed lots of details to simplify the drawing but I just had too keep the UFO ^^
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You know the small UFO was big plus  for me :D

I was checking out the 'making of' pictures too.  It is really amazing how much effort you put into planning too.



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I love this! And you're right, nothing beats your play room. :D :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Unfortunately my room doesn't look like that even if it also has only my three favorite colors ^^! Thanks for your comment
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Hehe, you're welcome!
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Oh pinaise... C'est vraiment magifique, même si ce n'est pas forcément la même fille que tu dessines à chaque fois j'aime cette image de fille aux cheveux noires toute vêtue de noir qu'il y a dans tes dessins :heart:
Janusart's avatar
Merci pour ton soutien régulier, s'est super encourageant! J'essaye toujours de faire des personnages différents mais toujours dans le même style. Comme je veux les mettre en avant et que les décors sont souvent noirs, comme la peau est blanche ... et bin les habits ne peuvent être que rouge ^^!
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