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Hi everyone,

I know I haven't posted something in a while but I've been very busy lately and I'm working on lots of projects at the same time (I need to focus if I actually want to finish something.

I thought it was time to standardise my logo some more (the previous version was low definition and not very symetrical, which is a big problem when scaling up). This time I decided to go for a 5000 by 5000 pixel logo, which should be more that sufficient for the moment. The important change is that I decided to permenantly include the grey circle in the background. It helps bringing out the shape and color of the center ''egg'', adds some more curves and acts as a buffer with the website background colors.

The icon was initially inspired by the icon by the artist Uki, and contains the main 3 colors that i use (black, white and red). The figure is an abstract representation of a ''j'', which is the first letter of my artist name ''janusart''.

Hope you like it ^^

Funny coincidence, I just notices DA also changed its logo !!! It's kind of hard to get, but I must say I love icons that are simple in the design and complex in the symbology.
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Merci beaucoup !