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I just knew I Could Fly! (traditional art)


Hello everybody, After a very very long time again I’m back ^^ with a new blue drawing !

This drawing is inspired by the movie interstellar and in the same theme as my previous blue drawing. With a cat again !

Getting the 3D perspective all worked out by hand proved to be very tricky and I needed to get back to my geometry lessons :) (Hope I'll have time to make a step by step to explain all of that). I even thought about generating on my PC but ... I just didn't know how to ... I must say I'm pretty happy about the final results after taking a lot of time to decide where to put the blue ink to have a good color balance and try to have the central circle pop out to catch the viewer instanteniously!

If you read this that means that my plan might have worked ;)

TOOLS: technical paper CANSON A3, indian ink, 0.05 liner STAEDTLER, Blue Drawink Ink MAJUSCULE (1/8 diluted)

no stains luckily except for the blue ink that did not really spread like I would have like it to (on the planet) ...

Step by step should be available soon

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Your art continues to be a feel-good, inspiring solace in this vast internet. I particularly enjoy that your style stands out among many for it's simplicity. Good on you for that perspective. It can be very very intimidating.
Awesome! Cat in space!
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Très beau travail. :)
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Welcome Back! Love your style!